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This is The Castalia Foundation's guide to understanding and dismantling mind-control systems on planet Earth. You can read the entire book as text on this page. There is also a PDF version of this book which you can download here >>

Our Village is Sick

In ancient shamanic cultures, when a person in the village was ill, suffering from mental health problems, or committing crimes, the people of the village would go to the local shaman and tell him, “Our village is sick.”

These ancient people recognized something that, in our modern societies, we have forgotten: That everything is connected.

Those of us who express illness in our culture are often expressing the illness of our entire society. It sounds simple enough, but our entire medical model is based on the opposite paradigm. It expresses the view that individuals are ‘sick’ and must be healed so that they can return to society, which is assumed to be ‘healthy’.

The problem with this medical model is that it ignores the obvious paradox: That to adapt and mold yourself to an unhealthy society is, in fact, to be very sick indeed. Some of the ‘healthiest’ people in our world—politicians, CEOs, bankers, priests, doctors—are the sickest. This is because their apparent success and prestige is the very thing that is killing the rest of us.

In ancient shamanic cultures, a drunk, homeless man roaming the outskirts of the village would have provoked the entire village to ask, “What have we done that has caused this man to be like this?” In other words, their perspective would have been: Our village is sick.

In our modern cities, the opposite question is asked. We typically ask, “What has this man done to cause himself to be like this?” In other words, we say: This man is sick.

Shamanic cultures recognize that our hypothetical drunk is a product of his environment and culture. They acknowledge that his fate was intimately interwoven with the structures of society and his community. However, our modern city-dwelling cultures have been educated to disconnect the drunk from his social context and view him as a discrete aberration, solely responsible for his own circumstances. This is not to abdicate the drunk entirely: He is not without choice in the matter. However, he will struggle to find his footing if he attempts to heal. It is as if he is battered repeatedly by a tidal wave of indifference and blame. This tidal wave keeps knocking the drunk back over each time he tries to stand. This tidal wave has a name: It is called ‘societal denial’.

It is our collective refusal to accept that our global village is sick, that allows trauma-based mind-control to run unchecked in our societies. As long as those who seek to control us are able to divide us into those who are ‘sick’ and those who are ‘well’ we will remain divorced from the truth of what is happening here on planet Earth.

This book seeks to reconnect those who are ‘well’ with those who are ‘sick’, so that that the former can begin to understand how the latter carry the burdens of the whole community. We will explore concepts like the ‘nominated patient’, where individuals in family groups are subconsciously nominated as containers for the unspoken abuses of entire communities.

We will also investigate the causes of widespread depression, anxiety and addiction and how these are symptoms of, not only the trauma of personal biographies, but of our entire global culture of trauma-based mind-control.

This book will not be an easy one to read, but it is one worth reading, because it is a book about you. No matter how far your life feels detached from the meth addict prowling desperately for the cold rush of his next hit, or the prostitute, rattling hopelessly down the dank city streets, this book intends to show you how these people express the pain of a larger body of which you are part.

For the first-time reader, we suggest the following: Forget everything you were taught, and dare to think differently for the next few hundred pages. Much of what you read in this book will sit in opposition to what your doctors, priests, politicians, and media-oracles want you to believe is going on here on Earth. We urge you to think for yourself and question authority. We don’t have the answers, but we hope to present you with some ideas that will provoke independent thought.

What is Mind Control?

Mind-control is the manipulation of thought-processes in another human being, or group of humans, for the purpose of gaining power. This is an intentionally broad definition, encompassing everything from ‘child-rearing’ techniques, ‘school’ systems, the ‘news’ media, and advertising. It also covers occult (hidden) ritual abuse and government mind-control experiments like Project MK-Ultra and the abusive activities of Crown-controlled paramilitary groups like the Freemasons, MI6, The CIA, and Mossad. This book seeks to give the reader a wider understanding of the organized, partially-interlocking hierarchies of occluded power that intentionally keep humanity divided against itself.

In our modern world, we are constantly subjected to mind-control. Whether it is American advertising executives using Edward Bernay’s corruption of Freudian psychology to link sex with automobile purchases, or British schools indoctrinating the acceptance of monarchical-rule by encouraging hypnotic chants like “God save The Queen”, mind-control is everywhere.

From the moment a child is born, they are subjected to the ‘cultural’ conditioning of the ‘state’ in which they find themselves. The word government finds its roots in the latin ‘gubernare’ (meaning ‘to control’) and ‘mentis’ (meaning ‘mind’). Government then literally self-describes as ‘mind control’ —through it obfuscates this name in Latin.

To open your eyes to government as mind control is not to reject the idea of government entirely: Arguably, some mind-control, if it means a ‘benign, unified, intelligent direction’ in a nation state is wise: After all, the State in its utopian form can be protector, serving as a form of self-defense for the people of a nation against the intrusion of an oppressive force.

Many of our ‘democracies’, however, have become fronts for multinational corporations. The state has therefore become perpetrator. When criminals occupy the ‘throne’, what remains is often not a government of the people, for the people. Instead, we more often find government of wealth-hoarders, monarchs and criminals.

Is it any wonder, given our abusive power structures, that some studies have shown one in four children are sexually abused before the age of eighteen? The fault-line that runs through our society traces from the seats of power to the family homes of the citizens. We are, none of us, immune to the effects of misused state power. As above; so below.

The architecture of the global state has been turned against citizens and abusers have come to occupy a role of unchecked power. Their multinational vampire-squids siphon resources from communities while petitioning governments—which they largely own through ‘lobbying’ —to issue legislation to progressively dismantle national constitutions. Consider Facebook’s censorious disregard of the foundational American right to Freedom of Speech, or secret FISA courts in the USA which conduct trials without oversight. In short: We now live in a world ruled-over by, and designed by, psychopaths.

In all cases, these abusers-in-power exclude themselves from all rule of law. Take for example, the British Royal Family’s legacy of child rape and brutality, for which they largely cannot be held to account as the Queen is considered to be ‘above the law’. Also consider President Nixon’s nefarious claim that, “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal”.

Many of our most powerful mind-control rituals are now disguised in ‘tradition’ and ‘medicine’. Take, for example, the ritual sexual-assault of millions of male children when the most sensitive organ on their body, their penis, is routinely cut into (typically without anesthetic). This assault causes the infant to go into post-traumatic shock, and sets them up for a lifetime of psycho-sexual dysfunction.

We call this ritual ‘circumcision’ and it, like so much mind-control, goes without question. Mind-control on our planet has largely been normalized.

You may already be forming culturally-sanctioned defenses in your head to counteract what you have read in the last paragraph. This is mind-control in action.

The routine sexual assault of male babies is just one example of a widespread, powerful neurobiological mind-control system in operation on planet Earth in the early 21st Century. This example also illustrates a key aspect of mind-control: Mind-control is so pervasive that the commonplace nature of it often renders it totally invisible.

To give another example of pervasive mind control: Using masks to combat a pandemic is known to actively increase susceptibility to infection. Meta-studies of the 1918 pandemic showed that bacterial build-up on the fabric of masks caused bacterial pneumonia in the wearer and was the main cause of the ‘pandemic’. In other words: Masks actively cause disease in humans. However, as late as 2020, an abusive deep-state was using the same priest class who were mutilating baby’s genitals to promote the idea of ‘masks’ as a means by which to prevent illness during flu season.

As with genital mutilation, the priest class (doctors) are often instructed to tell citizens to take steps to ‘heal’ themselves which are, perversely, the very cause of the illness itself. The occult objective of much of what is called ‘medicine’ is covertly designed to increase the spread of disease and profit the pharmaceutical industries.

As the media theorist Marshall McLuhan noted, “One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.”

It is this lack of anti-environment that makes us blind to the extent to which our planet is subject to mind-control. Sadly, we do not have another Earth to compare this one to, and so, just as a fish is blind to the water in which it swims, so we too are often blind to the global culture in which we swim.

Mind-control is, at its most effective, invisible both to the lower-level perpetrators, and to the victims.

For example, an American soldier killing locals in Iraq, may well have been conditioned to believe he is serving the ‘good’ of his country. The victims of his bullets may also believe the soldier is acting of his own volition and is their enemy. However, the soldier is blind to the occult (hidden) intent of the war in which he is enlisted (to secure resources for wealthy men in his home country) and the victim of his attack is blind to the soldier’s indoctrination, or mind-controlled status.

In fact, the soldier and his victim share a common enemy: The wealthy land-owners and agents of The Crown who financed and promoted the conflict.

Herein lies the magic of mind-control: The true perpetrator, through his exceptional grasp of psychology and human behavior, is able to manipulate others into serving him while he remains safe and dominant. Both those whom he controls, and the victims of those he controls, have no conscious awareness of their place as pawns in a game.

This metaphor of pawns in a chess game is one that is echoed throughout occult (hidden) groups like the Freemasons, whose central symbol, the chess-board, reminds adherents of the group that, with their advanced understanding of psychology and neurobiology, they can manipulate humanity.

We will cover these occult groups in more depth later in this book. For now it is worth observing that this same chess-board pattern literally runs around the heads of many ‘police’ officers—it is on their hats. In the UK for example, the police are nominally in the command of the ‘Royal’ family and also bear the insignia of The Crown on their clothing.

The police officer who designed their uniforms to include the chessboard pattern, Percy Sillitoe, was a prominent Freemason. Those police who bear the chess-board insignia of the Freemasonic order are, in effect, a paramilitary arm of the Crown. Operatives in this occult paramilitary arm will be aware of their hidden purpose to a greater or lesser extent depending on ‘rank’. Some will be entirely unconscious of the Freemasonic cult’s occult purpose: All occult groups surround themselves with a ‘lower’ rank of initiates who serve as unwitting protectors: They normalize the group and give it the superficial appearance of social acceptability. Through their ignorance of the group’s hidden agenda, these ‘naive’ participants in Freemasonic cults—though unconscious of their role—are culpable in the group’s activities.

Naive lower-rank participants create a barrier of protection around the group, conjuring the illusion of a charitable body. Indeed, there is an odd correlation in our culture between those who claim to do charity and those who abuse.

At this point, the casual reader may feel her own cultural conditioning is jamming the gears of this exposé. Those powerful people who have established the mind-control systems on planet Earth are not stupid. With their expert knowledge of human psychology, they have anticipated the possibility that you may, one day, be told about their activities. Because of this, they have taken precautionary steps, via their media channels and ‘school’ systems, to predispose you to disregard information about their networks and belief-systems as absurd and unbelievable.

This slight-of-hand is the keystone in occult (hidden) control-systems. It is the final impasse that blocks the seeker’s route: You have been taught that only a crazy person would believe the world is largely controlled by hidden forces.

As a citizen of early 21st Century Earth, you have been led to believe that clandestine Freemasonic groups, deep-state actors and occultists are the fantasies of wretched fools and dilapidated scoundrels.

You see, then, what magic the master-psychologists have weaved: They control us and yet we deny they have that control. And this is the truest definition of mind-control as we refer to it in this book: To be subject to the manipulation of another person or group, and to be unconscious of it.

True power hides. Once a system of dominance and control reaches its goal of attaining power, it naturally seeks to prevent any flow of information that could be used to identify its occult (hidden) mind-control activities. For this reason, all significantly large power structures take great steps to engineer ignorance in the general population. It could be argued that as power grows, it inevitably seeks to occult—meaning ‘hide’—itself.

It is for this reason that the majority of citizens on planet Earth, when hearing the word ‘occult’ will react with precisely the programmed incredulity that these hidden groups have encoded into the cultural kernel. We often associate the word ‘occult’ with the idea of witchcraft, esoteric magic or simply, ‘evil’. It is interesting to note, and observe, these programmed associations and the reason they may have been coded into us to block further exploration or thought. Many of us have, as subjects of mind-control since birth, been programmed to disregard any thought processes that might lead us to expose the activities of those who manipulate us. In the worst cases it can accurately be said that we have been educated not to think.

In other words: True power actively hides itself in order to defend its structures. And so, the occult (hidden) nature of the most powerful groups who shape our reality is not an aberration of power, but instead an inherent quality of power as it migrates to dominance.

This dynamic can be seen in places like North Korea, where the dominant power structure engineers ignorance of its operations by blocking communications from outside the country. In other words: Power in North Korea is occulted.

This can also be seen in America, where those who seek to educate the public on the occult activities of their government are exiled from the kingdom—Edward Snowden’s fate being a recent example of this.

Engineered ignorance of occult mind-control can sometimes begin to fall apart. For example, in recent years we have witnessed the partial exposure of international pedophile-rings like the Catholic Church, who use rape and torture—the classic instruments of trauma-based mind-control—to manipulate hundreds of millions of children into a state of subjugation and fear.

The Catholic Church, like many occult groups, operates with a public-face that presents the precise opposite of its true activities.

The rape of children is a core practice of many groups who claim to be ‘religious’ and yet raping a child is the most spiritually disconnecting thing, short of killing them, that could possibly be done to an emerging consciousness on our planet.

These structures of occult power sometimes collapse under the pressure of witness accounts. We can already see that centuries-old pedophile rings like the aforementioned Catholic Church, and the Boy Scouts, are collapsing. The latter, for example, faces bankruptcy in its American branch on account of the sheer volume of survivors seeking compensation for the rapes they were subjected to.

Many religious organizations, are not, as is claimed, legitimate spiritual enterprises with a child-rape problem, but instead are child-rape groups whose quasi-religious or compassionate facade has begun to slip off.

As Hitler observed: The lie must be big, and the liar must keep repeating it. Then the population will believe it.

True power disguises itself as its opposite. In order to occult (hide) its core activities, a group’s best tactic is to proclaim to be the precise opposite of what it is, and to proclaim to be this as loudly as possible. Hence, many of those groups who rape children on an industrial scale claim to be churches, and many of those who terrorize the world claim to be governments.

This is the core modus-operandi of trauma-based mind-control systems: The bigger the front; the bigger the back.

Trauma-based mind-control perpetrators, if they reveal themselves in public, show themselves as the opposite of what they are. As a result, planet Earth is now strewn with occult factions who cause the most damage to our collective psychodynamic and environmental well-being, while simultaneously claiming to do the most ‘good’.

As CIA Director William Casey said at a February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

The process of deconstructing centuries of occult manipulation of our communities and infrastructure is an immense undertaking. It requires a psychological leap into new territory to accept that, currently, Earth herself is a larger version of how many of us view North Korea.

A person born in North Korea, and restricted from receiving any information outside the regime, may think everything is entirely ‘normal’ inside their mind-control bubble. There would be no reason for them to question their reality other than, perhaps, a distant feeling that something was profoundly wrong and disheartening.

If we extend this metaphor to embrace the entire planet, it is hopefully possible for the inquiring mind to consider whether an interlocking network of groups seek to control and manipulate us using the well-established mind-control techniques that are described later in this book.

Just as Neo in The Matrix awakes from the illusion of his constructed reality to find himself naked and emaciated in an alien machine, there is, for us too, a certain degree of pain to be felt in acknowledging the breadth of the deception we live in and awakening from it. This may be the hardest step: To accept that we were deceived.

Baudrillard’s philosophical treatise, Simulacra and Simulation, addresses precisely this problem, and was the inspiration for The Matrix movie.

In his book, Baudrillard describes how truth and reality have reached a point of such disconnection that we now live in a space where wars can be waged on terror (without the slightest acknowledgment that war is terror); kidnapping and torture by Western Democracies is re-branded as ‘extraordinary rendition’; and presidential candidates can purposefully manufacture their own opposition and then later claim to have been unfairly treated—as Hillary Clinton did when leaked emails revealed that her campaign had secretly picked Donald Trump as a ‘pied-piper’ candidate (as he was thought to be un-electable), only later to lose to him.

Even the most cynical reader should be able to entertain the possibility, however remote it might seem, that if occult groups of the past were able to attain significant power over the world, then those consequently born into that world would be educated in such a way as to avoid all possibility that they would ever question their reality. Moreover, the children of such a world would be educated to actively dismiss and ridicule anyone who presented evidence of a landscape that contradicted their programming.

This book does not propose a seamless, single, dominant group exercises mind-control over the planet. Such a system is impractical. However, we intend to present compelling documentary evidence that several groups exercise control over an extremely large number of people, and that this dominance is significant enough to often force the broad tides of human behavior.

The leaders of these groups could be best described as master psychologists, or lead programmers—those with an intimate and advanced knowledge of the weaknesses of the human nervous system.

Just as a talented hacker can break into a fortified computer system and take control of it, occult groups use mind-control programming techniques to take control of our bio-computers (or ‘nervous systems’). A computer defends itself against such attacks by compiling a list of potential known-threats and then comparing incoming data with these threats. This is commonly known as an anti-virus system. We too, as adult humans can defend against these attacks, by increasing our awareness of their structure and identifying them in our culture. Hopefully this book will equip you with a strong anti-virus system to detect the manipulations of those who seek to control you.

We anticipate heavy resistance to the idea of widespread mind-control in the brains of some readers, and propose that this resistance is cognitive dissonance.

Conversely, it is imperative that the willing reader does not simply substitute his or her existing reality paradigm with ours. It would be a tragic mistake to simply switch programmers at this point—from your cultural conditioning, to the perspective we present here. The intention of this book is to encourage self-programming, or meta-programming: States where you are not programmed by anyone, but take your rightful place: As programmer of your own mind and nervous system. We hope this book can be the basis of further research, and that, ultimately, you will form your own opinions based on the material presented herein, and your own experiences.

It is difficult to establish a precise history of trauma-based mind-control, given that history itself is typically recorded and transmitted by the powerful themselves. In other words: Abusers, or those beholden to them, have written most of your history books.

In ancient times, access to tools and materials that would stand the test of time—stone tablets and sealed papyrus—would have required a certain level of wealth and prestige to acquire and shape. Rulers also had the capacity to destroy vast reservoirs of knowledge: Consider Caesar’s burning of the library at Alexandria—a cultural crime which caused a loss of knowledge on a scale roughly equivalent to a government burning the internet today.

Often, the Master Psychologists of our planet are the writers, keepers (and destroyers) of the records. Those in power record and reshape history.

Naturally, you can see there is a bias in this arrangement: It means that those who exert their occult (hidden) control over a population also have the means to retroactively delete or re-frame the means by which they do this. In other words: Those in power can write, and rewrite, history.

The advent of the Internet may be the first time that a record of human events has been kept in a distributed, rather than centralized, form. In this sense, we are entering a new phase of known history. Not one without its own risks of mind-control, but at least one with a range of voices.

The corporate state initially sought to centralize information on the internet, offering ‘free’ services like YouTube or Facebook. These services soon revealed themselves not to be free at all. Instead they merely provided those in ‘power’ another means by which to monitor and psychologically manipulate the citizenry. For these technology giants, citizens’ personal information was the product, and advertisers (or corporations) were the buyer. These ‘free’ services were a cruel trick which provided the Master Psychologists with more data on human behavior from which to enact more control, and engineer more consolidation of corrupt authority.

YouTube, which initially offered citizens a space to share their collective knowledge and experience, later turned out to be a modern version of the library at Alexandria. YouTube became another centralized store of knowledge which, by 2020, the Caesars of the day were happily burning sections of on a whim. At the behest of those in power, Google began setting fire to great swathes of YouTube’s digital bookshelves. They were not alone in setting these fires. In tandem, Facebook ‘burned’ any content that their ‘Fact Checkers’ disagreed with during the 2020 elections. The messaging service, Twitter, then censored the entirety of The New York Post, America’s oldest newspaper, for two-weeks, simply because it carried a story that criticized Twitter’s preferred presidential candidate.

The library at Alexandria has, in effect, been on fire for centuries. Throughout known history, our ‘leaders’ keep burning it down each time it is rebuilt. Nevertheless, the internet is—at least in principle—designed to be un-burnable. It was originally designed, in part, as a military experiment to create a communications infrastructure that could intelligently route around, and survive, an attack on any of its nodes. In other words: The internet is a library that fights back if you try to set it on fire.

In the wake of the 2020 ‘book-burnings’ by Google, Facebook and YouTube, a wave of alternative news sites emerged, some crewed by big-name journalists like Glenn Greenwald who jumped ship from legacy publishers. Other news sites were run by an evolved generation of citizen journalists who were free of corporate control and, in some cases, were entirely funded by public donations.

As A.J. Leibling wrote in The New Yorker in 1960, “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” However, in the censorious digital maelstrom of 2020 the original vision of the internet as an egalitarian digital ‘printing press for everyone’ was reclaimed. Those retreating from the ‘burning’ carcasses of centralized platforms like YouTube and Facebook rapidly formed their own platforms, some of which, by design, could not be censored. The internet was now routing around damage: Exactly as its designers intended.

The Internet is therefore our best chance, since the burning of the library at Alexandria by Caesar in 48BC, to share and distribute occult (or ‘hidden’) knowledge and transform it into shared human wisdom. The Internet may allow us to free ourselves, as citizens, from the chains of a corrupt global power hierarchy. The Internet offers a unique chance to bring the truth of how power sustains itself out into the light. The Internet is, in effect, a book that cannot be burned: Perhaps the first of its kind on Earth.

History as Mind Control

A good example of a historical narrative as mind-control is the version of the Second World War promulgated in Britain. It is still taught in many British Schools, for example, that WWII was a conflict between Germany and England. This prescribed interpretation ignores the more unsettling reality: That the British Crown and the Nazis were the same family.

The current British Queen and her family were pictured making Nazi salutes at the same time that Jewish oppression had begun in Germany. Three of Prince Phillip’s sisters married high-ranking SS Officers. Prince Phillip can be seen in family photographs while Nazis rally about him.

The reader is invited to do their own research into this subject, but with it, the harrowing truth may slowly emerge: That Master Psychologists have, throughout history, actively sought to divide humanity against itself by manufacturing false enemies that they enlist us to fight.

The manufacture of an enemy serves the purpose of distracting us from the true seat of power: The occult groups.

Manufacturing an enemy also provides a pretext on which to slaughter many men and women of fighting age and stamina who might otherwise pose a threat to the interlocking power-structures that govern vast swathes of the planet. In other words: Power designs its own enemies.

Power’s creation of external enemies is, again, not an aberration of power, but its natural outcome: Power must create, identify, and name an external enemy and turn the people against it, and therefore themselves; in order that the people do not identify the activities of the powerful.

‘Royal’ Families and other wealth-hoarding enterprises are continually vulnerable to the awakening of their people to the abuses of hierarchy, and have therefore always sought to do one thing to maintain their power: To divide and rule.

Master Psychologists know, based on thousands of years of experience, that to divide human communities, they must confer power to one group in their governance, and not to another. This arrangement normalizes the abuses of the larger power hierarchy.

In other words: A people are less likely to overthrow their rulers if they are also permitted a taste of this power and control. For example, the British Crown has established an arrangement called a ‘Class System’.

Class Systems

A class system is one in which certain members of a society are given access to wealth and resources by The Crown, and others are not. This is similar to the caste system operating in India.

The purpose of arranging a society in such a way is that it begins to police itself, and ignore the larger power imbalance. The Master Psychologists in Britain know that they must portray those they call the ‘lower’ class as a constant threat to those they call the ‘middle’ class (The Stanford Prison Experiment lays testament to the outcome of such arrangements).

Power does this through a process of vilification of those without resources: Painting them as a seeking to destroy and overwhelm the ‘middle’ classes with their demands for food, education and medical care.

Power requires an underclass. A lower-class or ‘caste’ is essential to those in power. Without the invention of this class, the Master Psychologists would have nobody to point at to to scare the middle-classes into compliance.

“Why should I work to enrich you?” the middle-classes might ask. “Well, because if you don’t you’ll end up like him,” replies the Master Psychologist, pointing at the lower-classes he withholds resources from.

Maintaining Power

Through their various media channels, the powerful have, for thousands of years now, depicted the low-resourced members of Earth’s societies as morally corrupt. It is essential for those who hoard resources to equate wealth with moral superiority. This is because the natural evidence of the situation is totally to the contrary. Without their constant obfuscation, the truth would stand self-evident: That hoarding wealth is plainly morally corrupt.

Holding hostage a community’s resources and controlling that community from a central point for the purpose of maintaining power is plainly indefensible.

It is therefore necessary, and has been so for thousands of years, for the Master Psychologists to wage an ongoing propaganda campaign linking capital, power and virtue together.

By binding these qualities together, power structures disguise the truth of the situation: That on a spaceship such as Earth—one of finite resources—resources should be shared. This arrangement seems natural to a child, who is attuned to this awareness of being.

Historically, it has been necessary for those who hold power to constantly fend-off any growing awareness in the population. If we view recorded history in this light, we see a theme emerging: History is largely the story of engineered divisions.

Those in power have designed a simple but effective solution to combat growing awareness: They create fear, conflict, disease and war.

When a power-system (a Royal Family, for example) hears news that their population is awakening to their control. They take action: Through a constant bombardment of marketing information, whether via the pulpit of a thousand years ago, or the mass-media of today, the power system communicates that there is a new external threat to the ‘kingdom’; that there is a new enemy to be fought. This enemy may be a foreign state, an invading ‘race’ (who they create), a technological threat, or a ‘medical’ one.

There are no strict rules as to the nature of the enemy that must be fought, only that it must distract from The Crown (or the other occult, or ‘hidden’ groups who currently wield significant power).

The enemy can be foreign or domestic; it can be a disease; or a claim that a certain group of people are ‘diseased’ or ‘spreading disease’. It can be Jewish people (who the Nazi’s said were spreading disease), it can be the Afghans (who criminals in the American State claimed were ‘terrorists’), it can be the impoverished European male (who the Master Psychologists brand as ‘white’) it can be the African America man (who the Master Psychologists brand as ‘black’), it can be women, it can be the feminine, it can be Europe, it can be Russia. The authors are aware than in using these identifying descriptors, we are also dancing in the grim ballet of The Master Psychologists, but we do so to draw your awareness to their potentially divisory labels, not to endorse them.

Master Psychologists follow a known method of dividing the citizens: First, they create two groups. Next, they label these two groups with a collective noun that set them in opposition (eg. ‘white’ or ‘black’). Then they use their media corporations, or pulpits, to relentlessly paint these two groups as mutual enemies. They then invite war between the two groups. The Master Psychologists have done this for thousands of years. Their objective is always to make the people look across at each other in fear, so that they do not look up in anger. If the people looked up, they would see those in power who manipulate them and the game would be over.

Marketing & Propaganda

Master Psychologists in America waged a propaganda campaign in which they kidnapped millions of those with high melanin density in their skin (who they labeled ‘black’), and took them to America (a country recently genocided of its indigenous population) . The powerful then told the immigrants of low-melanin-density (who they called ‘white’) that they were superior to the high-melanin density (allegedly ‘black’) immigrants.

The Master Psychologists then commanded these high-melanin density (‘black’) ‘slaves’ to build parts of the country. Those Master Psychologists then watched on as their land was tended for the lowest possible cost to them.

Of course, The Master Psychologists had a problem during this time in history (and all times in history) knowing, as they did, that the true divide was not racial, but was between those with resources (money and power) and those from whom the resources were being withheld.

In order to prevent an uprising against the Master Psychologists (the occult groups) it has always been historically necessary to provoke those with lowest access to resources to fight each other. Because in fighting each other; they do not fight power.

In other words: Those in power must turn the citizens against each other. As a result, it is often the most recent immigrant group that is turned into the enemy of the previous one. Power seeks to identify the enemy of the people everywhere, but never inside its own castles and palaces.

This is another essential quality of power: Power seeks to create conflict among manufactured sub-groups. In the case of America, the Master Psychologists have long sought to create conflict between those they describe as ‘white’ and those they describe as ‘black’. Again, in the motif of this so called race-war we see the Master Psychologists’ own occult iconography writ large: The black and white chess board of the Freemasonic system.

The idea that I am ‘black’; and you are ‘white’. Or I am ‘white’ and you are ‘black’ is one that has been used, in various metaphorical forms, to divide people for many lifetimes.

A recurring theme in Freemasonic iconography is the chessboard. This chessboard symbolizes crude divisions and, therefore control. The Freemasonic logo, the dividers placed over the set-square ruler, refers to the way in which this division is engineered: By arbitrary measurements, which then divide communities. First The Crown divides, then it rules.

The occult objective of Freemasonry is is to divide those who the group’s controllers see as the lowest ‘castes’ of Earth’s societies. The Freemasonic cult does this both through arbitrary labeling of humans into different groups, and also through the organized, ritualized rape and torture of children, and its partner operation: The gathering of kompromat (meaning ‘compromising material’) on those it ‘initiates’ through its ranks. Those in the ‘lower’ ranks of the Freemasonic order are often not made aware of the group’s abusive activities and therefore provide ‘cover’ or ‘plausible deniability’ for the organizations ‘occult’ objectives. We will return to this subject later in the book.

America’s Master Psychologists knew that it would be necessary to instill fear in the lower-melanin densities immigrants (‘white’ people), and convince them that the higher-melanin density immigrants (‘black’ people) were an invasive threat to their communities. The social group nominated as the ‘black’ was then pitched against the social group nominated as the ‘white’. This chess game prevented the people from identifying those who set the game in motion.

In 2020, the Master Psychologists decided to simply reverse the signs in this arbitrary black-white division and so disseminated a narrative that would flip the hierarchy: demonizing those it had originally nominated as ‘white’ to take on the role of those it had previously nominated as ‘black’. The scapegoat was reversed and the ‘white’ group was villain.

The strategy by this point is likely obvious: The Master Psychologists’ objective is always to divide and rule. They create this division through a known process:

1. Create two or more groups.
2. Label these groups with different names, ideally oppositional names.
3. Use the corporate media or other pulpit to stir conflict between the groups. Preferably by labeling one group as ‘violent’ or ‘diseased’ or ‘spreading disease’.
4. After some time (a century or more), reverse the power dynamic of the groups through funding a reversed cultural-narrative, at which point the oppressed will gladly become the oppressor, feeling justified in acting-out their trauma.

Some recurring choices for these invented subdivisions over the centuries have been: skin color, ‘religion’, and gender. These largely engineered differences are the fondest tropes of those who seek to divide. As long as two subsets of citizens can be identified and set against each other, the Master Psychologists’ work is done: The people have been distracted from the true seat of power.

Identifying and emphasizing very slight variances in human appearance (dividing) saves the Master Psychologists from having to actively mark the nominated enemy as such. Actively marking the manufactured enemy can be time consuming for them, as was necessary at the beginning of WWII, for example.

The Jewish people, being largely no different from any other humans, had to be actively marked by the power systems who sought to distract attention from themselves.

The Anglo-German Royal Family, via their marketing-departments (then called ‘propaganda’ departments) in the Nazi party, required that those nominated as ‘Jewish’ were to be ‘branded’ in special uniforms. This uniforming was necessary, otherwise the ruse would have been transparent: These were humans, like all of us on Earth. The differences were minor.

The same technique was used during the pandemic hoax of 2020 in which the Jewish star was replaced by a mask. Again, the Master Psychologists used a well-established trope: To forcibly require citizens to wear a clear mark on the body that would show those who were aligned with the power structure, and to brand those who were not. Those who were not aligned with the power-structure were, like the Jews in Nazi Germany, said to be ‘spreading disease’.

As with the state-mandated Nazi Swastikas, and the Jewish Stars, the costume of abuse in 2020 (the ‘mask’) was required to be worn so that those not aligned with state corruption would be alienated and thrown out of businesses, and excluded from the ‘cult’ or ‘culture’.

Those citizens who were nominated as ‘Jews’ were not allowed in ‘Nazi’ shops during the 1930s, and those nominated as ‘black’ were not allowed to drink from ‘white’ water fountains in the 1950s. Similarly, those who refused to wear the state-mandated mask in 2020 were not allowed in the shops of Mask Wearers (those aligned with state control)– and were actively thrown out by these shopkeepers with the full support of the state.

In all three examples, the justification of the abuse by the state was medical: The ‘Jews’ were spreading disease; The ‘blacks’ were spreading disease; and finally, in 2020, anyone who disagreed with the corrupt state was ‘spreading disease’. In all three cases, the only disease these citizens were spreading was simply that they questioned those in power.

For those in power, the most dangerous disease is this: That the people awaken to their enforced captivity and seek freedom. In the face of the spread of such a virus of awareness, the Master Psychologists use everything in their power to divide and rule. Often they will enlist their state-certificated priest class (some of whom they call ‘doctors’) to spread fear through their ‘congregations’ and to prop up violence and tyranny with the gospel of ‘science’. They have done this throughout history.

This method of ‘tyranny through medicine’ is not unfamiliar and has been a predictable response by the Master Psychologists whenever they feel threatened throughout history. It was used by Hitler to murder Jews; it was used by the Klu Klux Klan to murder African Americans. Whenever citizens begin to awaken to the disease of power; those in power claim that a subsection of the people themselves are a disease. Consider, for example Prince Phillip who wrote in the introduction to his book, If I were an Animal, “I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”

The wealth-hoarding Royal Families, in the period leading up to World War II, perceived an existential threat to their rule: The French Revolution had demonstrated to them that an awakened population could threaten the wealth-hoarders.

To the powerful, it seemed, from a position of fear and terror (one that the powerful must inevitably occupy), that it is either us or them.

In such a situation, power will always seek to create an ‘other’ who the masses can be tricked into attacking. As we’ve established, the only rule is that the ‘other’ must not be The Crown (and other occult groups).

In other words: The people must always be distracted from the roots of power.

This is the eternal conundrum of those in power: They must constantly commit violence to maintain their control, while simultaneously fearing that the people would destroy them if they truly awoke to what violence the powerful were committing.

Each violent act then becomes a platform from which to justify the next violent act. It is like a man who now has so many murder victims buried in his basement, that he has forgotten why he started killing in the first place and now kills only to prevent the discovery of all the bodies. He must kill more and more to cover his previous crimes, and his fear grows with each abuse. This is because, when he is discovered, the people will surely kill him.

In other words: Power lives in constant fear of being discovered.

Power Lives in Fear

The Naked Emperor lives in terror of the child who stands out from the crowd, points, and says, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

The powerful live in a state of absolute fear. They present to themselves an illusion of control and respect, while everything about them: Their fortified buildings; their armed guards; their television conglomerates and armored cars suggest the complete opposite: That they live in complete terror of being discovered.

The self-described ‘elite’ have a long history of violence, often stretching back many generations. This history is displayed about them on palace walls: This grandfather who starved India; that cousin who was installed as Prime Minister and starved the Irish.

All day long, a line of bewitched sycophants traipse through the ‘Royal’ palaces, receive ‘honors’, and rally under the ‘prestige’ and ‘grace’ of violent families, hoping it might confer some power to them too.

Yet, to the powerful themselves, these portraits haunt the lonely hallways. These portraits are a record of genocide, abuse and manipulation.

In the quiet moments of evening, we can imagine the British Queen, for example, making a slow walk of the palace corridors. From the walls, a horror-show of British Colonialism’s genocidal leaders peer back at her, their fearful eyes looking down at her own. She adjusts the crown on her creased face, tilts her head, and it is as if she can hear some of the paintings whisper. One of them, perhaps it is Churchill (who starved the Irish) says, “Let’s hope the people don’t wake up or this is not going to go well Ma’am.”

With a little shiver, she scuttles down the corridor and promptly informs her cousin, then Prime Minister David Cameron, that it would be a good idea to have a public vote on something; Yes, good, the most incendiary topic he can come up with. The European Union, perhaps?

The British Queen need not fear her beheading. Such violent revolution, as in France, was its own repetition of sorts and is no longer necessary.

Once a Royal Family, or other occult group, is truly overthrown, there is no need to actually kill them. In fact it would be boring and pointless.

Power structures are overthrown first in the mind, and then the external palaces that represent them collapse of their own accord.

The deeper objective of any true Revolution is to cut off the head of the king in our own minds. Then, the pantomime of the king outside our minds becomes transparent.

It is no accident that Hugo Boss designed the Nazi uniforms. The Second World War was (as all of the Master Psychologists’ Wars have been) at its heart a marketing (propaganda) exercise by a hidden hand; a branding exercise; a fashion boardwalk gone rogue; a catwalk of facile, vacuous models armed with tailored-suits, machine guns and dangerous ideas of superiority.

Those in power have, throughout much of recent history, used their superior understanding of human psychology to manufacture divisions from the shadows, and then force costumes on the opposing sides.

The Master Psychologists at work in America after the Second World War chose a route that saved the cost of manufacturing uniforms, and pointed, instead, at the uniforms some of their population were already wearing and could not take off: Their skin. And so began the Melanin-Density-Wars, or ‘race war’ as the occultists called it.

The Melanin Wars

That a global population could be turned against itself on such a minor matter as the prevailing expression of melanin in the skin is testament to our collective psychological vulnerability to manipulation by occultists.

In Germany, the Anglo-German Royal families had to go to the effort and expense of creating an enemy out of a people inherently so indistinguishable from each other that they had to be literally labeled in the street—the Jewish people were marked with stars.

The American Master Psychologists, however, spared themselves considerable expense by emphasizing the notion of ‘race’ and then dividing its almost wholly immigrant population on this basis.

Hitler was, himself, a mind-control torture victim turned perpetrator.

As we now know from a close examination of his childhood biography, thanks to the work of Alice Miller, Hitler was relentlessly beaten by an agent of the state (his father) to the point where, as a young boy, Hitler dissociated to all pain.

One harrowing account tells of Hitler’s father beating the young boy in a public space. After the beating, the boy Adolf walked away quietly, and without emotion, simply stating the number of times he had now been brutalized: 1,617 perhaps. History does not record the exact number, and yet it should be history’s deepest concern: How many times was Hitler beaten as a child; by whom; and why?

What purpose did it then serve the wealthy landowners to coerce the adult ruins of this pliant, angry and broken child into his place as so-called ‘leader’? Who was behind Hitler?

We will return to this topic later in this book, but suffice to say: The Master Psychologists do not want to distribute a historical record that questions the very foundations on which the Second World War was fought. Indeed they do not invite you to question the foundations on which all wars are fought. The Master Psychologists predicate their wars on a staggeringly bizarre basis: That war will bring peace.

Once a people have accepted this fantasy; the rest is pantomime.

It is a difficult step to take, but one that we feel the reader is now ready to make at this point: We invite you to consider that much of what we call ‘written history’ is mind-control. Most of recorded history is a state-sanctioned narrative constructed by the powerful to conceal their crimes.

It is difficult to accept that the purpose of government has often not been to prevent conflict or to solve problems but, instead, to create conflicts and to then to manage these conflicts in the interest of preserving power. The records of these conflicts are then massaged into a narrative that conceals, or ‘occults’ the truth.

Each nominal ‘conflict’ is controlled by interlocking families with shared members and interests. Indeed, this is plainly true to even the most adamant skeptic: For, what is a global human society other than a series of interlocking families? The so-called ‘conspiracy theorist’ is often pointing out a scientific certainty: Everything is connected.

For example, an Anglo-German Royal Family co-orchestrated the Second World War, and is subsequently known to have sought to destroy letters that document their participation. This is not the first time such a deception has occurred.

In a global community such as Earth’s, all enemies are presumably domestic (meaning of terrestrial, or Earth, origin) and none are actually foreign, from a cosmic perspective. If this premise is true, then all war on Earth is civil war; a war in which we are turned against ourselves.

In this respect, most popular history is told from a blinkered vantage point; from a perspective that fails to perceive our interconnected nature, and fails to include the occult (hidden) powers that shape our reality and turn us on each other. History tends to focus on battles themselves rather than the psychological engineering that must first be undertaken to make war seem reasonable.

As we shall discover in the next chapter, war is difficult to sell and must be marketed (propagandized) at great expense, using the full apparatus of the occultists’ capacity for mind-control. War is the occultist’s core tool for trauma-based mind-control, as it has the capacity to effect the largest number of people in the shortest space of time.

War also provides a cover for further investigation of ways to manipulate the human bio-computer and to develop new programming methods.

The second world war, for example, provided a grotesque playground where state occultists could experiment on live human subjects with no ethical oversight. Many of the Nazi concentration camps were operational centers where Master Psychologists undertook human experimentation that would evolve into the MK-Ultra program in America. These experiments would come to form much of the mind-control engineering of our so-called ‘modern age’.

History, as many of us have been told it, is a narrative designed to occult (or ‘hide’) the truth of power’s manipulations. A more honest, factual history would also include Her-story and Their-story.

Some of our most significant wars—for example, the various attacks on wise and intelligent women branded ‘witches’—occupy footnotes in most history books, but had far greater impact on our modern world than almost any other conflicts.

Ultimately, as a species, we are working from His-story towards Our-story. In other words: We seek a record of events on Earth told from multiple perspectives, not merely the perspective of the dominant power-structures.

We have established that a true account of events is often occulted (‘hidden’) by power. The history of mind-control is, therefore, mired in a problem: Those who sought to control us also controlled much of recorded history.

The majority of the records concerning MK-Ultra have been destroyed, and the Anglo-German Royal Family have destroyed many of the letters sent between themselves leading up to the Second World War. So we see: There is a problem of record-keeping regarding occult activities. These groups are not called occult for nothing.

There is a problem of history inherent in the occult. The Master Psychologists have essentially sought to destroy history, and so the ‘history’ of mind-control, and the occultists, is precisely its destruction of a record of events: An attempt to erase history.

Just as an abusive parent seeks to erase the child’s memory of these abuses as an adult, the occultists seek to erase our memory of what they did to us collectively and trans-generationally. However, the Master Psychologists toolkit is now in the open for all to see, and we will describe exactly how these occult groups program humans. We hope that you can use the information in the remainder of this book to deprogram yourself and become sovereign of your own bio-computer.

Self-Programming is essential self-care in our times and is our best defense against mind-control. You are taking a brave and worthwhile step.

Mind Control Methods & Practices

The Master Psychologists rely on your ignorance. We have established that occult (or ‘hidden’) groups rely on the general public’s ignorance of their methods. These groups also rely on the mass media channels and education system (much of which they have narrative control over) to exclude any information on this topic.

Moreover, the Master Psychologist’s state media outlets, for example the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), are known to have actively supplied children to occult groups, like the one overseen by child-rapist Jimmy Savile. The problem is, therefore, not merely one of information being omitted from media channels, but the media channels themselves being active participants in the rape of children for the purpose of control.

Jimmy Savile, for example is known to have abused over a thousand children on the property of the British state broadcaster. Savile was a close friend of British Royalty, supplying the Royals with children to abuse. This is a role which Savile can be seen openly acknowledging in video footage of an interview with British television interviewer Michael Parkinson. In the interview, Savile unabashedly describes how he would bring children into the palace for Prince Phillip to abuse.

As the media theorist Marshall McLuhan noted, “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

In the rest of this book we will explore, in detail, the various methods used by occult (or ‘hidden’) groups to create a state of control. First, it is necessary to understand the concept of ‘splitting’, or ‘compartmentalization’ that trauma-based mind-control seeks to create in us.


Splitting is the process by which trauma fractures a person’s sense-of-self into separate pieces. Each ‘split’ piece may have its own motives, beliefs, experiences, and programming.

Some psychologists have called this split state one of ‘multiple-personality’. However, splitting rarely manifests as obviously as this. Most survivors of abuse are split in such a way that is very hard to detect. In fact, most of us are split in one way or another. The mind is very resilient under attack, and usually a single ‘personality’ will dominate. This gives the impression, in most people, of continuity throughout the system.

Just as pieces of a shattered hologram will continue to depict the entire photographed image—although, now, from a reduced number of angles—each piece of a shattered psyche shows experience from a reduced number of angles. One such shard of the psyche might contain the experiences of being abused as a child, another might exclude it entirely. Often it is the shattered pieces of our internal hologram that exclude these traumas that form our dominant or ‘host’ personality. We are protected from the overwhelming nature of our childhood traumas by splitting. We then disconnect from any split pieces that contain abuse memories.

In this book, we use several different metaphors to explore this topic of splitting. For now, let’s leave this hologram metaphor here and move onto another.

Splitting is a natural function of the human nervous system and will occur if the brain and its associated systems are subjected to forces of violence and abuse that completely overwhelm the body’s capacity to process. For example, being raped as a child. To put this another way: The nervous-system will, metaphorically, ‘blow a fuse’ under attack.

When this biological ‘fuse’ blows, the entire current-contents of a person’s immediate consciousness may split into a sub-part (or multiple sub-parts) of the system, separate from the whole and inaccessible to the remaining, conscious parts. This is the equivalent of a sensor on a battleship tripping a flood-gate, and this flood gate then closing off a room in the ship that has been torpedoed.

If you take a look at the cross section of a large cargo or military ship, you will see that a ship is divided into multiple ‘sections’ and these sections are arranged so that, if any one section in the ship floods, this section can be sealed off from the rest of the vessel. This allows the ship to stay afloat (or, in our metaphor: the human being to continue functioning) while the damaged part is sealed off.

A very similar process takes place in the human brain, with the difference that the brain is able to architect rooms and flood gate systems on the fly. It does not rely on a predefined architecture of rooms. It can do in ‘software’ what the battleship can only do in ‘hardware’.

If the psyche is subjected to extreme trauma, the brain may ‘construct a room’ around the event and seal it off from normal-waking-consciousness (the rest of the ‘battleship’ in our metaphor). The traumatized person may, subsequently, not have full, or even partial, recollection of the traumatic event.

After this sealing-off of the room, the psychodynamic charge of the traumatic experience (or its ‘emotional resonance’) will linger in an unresolved present. This unresolved psychodynamic charge may manifest itself as a generalized (meaning ‘without apparent specific cause’) anxiety, depression (synonymous with ‘repression’) or other medical ‘pathology’.

This is because the emotions associated with the traumatic event were never attached to the experience and processed into long-term memory. Put another way: The person’s emotions connected with the trauma now have no object, and therefore these feeling are not bound in time. Instead of being stored ‘in the past’, these feelings assume a timeless state, in limbo. The feeling associated with the trauma are now dissociated.

To return to our ship analogy: The crew in the remaining rooms of the flooded ship feel terrified that part of the ship is now sealed off, but cannot attach their feelings of fear or anxiety to any specific event—they cannot see inside the sealed rooms to know what happened to their crew-mates; and if they open the floodgates, the rest of the ship will surely sink.

Hidden Rooms

Many trauma-survivors who seek help feel panic and confusion over the devastation that lies in the sealed rooms of their ship (their ‘mind’). This is combined with the mortal fear that opening the doors to any of these rooms will flood their ship and it will sink. Indeed, without proper care and support, this fear is accurate.

Sadly, few medical practitioners have any knowledge of this psychological process and the survivor is often abandoned to the pharmaceutical industry. The survivors repression (medically misnamed ‘depression’) is then chemically amplified by a barrage of drugs that seek to stop the expression of symptoms rather than excavate the cause of those symptoms.

This situation is a natural consequence of the symptom-preoccupied approach that is preferred in societies where trauma-based mind-control is the prevailing orthodoxy. Establishing the true cause of symptoms is taboo in a mind-controlled society. In other words: The medical community itself is an active participant in the abuse of citizens.

Although splitting off part-selves allows the survivor of abuse to continue functioning, it comes with a cost. Just as a ship with flooded rooms will have impaired freedom of movement and functioning, so too will the human ‘ship’ that has been subjected to trauma-based mind-control. This reduced bio-psychic mobility occurs because ‘keeping the floodgates shut’ requires considerable resources in the body. Often, a person’s neurological system must actively modulate itself to ‘repress’ / ‘depress’ the memory of a trauma. The body does this by either down-regulating or up-regulating the availability of various neurotransmitters.

The trauma survivor’s body must undertake a constant chemical juggling-act the primary purpose of which is to keep the ‘floodgates’ around trauma closed.

Once the reader understands this basic mechanism of defense against traumatic experience, the aetiology (origin) of almost all human ‘pathology’ falls into clear focus. Much disease in our societies is psychological. It is literally, dis-ease; a state of not being at ease.

What is Disease?

Huge numbers of people in our societies who fall ill with a ‘dis-ease’ may in fact be survivors of trauma-based conditioning. This societal conditioning can run the gamut from traumas of omission (being left to ‘cry out’ as an infant, for example); traumas of commission (being beaten as a child, for example); or being ritually abused by an occult group.

Trauma-based-conditioning and the resultant ‘splitting’ of the psyche can be an unintended consequence of violence towards a child. By ‘unintended’, we mean that a parent’s primary motive was not to split the child. For example, a parent abandoning a child to ‘cry-out’ in an experiential timeless void, is not necessarily aware that they are splitting that child. The parent may even have been reassured this is a ‘normal’ thing to subject a child to. This same violence was simply done to them as children and they are repeating it unconsciously.

Although abandoning an infant is a form of trauma-based mind-control, it differs from many of the practices of organized occult groups because the perpetrator (parent) in this case is ignorant of the psychological consequences of this action.

However, occult groups are conscious of their actions. They have the specific objective of causing the child’s psyche to split and compartmentalize. It is worth noting at this point that although adults can be induced to compartmentalize when subjected to extreme trauma (as many soldiers are), children are the group most vulnerable to splitting and programming. This is the reason why occult groups commonly focus on abusing children.

Children’s minds are highly neuroplastic; a state of primary development where imprinting is easy to achieve and long-lasting. This neuroplasticity is something that occult groups have known for centuries although their terminology has differed. The phrase, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man,” is attributed to Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuit Order, a congregation of the Catholic Church. If the attribution is accurate, then the Catholic priest-class knew of their powers to use trauma-based mind-control on children at least 480 years ago (Xavier lived in the 16th Century).

It is well known by Master Psychologists, and those who comprise their pedophile rings, that abusing children produces an adult population that they can extort and control with little effort.

Raping children on the scale that many so-called ‘religious’ groups do will have lifelong consequences for those children. Survivors who have been able to open the floodgates on the doors of their psyches to heal the abuse are few.

Most survivors of trauma-based mind-control live in a state of depression, while many more live in a state of denial and unconsciousness, continuing to attend the congregational rituals of the organization who abused them as children. The difficulty in becoming conscious of the extent to which we, as a society, have been manipulated by these trans-national ‘religious’ groups lies in the fact that these groups have perfected their repertoire of mind-control techniques for many centuries. The corrupt ingenuity of these groups is compounded by the fact that many of us were programmed as children and no longer have access to the ‘flooded rooms’ in our psyche where that programming was undertaken. We are ignorant of our own programming.

The splitting a child’s psyche into parts serves two purposes for the Master Psychologists. First, splitting the child’s psyche means that the child’s normal-waking-consciousness cannot give an account of the abuse that takes place. In other words, trauma-based conditioning occults (or ‘hides’) the abuse. It allows the perpetrators to keep abusing a child while rendering the child inherently unable to give an accurate record of the ongoing abuse.

The second purpose of splitting is that different parts of the psyche can be programmed with instructions and given triggers to respond. The survivor is subsequently unaware of this programming in normal-waking-consciousness.

Far from being an outlandish notion, this neurobiological programming technique was clearly demonstrated by the psychologist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) who famously used associative conditioning to program dogs to salivate in response to the ringing of a bell. The Master Psychologists have simply added compartmentalization to Pavlov’s methods. In other words: a person can be subjected to operant (or associative) conditioning by a perpetrator and then ‘split’ so that all recollection of this programming is inaccessible in normal-waking-consciousness.

How Common is Trauma-based Conditioning?

The casual reader with no background in the psycho-dynamics of ritual abuse, or its prevalence, may find the next statement difficult to digest: Ritual abuse is not rare. It is common.

What is rare is a survivor reaching the point where he or she is able to speak out about such abuse. Ritual abuse underpins our global governmental and socioeconomic systems: The rape of children and the ‘kompromat’ (meaning ‘compromising material’) that is filmed during these rapes is the secret currency of political power in our corrupt political systems. In short: The Master Psychologists induce weak and damaged ‘elite’ members of society (politicians) to rape children during occult ceremonies and then use recordings of this abuse as blackmail material when the person is later ‘installed’ in government.

Often the children of ‘elite’ families are abused as children. They are, in effect, groomed from birth for positions of ‘power’ which must be filled by wounded, broken, wealthy people who are easily controlled from the shadows.

The children from ‘elite’ families are typically predisposed, when they reach adulthood, to repeat their psychosexual traumas on another generation of children. These ‘elite’ families provide a steady flow of politicians, CEOs and other puppet figures who can be easily induced to harm children and, consequently, provide a library of useful kompromat material. People who are easily compromised, and have amassed files of kompromat are those who the Master Psychologists prefer.

It may be difficult for those not involved in these groups to imagine, but the more kompromat a person gives an occult group, the higher that person is promoted within that group. There is a simple reason for this: The more easily blackmailed a person is, the more easily controlled they are. Those who wield power in our world prefer to stand in the shadows and pull the strings of their puppets. The best ‘puppets’ are the most compromised, as their strings are most easily pulled.

The astute reader has doubtlessly noticed that being a puppet for the Master Psychologists is an illusory form of power and, instead, is an elaborate form of slavery. The irony is not lost on the Master Psychologists who (for their own amusement, we presume) encourage their governmental puppets to wear all manner of subtle references to this enslavement. ‘Mayors’, for example, are told to wear gold chains around their necks in public, indicating that they are merely the pawns of shadow government – they are slaves in gold chains.

Child rape is the glue that has held monarchical power structures in place for centuries. Already, cracks are showing in the veneer of this edifice of power: From the exposure of massive pedophile networks in Hollywood and the discovery of child-torture and kompromat-gathering facilities like Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, to child-rape in the Boy Scouts networks and the exposure of the Outward Bound camp network as a child-paramilitary arm of the British State. People are waking up to those who have deceived them

During a large-scale study, interviewing many survivors, researchers at The Castalia Foundation have determined that ritual abuse occurs on a shocking scale globally.

In 2020 the immense power of the occult was clearly evidenced in the willingness of huge groups of the global population to wear masks under the orders of the puppets of these shadow governments. Not since the mass wearing of swastikas 100-years-prior had the occult groups demonstrated the effectiveness of their hidden campaigns of fear and division. As with the persecution of the Jews, the rationale of this abuse was to prevent the ‘spread of disease’.

Large groups of people during the 2020 pandemic hoax failed to question the most basic premise of those promoting the mask-wearing ritual: Repeatedly citizens were told by the mass-media that they were in a ‘new normal’. Politicians were recast by the mass media as mystical oracles, able to predict the future and tell us what a ‘new normal’ would be.

The premise was logically impossible (unless politicians were actually fortune-tellers) yet many citizens (traumatized children, now adults) were seemingly unable to ask how the ‘authorities’ could see the ‘normal’ of the future unless these ‘authorities’ were also actively in control of the entire ruse.

Critical, logical thinking has been erased in many adults because, as children, so many of them were been taught—under experience of violence—that questioning authority was dangerous, and that free thought would be met with punishment.

Those children who, in early life, are not rendered submissive to authority by the standard ritual abuses of the ‘family’ (and its implicit hierarchies of parent-child relationships and authoritarian conditioning) will sometimes be interned to conditioning camps (the ‘Outward Bound’ network being one prominent example) for more intensive programming. Studies by The Castalia Foundation indicate that the entire system of trauma-based conditioning is both orchestrated and intentional in many societies on Earth.

If a child appears as though they might pose a threat to power structures later in life, they are commonly identified by members of churches, schools or other social-control systems, or by adults who were once themselves programmed by the ritual-abuse camps. These ‘non-compliant’ children are sent away on ‘adventure holidays,’ to ‘church groups’, ‘camps’ or other activities where they are singled-out for conditioning. Multiple days of ritual abuse can then be enacted on these children in relative secrecy.


Spinning typically involves binding a child’s leg (or legs) and suspending the child from the ceiling by a rope. The child’s body is then spun around upside-down until the child begins throwing up. This abuse may be interspersed with submerging the child head-first underwater, often in a small pool situated beneath the ropes. Survivors have also reported spinning methods that involve horizontal spinning (as opposed to the vertical spinning of the aforementioned rope). This horizontal spinning may take place on a table. Spinning can also be induced on an axis (on a pole, for example), or inside a cylinder. This is repeated again and again until the child’s mind has ‘split’. It may then be repeated to induce additional splits.

Spinning is reported to have been combined with compelling the child to imbibe substances including sedatives and/or anti-nausea drugs. Spinning can be combined with strobe lights and bright, or colored lights, and music designed to increase susceptibility to programming which may be issued during the spinning abuse.

Splitting may be determined to have occurred at the point at which the child stops struggling and/or throwing up. At this point, the child’s psyche has suffered complete internal collapse and a split is likely to have occurred. The child’s conscious awareness of what happened to them immediately leading up to the spinning is now repressed/depressed.

We can see how reference to spin-programming is often contained within the symbol systems of occult groups, including known pedophile rings, who use ‘spiral’ imagery.

As John D. Lovern, Ph.D. observes, “Spin programming, appears designed to spread effects such as pain, painful emotions, and other feelings or urges globally throughout a patient’s personality system for purposes of either designing and building a young victim’s personality system, or harassing older victims and disrupting psychotherapy.” In other words, spin programming is a primary method of forcing major changes in the child’s internal landscape for the purposes of programming the child.

Lovern goes on to observe that, “Spin programming appears to be based on a combination of physical spinning, cognitive and imagery training… aimed at creating an internal multi-alter.”

This construction of a multi-alter system, or part-selves, is the objective of this method of trauma-based mind-control.

The purpose of this spinning torture, often enacted on children who are being ritually abused, is to split them into part-selves. Often, due to being totally overwhelmed by the dizziness and pain, the only solution for a child’s nervous system is to split the part of the child that has endured this torture into a separate self. This is a well-studied phenomena and is the typical way that our brains cope with overwhelming torture.

Spin programming can terraform a landscape of internal hierachies within the child’s self. Programmers can build complex topograpies of commands and responses within the neurobiology of the child. These can later be used by the group to crudely ‘radio control’ a survivor. Certain key-words can be used to set-off a programmatic subroutine, even years later.

Spin programming can also be reactivated in the mind of a survivor when other parts of their system threaten to disclose information (in therapy, for example) that is threatening to the abuser group. This includes memories of the programming itself.

The survivor, on approaching the depressed material connected with spinning, may feel dizziness and disorientation, preventing further disclosures. This is another purpose of the original programming.

When a child disobeys or threatens an abusive group’s authority in the external world, the child may be subjected to spin programming to crush the child’s defiance. Through repetition of this punishment, a basic Pavlovian association is programmed into the mind of the child. Eventually, the child will internally ‘self-spin’ to prevent disclosure of information that might threaten the group: This is a survival adaptation. The child’s programmed systems now simulate the effect of the spinning torture and attack the child internally before he or she can be attacked in the external world. At this point, the occult group has been successful in programming the child to run his or her own internal prison system. This spin programming persists into adulthood.

When, as an adult, memories of spin programming begin to surface in the survivor, this is often felt as physical tightness in areas of the body that were under stress during the spinning. For example, the hip socket of a leg that was tied to the ceiling during the programming will begin to express tension or pain. Tension in the arm(s) may also be felt if the survivor thrashed and turned in mid-air during the torture. Naturally, dizzy-spells are another common symptom of emerging trauma material although other causes should be ruled out. Typically a combination of these symptoms form a cluster of markers that warrant further investigation if spin programming is suspected.

The effectiveness of the spin programming technique is one of many reasons why ritual abuse has gone on for so long, effected so many children, and remained so difficult to detect. When an organized occult group uses splitting-methods, like spinning, the group can condition thousands of children by raping them and/or spinning them, and imposing further programming. This technique exploits known vulnerabilities in the human nervous system that induces splitting and can result in lifelong impairment.

These children, as adults, are likely to have no conscious recollection of this spin programming. However, they have now been programmed—at the very least—to comply with and accept ‘authority’ and inequality, and—at the very worst—to re-enact the abuse they have experienced on the next generation. Spinning is one process by which, generation after generation, another wave of occultists systematically indoctrinate and psychologically devastate those children who were most resistant to the control systems that govern this planet.

With a full-knowledge of this programming tool, the reader is invited to speculate on various ways in which our culture invites survivors to re-enforce their spin programming unconsciously in everyday life. For example, consider the motion of many ‘fairground’ rides.

Near Drowning

The general public knows ‘near drowning’ well in the form of ‘waterboarding’, a method of torture widely used by ‘occult’ (or ‘hidden’) groups like the CIA. However, near-drowning has also been used for many centuries by occult groups like the Catholic Church, who used it during the Spanish Inquisition and elsewhere.

Waterboarding involves pouring water onto a cloth over the victim’s forehead and eyes, interspersed with moments of relief in which the victim can breathe. This technique simulates near-drowning and is similar to techniques used by ritual abuse groups to trauma-condition children.

Waterboarding (or ‘near-drowning’) has been a method of ritual abuse used by the CIA throughout several engineered wars including those in Iraq and Afghanistan. This ritualized drowning method has also been used, together with other mind-control techniques, in occult torture camps like Guantanamo Bay.

Waterboarding is just one form of near-drowning used by Master Psychologists to control and program human beings. It appears to be a refined and lower-risk adaptation of traditional ritual-abuse methods in which victims are forcibly submerged in water to the point of near-drowning, and then, often, ‘rescued’ by an abuser.

Because near-drowning has been a tool in the repertoire of international pedophile rings like the Catholic Church and other ‘religious’ groups for centuries, its effects are well-understood by the Master Psychologists. It is simple to enact, and therefore commonly practiced. We see uncomfortable soft-echoes of it in the concept of baptism and other organized ‘religious’ use of water rituals involving infants who are sometimes killed in the process.

The experience of being near-drowned and then subsequently rescued by the perpetrating group, or individual, sets up an intentional paradox in the mind of the victim, typically a child: The abuser undertakes the role of both the perpetrator and the savior at the same time. This is exactly the type of cognitive dissonance that Master Psychologists seek to create in their targets. It creates a deep connection between the victim and the abuser(s)—an enduring connection known as a trauma bond.

During near-drowning, a child is forcibly held underwater until the point that the ‘trainer’ determines that drowning is close to occurring, then the child is pulled out of the water. At this point, the child may be issued instructions (programming) and then the process is repeated. This abuse technique can induce many splits in the psyche and, as with other methods, is designed to compartmentalize the child’s mind into subdivisions of self.

Near-drowning is a rapid, and cheap, way for occult groups to establish trauma bonds in children (and sometimes adults). Near-drowning is enacted in a variety of ways and has been known to involve bodies of water as small as a bucket or a sink, and as large as a swimming pool, lake, river or ocean.

Access to larger bodies of water for the purpose of this form of abuse obviously poses a greater risk of discovery for groups who participate in the conditioning of children in this way. Many groups—for example, some Freemasonic groups—are reported to have easy access to suburban swimming pools which they use for this purpose.

Using outdoor lakes and rivers to near-drown children pose more risk to the perpetrators as they may attract public attention. For this reason, abuse in large, outdoor bodies of water will typically take place late at night. Occult groups are well aware that a screaming child rarely attracts much attention in our mind-controlled societies and that most adults will readily accept the explanations offered by perpetrators: Typically, that they are rescuing the child from drowning.

For occult groups, the advantage of using open water—like a lake— is that perpetrators can combine multiple aversions into a single act of trauma-conditioning. The child subjected to torture in open water will not only form a trauma bond with the occult group who is abusing them, but is also likely to be conditioned to fear water and natural settings. As natural spaces are healing and connect human beings with their planet, the abusers achieve two acts of disconnection by choosing to near-drown a child in a natural setting such as a lake or ocean: This form of abuse disconnects the child from his or her own body (dissociation is common during and after such abuse) while also creating an aversion to nature itself, something which can later sabotage efforts by survivors of abuse to heal in nature.

The long-term consequences of associative-conditioning induced by near-drowning is well evidenced. ‘Water curing’ (waterboarding) was practiced by U.S. troops in the Philippines and evidenced on a 1902 Life magazine cover. Allen Keller, the director of The New York University Program for Survivors of Torture observed that survivors of modern-day waterboarding (near-drowning) were permanently traumatized and feared all contact with water, including taking showers or contact with rain.

Many ritual abuse groups therefore choose to locate their trauma-conditioning camps in isolated locations close to open water because this provides easy and discrete access to a space where they can near-drown children. Naturally occurring bodies of water allow for plausible deniability: This protects the group who, if interrupted by outsiders, can claim the child was being rescued from drowning. More suspicion is potentially aroused if the group uses buckets or other equipment and such paraphernalia is typically avoided.

The ultimate objective of much trauma-based mind-control is to disconnect people from their bodies and nature—making them easily-controlled. Many rituals have been specifically designed to induce deep dissociation.

The more an occult group can separate their victims from connection with the body, the more easily that victim can be trained to dissociate under other circumstances. In other words: A person who has learned to dissociate as a survival method will more easily slip into that ‘mode’ during future abuse. The transition can become automatic in the survivor and allows occult groups to subject the victim to abuse in the future without necessitating additional traumatic torture to split-off their memories of the experience. Instead, the survivor starts to split automatically.

Near-drowning is known to be used in conjunction with other ritualistic elements by occult groups when they feel certain of not being discovered during perpetration. For example, some groups will wear costumes—such as cloaks or masks—when near-drowning the child. Additional props may also be introduced and the victim’s hands and/or feet may be bound together. This serves the purpose of instilling deeper fear, and also furnishes a clearer narrative of ‘being saved’ by the perpetrator in the mind of the victim: If the perpetrator clearly unbinds the child’s hands when ‘rescuing’ them from the water, the trauma bond is more likely to be established. This type of abuse is also known to be enacted inter-generationally. For example, The Castalia Foundation has gathered evidence of fathers in occult groups being invited to ‘save’ their daughters from near-drowning in occult rituals.

Abusers combine near-drowning with other trauma-based mind-control techniques. Near-drowning may precede, or follow, spinning or sexual violence, or any other combination of techniques exposed elsewhere in this book. Often Master Psychologists have devised combination-techniques in their occult rituals and a child may be subjected to several methodologies in sequence.

More elaborate uses of water in ritual abuse include flooding enclosed rooms to give the impression that a victim is soon to drown in the rising water. Other situations can be devised in which abusers use water and the threat of drownings is to split, manipulate and traumatize victims. Our best defense against these ongoing forms of trauma-based mind control is to expose these methods and raise awareness of their common use by Master Psychologists and their occult groups.

Buried Alive

Burials are used during trauma-based mind-control in isolated locations. Typically, the victim (often a child) will be sealed in a box under the ground, onto which soil or other materials will be piled. The intention of this abuse is to give the impression to the child that they are being buried alive. The child will then be ‘rescued’ from the box by the abusers hours, or days, later.

This abuse has been reported to take place both in a traditional graveyard and, more commonly, a remote location in which the abusers are unlikely to be disturbed. Typically, burials and the subsequent ‘rescues’ take place on land connected with existing buildings which the abusers already occupy. For example, at a ‘holiday’ camp or other private grounds. This reduces the risk of discovery.

As with the other techniques of trauma-based mind-control, these burials and ‘rescues’ are designed to induce splitting and dissociation. Live burials are designed to overwhelm the human nervous system and cause fractures in the psyche, provoking terror in those who the Master Psychologists seek to condition.

Abusers undertaking the live burial itself may not have a deep grasp of the precise psychodynamic consequences of the act. However, those Master Psychologists who have trained these lower-level abusers have a centuries-old understanding that being buried alive is one of the most overwhelming experiences that a human being can be subjected to.

The Master Psychologist’s ‘religious’ systems (and they go by many names) tend to portray death as a terrifying and painful end to life—rather than a natural transition in a longer cycle of universal experiences. This negative perspective on death adds to the terror of the live burial experience, as many children will have already been primed by their society to fear death and the rites surrounding it.

Many of the Master Psychologists quasi-spiritual groups have actively cultivated a fear of death in the communities they influence. This is to their advantage since once a fear of death is established, these cults can ‘sell’ back to communities the idea of eternal life. In short: Fear of death is an essential precondition that the ongoing power of these cults relies on. A community that is not scared of death has no desire for ‘salvation’ and will not tolerate a priest class.

Several of the dominant ‘religious’ cults operating on planet earth in the early 21st Century encourage their adherents to purchase wooden boxes into which the bodies of their dead are sealed. These boxes are then lowered into pits dug in the ground. Adherents of the cults typically pay their cult for the small patches of real estate on which the box is buried, and additionally pay for the services of a member of the cult’s priest class who oversees the lowering of the box.

Additional props often include plastic grass which is laid around the edges of the dug hole, and a block of stone onto which the name of the buried person is written, often in conjunction with symbology connected to the cult.

This same rite may, in whole or part, be enacted during ritual abuse by occultists who stage their live burials of children using many of these same props. This serves two purposes:

Firstly, the use of the props provokes the child’s fear of burial and death—already cultivated by several of the major quasi-spiritual cults. Secondly, the use of these props sets up further negative-associations in the child’s mind with the apparatus of burial.

When, in the future, the child witnesses burials in real-life, on television, or in other media, these images will subconsciously trigger and re-enforce the trauma-based conditioning that the child was subjected to during the live burial. We cover this phenomena of triggers and re-enforcements in greater detail in the chapter titled: Reinforcements and cues.

When finally ‘rescued’ from the burial location by their abuser(s), the child will typically be silent and unresponsive; in a state of post-traumatic stress. This state indicates to the abusive group that the child has deeply dissociated, or ‘split’. It is likely that many events during, and leading up to the burial, have now been compartmentalized into a fractured aspect of the child’s psyche and are inaccessible to normal waking consciousness.

This was the intention of the abuse: To further fracture the child’s mental landscape and prevent an accurate account of the trauma-based conditioning when the child is released from the custody of the abuser(s) and back into wider society.

Use of Animals and Insects

Animals and insects are widely used in conjunction with associative conditioning during ritual abuse. Organized groups who abuse children typically also abuse animals. Both forms of abuse demonstrate the deep lack of empathy and compassion that is characteristic in those who harm other beings.

Animals may be sacrificed in a ritualistic setting, often after a friendship has been built up between the abused child and the animal to be killed. Abusers typically take specific steps to encourage connections between children and animals before they subsequently kill those animals. Often, the child is coerced through threats and violence to participate in the animal’s death. The entire methodology of this forced-participation has considerable overlap with the ways in which children, or adults, are forced by Master Psychologists to kill or injure other children.

This objective of killing animals is to cause an emotional wound in the child and, in effect, to use associative conditioning to force the child into believing that their love for the animal caused its death. The abuser’s method of allowing a child to bond with an animal, then killing the animal, binds the concepts of love and death together in the child’s mind. By enacting this trauma-based mind-control method, the abusers have, in effect, conditioned the child into a fear of love.

Dogs and cats are preferred animals to be used in ritual abuse settings. This is because they are easy to acquire and do not provoke attention in most settings. Such animal archetypes are also likely to appear in the survivor’s life on many occasions after the abuse. This is advantageous to the Master Psychologists as they prefer to abuse children in conjunction with common household-objects and popular animals. This is because the more common the items used in an abuse scenario are, the more likely the survivor will be subconsciously triggered, and re-triggered, every time they see a similar object or animal in the future. We cover this concept of engineered triggering in more detail later in this book.

Animals may also be used to threaten the child, or patrol areas around a location in which abuse is taking place. Typically dogs are used for this purpose as they are easily trained. This use of animals as a threat inculcates additional fears in the child, and is likely to manifest itself later in their adult lives in fears and phobias—panic reactions at the sound of a dog barking, for example are a strong indication that at least some kind of early trauma involving a dog took place.

Survivors have reported to The Castalia Foundation that dogs were used to maul and mutilate the bodies of ritually-murdered children and other animals. This is typically done in full view of the surviving child(ren) to cause additional trauma.

Insects are used by the Master Psychologists during ritual abuse. Sometimes insects are combined with the ‘burial and rescue’ rituals described elsewhere in this book. The abusing group will introduce insects into the box in which the child is ‘buried’ in order to amplify the fear and confusion the child feels in the enclosed space.

Alternatively, or in addition, insects are introduced into any enclosed space in which the child is trapped by the perpetrating group. Again, the objective is to amplify fear and disorientate the child. Typically, the child abused in such a way will exhibit a new, or increased, fear of insects when they are released back into wider society following this type of abuse.

This is the objective of the abusing group: To associate, in the child’s mind, insects and pain and confusion. This invites the child to displace the fear and terror they feel towards their abusers and place it onto insects. Again, this serves the Master Psychologists well, since their objective is always to remain occulted (or ‘hidden’), preferring to engineer phobias and anxieties of the animals, insects and objects they use in their rituals.

Forced Participation

During the ritual murder of animals, the child who refuses to participate in the killing can be forced by the perpetrators to participate. Commonly, this is done by clasping a knife or similar object into the hand of the child. The adult then encloses their own, larger more powerful hand, around the child’s hand and the knife. The adult then proceeds to stab the animal ‘using’ the child’s hand.

Afterwards, the abusive group will typically re-enforce in the child’s mind the idea that the child has killed the animal by encircling the child and repeating phrases such as, “Look at what you’ve done. You’re a murderer,” and other statements designed to convince the child that their participation was not forced.

Alternatively, the group may threaten to kill the child, or another child, if the child does not kill the animal. All of these methods have a single objective in mind: To compel the child to believe that they are the abuser, and that they have willingly participated in the killing. In doing so, the perpetrator group hopes to further reduce any chance of the child speaking out about what was done to them.

The child who believes they are complicit in the activities of an abusive group may believe that they are irredeemably bad. This sense of culpability compounds the trauma-based conditioning the child has been subjected to. It also constructs another layer of defense against the child’s conscious recollection of the trauma on release back into wider society.

These abusers know that the more future trigger-points they can engineer in the survivor’s mind, the more incapacitated that survivor will be in their adult life. The objective of the Master Psychologists during this programming phase of trauma-based mind control is to issue instructions and conceal them within the child’s shattered psyche. These abusers, therefore, do as much as they can to disrupt and disorganize the child’s mind.

All emerging, young, new-intelligence on Earth poses a threat to the power structures from which the Master Psychologists make their attempts to control society. It is therefore in their interests to systematically install a series of trigger-points in those children they condition. The more that the natural world and common objects can be used to engender terror in the child they are conditioning, the less likely that child is to fight back against the abuser’s corrupt system in adulthood.

We leave the reader to consider the extent to which the wider ‘cult’ure of our societies encourages and participates in the ritual killing of animals under the guise of the ‘food industry’ and how this may be viewed in a few hundred years.

Association of Creativity with Pain

Although it may be difficult to acknowledge the existence of such malevolence, Master Psychologists have devised systems whereby creativity in children is associatively conditioned with pain and fear.

Less than a hundred years ago children were actively whipped, caned or beaten by their ‘teachers’. Today much of this activity has moved underground, but the essential framework of control remains the same.

Later in this section we will look at the more extreme methods used by employees of conditioning centers (schools and camps) to condition children through trauma-based mind-control. But first we’ll frame the wider sociocultural context in which this more extreme ritual abuse takes place.

The 'Education' System

Many of the ‘education’ systems on Earth have not been designed to inform or increase awareness in children but, instead, to stifle natural creativity and generate anxiety in children. The architecture of the classroom and its inherent hierarchies of ‘student’ and ‘teacher’ prime the child for a life of subservience to an authority figure and obedience to ‘bell ringing’—literal and metaphorical.

In short, school is, for most children, the training ground in which they learn to accept being ruled-over.

The content of learning material in most so-called ‘educational’ systems is not important, it is largely inaccurate but could easily be replaced with accurate content and the function of most ‘schools’ would remain unchanged.

The primary function of the school system in most societies on earth is not to convey information, but to indoctrinate children into accepting the concept of ‘authority’. Classrooms are therefore arranged to reflect the monarchical structures into which the children will later find themselves as adults. A single human (self-described as a ‘teacher’) stands at the front of the classroom and issues commands, instructions and ‘information’ to a large group of children, who must sit fixedly in chairs, behind desks, and face the front of the class, obeying commands and bells.

The child will, later, be required to spend most of the rest of their lives in a similar arrangement when, as an adult, they sit in an office, behind a desk, while instructions are issued by a single point of corporate authority. This scenario will be familiar to the adult (they have been ‘educated’ to accept it).

At this point, we expect a wave of cognitive dissonance to hit the reader: School wasn’t so bad, right?

As with many of the ‘cult’ural conditioning experiences humans are subjected to in vast numbers, it is extremely hard to step outside the fishbowl of our conditioning and see the traditional framework of school for what it is. It is often too painful to face the extent of this deception.

We also have a tendency, as humans, to focus on content rather than function. Yet, it is so often function that has the greatest, and most invisible, impact on us. The innocuous content of school is most likely to be remembered by the adult: This math test; that drawing in art class. But it is the occult function of school that has the greater impact on us as children: Enclosed rooms; monarchical power dynamics; the scheduled ringing of bells; rewards and punishments; forced-competition, and high- pressure ‘examinations’.

For the purposes of reversing mind-control, what interests us most about the ‘school’ system is not what is taught, but how it is taught. As soon as we move our focus off lesson content and, instead, place it on the sociocultural architecture of the school in which ‘lessons’ take place, the uncomfortable truth of the matter begins to reveal itself: School is, most often, a training camp for compliance.

Most readers will already be familiar with the endemic rape of children and indoctrination that has characterized much of the international school system. Therefore, for the purpose of this book, we will explore some of the more sophisticated means by which children are discouraged from their talents by Master Psychologists.

The practice of actively destroying a child’s capacity to dream and build is an important aspect of the Master Psychologist’s control over the planet’s systems. Adults who have been intellectually and imaginatively destroyed as children pose no risk to the status-quo.

Readers may remember that King Herod, in the biblical story, ordered the death of all the first born children lest they overthrow him. The same scenario faces the Master Psychologists in perpetuity: This older generation of abusers is aware that their systems of control and domination over global infrastructure is under constant threat as newer lifeforms are born on the planet, filled with hopes and dreams for a more balanced, awake and higher-functioning world.

Some readers may struggle to accept that a collection of dominant castes (or classes) on this planet are involved in the ritualistic psychological-wounding of children for the explicit purpose of preventing those children growing up into adults capable of building and designing improved systems of living.

Shadow government groups like the CIA have openly announced that mis-educating or mis-informing large swathes of a population is their central objective. ‘Intelligence’ agencies therefore keep people stupid by hiding information. In other words: Power seeks to destroy intelligence. It is a small step from here to acknowledge that even more clandestine (occult) groups participate in the same activities.

Pairing creativity, or a child’s talent, with pain is a relatively simple act of associative conditioning no more complex than Pavlov’s early dog experiments At a basic level, a child can simply be beaten when they engage in an activity which they enjoy. With repetition, the child will develop an aversion to that interest.

More complex methods of associative conditioning take place over a longer period of time with regular and brutal re-enforcement. Examples of this type of conditioning involve applying painful electric shocks administered to a child while demanding the child carry out—for example—mathematical calculations, or raping a child repeatedly in a setting that is associated with the craft or activity that child excels at. Examples of such a setting might be (for a child who is good at carpentry) a woodwork shop, or (for a child who is good at computing) in a computer workroom or similar. These are just two of many reports we have received at The Castalia Foundation.

A basic grasp of associative conditioning allows the abuser to pick and choose any objects or environments to generate an aversion or phobia in the child. A child who appears to be naturally gifted at engineering, for example, can be subjected to a series of focused abuses with the intention of traumatically associating pain and engineering. Such abuses, with repetition, will create a comprehensive terror of many different objects and environments that a future engineer might encounter. By subjecting talented children to this calculated, repetitive and structured constellation of abuses, the Master Psychologists and their lower operatives, ensure that as many of society’s brightest new arrivals are profoundly wounded in association with their natural gifts.

Children often express the abuse they are being subjected to in the form of drawings. Close examination of children’s drawings can reveal literal or metaphorical depictions of the child’s experience and—together with other markers—can be used to detect abuse. Many child-abusers are aware of the danger of the child ‘drawing-out’ their sexual-abuse experiences at school or elsewhere. For this reason, if the abuser sees that a child is inclined to draw their experiences— and therefore pose a risk of disclosing the abusing group—one or more abusers will destroy the child’s drawings openly in front of the child, often burning the child’s work. This is an informal ritual, the drama of which is designed to scare the child and discourage them from expressing their feelings and experiences in art. Destruction of a child’s drawings is often combined with other traumatic violence such as rape and generic physical punishment.

Expression in all forms of creative arts is often dismissed by abusers. Children are forced to neglect their creative talents. Children are often told by abusers to focus on ‘academic subjects’ which typically leave no opportunity for deeper self-expression, and therefore do not pose a risk of disclosure to the abusing group.


In summary, those occult (or ‘hidden’) powers who wish to retain Earth’s dominant hierarchies have means by which to identify those children which may pose a risk to their power as adults. They then systematically seek to associate a child’s special abilities with pain, and therefore stunt or destroy the child’s capacity to enact meaningful and positive change in the world when the child reaches adulthood.

Electric Shocks

Many abusers are well-versed in the effect of applying electric shocks to children (and adults) for the purpose of trauma-based mind-control. Electric shock is a preferred trauma-conditioning tool, known for its tendency (at lower and mid intensities) to leave no visible scars or signs.

Generally, abusers prefer to employ methods of trauma-conditioning that will go unnoticed by physicians, or others around the child. Techniques that leave marks increase the risk that non-participating members of a society will be alerted to the activities of an abuser or occult group. For this reason, techniques like near-drowning (described earlier in this book) are more widely used than skin-burning (described later in this book).

Abusers use electric shocks to inflict pain on children with the intention of inducing splits in the child’s psyche and causing dissociation. The trauma-based conditioning of children using electric shocks is, sadly, often reenacted later on by adult survivors who call themselves ‘psychiatrists’.

Some members of the psychiatric community have used ‘electroshock’ treatments in exactly the same way occult groups do: To disrupt memory and dissociate experience in trauma survivors. However, the use of electroshock by the psychiatric community differs (with exceptions) from those occult groups using electricity for the same purpose.

The psychiatric community electroshocks survivors openly, and some practitioners appear to genuinely believe these measures are therapeutic. Sadly, electroshock is, in most cases, an unconscious repetition of the original trauma the adult was subjected to as a child. The medical community has, on many occasions, shocked as an adult someone who was already shocked as a child.

Although medical staff on Earth are widely unconscious of the occult origins of many of the methods they employ in the name of ‘psychiatric care’, the result is the same. Electroshocking a ‘patient’ has the effect of disorganizing the bio-electric functioning of the human brain to the point where surfacing memory fragments and feeling-states that were causing the ‘patient’ distress are re-repressed. In other words: The natural healing process is misunderstood by physicians and shut-down.

The bio-electrical chaos induced by electroshock treatment further shatters the fractured hologram of the patient’s past experiences. Typically electroshock is inflicted in medical cases where the survivor was undertaking a process of integrating split aspects of their psyche—in other words: moving repressed material from unconscious mindspace into conscious mindspace.

Because the process of integrating emerging traumatic material appears chaotic to an observer, and is unsupported in Western Medicine, many doctors will pathologize the constellation of ‘unusual’ behaviors that emerge during this reintegration phase. Attempts are often made to silence these ‘symptoms’ through violent and immediate disorganization of the neurobiology of the survivor. This can be done by applying high-voltage electricity to the cranium (head area).

Sometimes this electroshock ‘treatment’ can result in a shift in symptom-expression, giving the illusion of a temporary ‘cure’ for the nominated patient. But the technique is, sadly, analogous to muzzling an abused child and then claiming that the child is no longer in pain because their shouts and screams can no longer be heard.

Electroshock simply disorganizes the survivor’s psyche to the point where emerging traumatic material is shunted further back into the survivor’s subconscious or—in some cases—corrupted beyond retrieval.

Electroshock is very similar to applying a high-voltage current to your laptop computer’s circuit boards because it has a virus. You are likely to to stop the virus, because the circuits the virus relied on to travel are now broken or disrupted. But, in the process, you have seriously damaged the computer.

The successful treatment of the virus required understanding the ways in which the computer was in the grip of the virus, and changing the computer’s reaction to the ‘virus’. In other words: The computer needed increased self-awareness, and support from a skilled operator who could support that awareness. The same is true of the human brain in the grip of PTSD or similar symptom clusters resulting from trauma.

This is not to argue that the human brain is precisely a microcomputer but, instead, to observe that we have built computer systems in a crude image of our own neurological systems. Therefore, many parallels traverse these two organizational systems.

The invention of the microcomputer has opened up a world of new metaphors to us, giving psychology a fresh vocabulary to describe human cognitive processes. More metaphors will likely emerge in the future as we develop other new technologies that reflect aspects of their creators: Us.

So far in this section, we have established that electroshock has been used openly in our societies in so-called ‘medical’ settings. We have also described how this ‘medical’ use is often an unconscious recapitulation of earlier occult (or ‘hidden’) abuse. In other words: We subject survivors of electric shock torture in childhood to more electric shocks as adults. We do so in a misguided attempt to ‘cure’ these survivors of the emerging symptom clusters connected to the original abuse. We also do this because society is in denial about childhood sexual abuse and would prefer to silence emerging symptoms of trauma rather than excavate their origins.

As with other trauma-based associative conditioning techniques, abusers can pair electric shocks with a given activity, object, or experience to induce phobia. We have described this process in detail in the preceding sections of this book. The electrical equipment required to do this is cheap and easily available.

The application of electric-shocks differs from other methods of trauma-based conditioning, however, because it has a unique disorganizing function on the human brain and nervous system at a core level.

The human nervous system is itself an electrical-impulse system. Therefore, administering electric shocks to a child is—to return to the analogy of a computer—like inserting random strings of binary code into the operating system of a computer. Aside from the pain and terror that high-voltage exacts on the neuromuscular tissue of the body, there is the added confusion of the intense, unstructured bioelectrical input cascading throughout the child’s nervous system.

The body attempts to make sense of this random data, but it cannot. Not only were the conduits of the human biocomputer not designed to tolerate these extremes of electrical input, but the act of applying such currents to the system causes complete black-out at peak moments of the application of the electricity. These black-outs can cause profound fractures in the continuity of experience for the child and therefore serve two purposes for the Master Psychologists and the occult groups who undertake their operational work.

Firstly, the electric shock is painful and disorientating for the child, permitting the abuser to program extensive numbers of phobias and aversions using classical associative conditioning.

Secondly, the abuser can induce fundamental splits in the architecture of the survivor’s mind, causing deep repression (depression), or ‘splitting off’ of trauma memories immediately preceding or during the application of electric shocks.

Adult survivors engaged in a process of healing will often convulse during reintegration of this form of ritual abuse. This somatic abreaction (reliving of the initial experience), once fully felt and processed, will tend to be an indication that the psyche will now release the full affect (blocked emotional charge) of the traumatic incident that was walled-off by the original torture by electricity. At the very least, the initial programming will be unraveled at this point even if conscious recollection of the precise nature of the programming is absent.

In other words: The previously overwhelming sensations of being subjected to electric shock by an occult group, or single abuser, can be diffused and deprogrammed in adulthood, if adequate support is given in a healing context.

Ritual Murders

Many groups use ritual murder to traumatize and indoctrinate children (and adults) into their systems of control. Once a child is forced to participate in the ritual killing of another child, the child’s involuntary-bond with the perpetrating group is completed. The child is unlikely to ever speak-out about their experience. Often such experiences are split-off from normal waking consciousness—they are unbearable for the child to contain.

Forced-participation in ritual abuse is the central means by which abusers can (typically) ensure the child’s silence for a lifetime. The depth of terror and pain connected with being forced to harm another human being is vastly underestimated in our ‘cult’ure—one in which extreme violence is routinely normalized.

Occult (or ‘hidden’) ritual murder occurs within a wider social context in which non-occulted (or ‘openly shown’) ritual murder is commonplace. We will outline briefly here this wider context before looking at occult murder in more detail.

Alleged ‘governments’ on Earth are widely permitted to openly amass and train groups of humans to kill other human beings. These individuals are called ‘soldiers’ and comprise a larger group of trained-killers that the culture calls an ‘army’. These trained-killer groups undergo a programming process over many months, designed to strip these ‘soldiers’ of their natural resistance to murdering other humans.

Powerful castes (classes) indoctrinate wider society into accepting the assembly of these killer groups by claiming that there is a looming threat to ‘national security’. This, naturally, requires the manufacture of an enemy and, often, violent theater to re-enforce the otherwise illogical idea that wars must be fought to bring peace.

Typically these non-occult trained-killers (armies) will wear uniforms that bear the logo of the wealthy groups who trained them. For example, some killing-groups wear the logo of multi-generational terrorist-organizations like the British Royal Family.

The objective of wearing these logos is to establish superficial division between the different groups of trained killers so that they can be set against each other for profit. If the soldiers all wore the same insignia, it would be difficult to enact the Master Psychologist’s primary method of establishing power: To divide and rule.

It is essential that the soldiers who comprise the killing-groups on Earth do not become aware that they represent machinery-of-profit for a multi-factioned network of Royal Families and corporate interests.

A relatively small number of arms-manufacturers and their financiers profit from the contrivance of modern warfare, and this ruse relies on mass ignorance of why ritual-mass-murder (wars) are undertaken.

In order to maintain ignorance, the Master Psychologists must constantly dispense a narrative that emphasizes division and external threats. This is easy to do in a population who, as children, were typically primed to fear ‘external threat’ on account of being subjected to rape, beatings and other forms of indoctrination into the prevailing ‘cult’ure.

The Master Psychologists know they must simply displace the population’s feelings of fear-of-the-other onto a chosen ‘enemy’ and then construct a story that justifies a spending-spree on arms, munitions or ‘medicines’. Through this process, the ‘elite’ maintain control and wealth. For example, large terrorist cells, like the British Government, contrived the fantasy of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq as a pretext to stage a massive (and extremely profitable) ongoing terrorist attack on the Middle East.

During war, the Master Psychologists’ soldiers bear the pain of the mass-murders they are paid to participate in. The Master Psychologists themselves are rarely directly involved in the arena of a war, but nominate middle-managers (presidents; prime-ministers) who direct the situation from within state palaces. In other words the Master Psychologist’s ritual murders are conducted by ‘remote-control’, and this has been the case for thousands of years.

Typically, a government or Royal Family’s trained-killers (soldiers) will return from the prescribed killing-arena with medical conditions that the community calls ‘shell shock,’ and, more recently, ‘PTSD’ (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Often these decommissioned-killers will fall into deep depressions, turn to substance abuse, or commit suicide. This is testament to the human organism’s natural aversion to killing or wounding other humans. For many people, on committing murder, the entire organism ceases to function properly and will tend to seek its own destruction (through suicide). The horror of what soldiers have participated in is unbearable to many of them.

The Master Psychologists, however, present a mainstream-narrative that violence and war are natural aspects of the human condition. Often an heroic, celebratory tone is given to depictions of the unwitting mercenaries of the state’s murder divisions (armies).

The reality is that extreme provocation, and the manipulation of reality by mass-media (the pulpit of the past; the television of today) is required before a human population will agree to participate in mass-murders for their ruling caste (or classes). The manifest (or surface) meaning of these ritual killings is invariably presented as defending a ‘country’, while the latent (or hidden) meaning is participation in the production and sales of arms, and the acquisition of resources, for a ruling power body.

One of the Master Psychologist’s central objectives, then, is to occult (or ‘hide’) the true purpose of war. It does so through a vast repertoire of movies, videogames and other cultural artifacts which normalize the act of killing without showing the long-term consequences to the organism: Flashbacks; anxiety; insomnia; hyper vigilance and suicidality—to name just a few.

The media censors much of the post-traumatic after-effects of the mass-killing of adults. Such censorship is essential if the ruling castes (classes) are to continue to function. Government often justifies its existence as a violent recourse if the ‘security’ of a country’s borders is threatened. If the population was widely aware of the Master Psychologist’s objective—to engineer wars for profit and to justify an over-reaching government—the ruse would be up.

Overt war, when combined with the ritual abuse of children in occult networks, has the effect of engendering a sense of fear in the global citizenry. Mass-killings are enacted ‘above-ground’ in the guise of ‘war’. While, underground, the trauma-based-conditioning of young children supplies another generation of pliant and terrified human beings who have been programmed to engage in these ‘wars’.

Children are often killed by occult (or ‘hidden’) groups to conceal abuse; prevent reporting; to traumatize other children, and as an unconscious repetition by the perpetrator(s). Ritual murders may involve aspects of all of these factors.

For example, a perpetrator may force a child into killing another child to create a deep split in the child’s psyche for the purpose of programming; but at the same time this forced-participation may represent an unconscious re-enactment of the perpetrator’s own abuse history. In other words: Perpetrating adults are often repeating an experience they themselves were subjected to as a child.

It is useful to be aware that perpetrators tend to repeat patterns related to their own trauma-based conditioning. What is not talked about is acted out, and ritual murder is a ‘theatrical act’ of killing.

A ritual-murder’s performative elements may give clues to the origin of the original trauma driving the perpetrator and can represent hundreds of years of trans-generational repetition. In many cases, therefore, the perpetrator(s) of child murder do not have a complex understanding of the origin of the psychological mechanisms that they use in their rituals, but are simply aware that these methods ‘work’ and have been successfully passed down through inter-generational networks of abusers.

Perpetrators have been ‘trained’ to condition future generations through trauma-based mind-control. Their role in subjecting the child to trauma-based conditioning is, therefore, often not one of an expert psychologist, but of a ‘rank-and-file employee’ in a larger network of abusers. In other words: A leadership of Master Psychologists trains the lower-levels.

As we described earlier in this book, the ruling castes (or classes) typically avoid direct involvement in much of the trauma-conditioning networks they oversee. Not only are these castes risk-averse, but they have limited numbers. The most effective and widespread networks must train groups who bluntly program children on a wider scale. These sub-groups often do not fully understand the underlying psychodynamics of the methods they undertake. They merely follow instructions.

Grasping the complex psychodynamics of trauma-based mind-control can require years of study and research. It is therefore more practical for occult groups to train their operatives to undertake crude repetition of established methods. This is quicker and easier than attempting to educate each perpetrator in the group as to the precise mechanisms of action behind each traumatic conditioning technique.

Many of those in ritual-abuse groups have little grasp of the underlying psychology and biology of the abuse methods they subject children to—in fact, many of them are quite stupid people, open to manipulation by the group. The methods of abuse they subject children to simply represent a repetition of their own programming by others higher-up in the network.

Ritual abuse groups will kill a child if that child poses a great risk of revealing the network or participants in the network. Typically, politicians and other powerful public-figures are prone to murder—or order the murder—of the children they abuse. Others, of less public significance, may still murder children who they feel will pose a high-risk to discovery of the group.

It is often those children who are most resilient and intelligent—most resistant to the trauma-based conditioning systems—who will pose the greatest threat to an occult group. These highly intelligent children are most likely to be killed as a precautionary measure. Some child survivors of ritual-abuse groups have been known to fake submission to the group and imitate the mental-illnesses of other children in the group in order to ensure their release back into wider-society.

A sufficiently intelligent child, who is resistant to aspects of the trauma-based conditioning techniques, is sometimes able to emulate the behavior of other children in the group who are fully subjugated to the perpetrators. In doing so, the child may ensure their release, despite posing a risk to the group. The abuser’s methods are not perfect.

The child who poses a risk to the group is killed in a variety of ways and this may not involve any specific ritualistic elements. However, occult (or ‘hidden’) groups in our societies have a very specific method by which they prefer to kill children that causes maximum psychological damage to the surviving children. In these cases, a child is induced to kill another child. This creates one of the deepest known traumas. It is specifically on account of the depth of this trauma, that perpetrators will often single out the most resistant children for this form of trauma-based mind control. In short: If other methods have not worked effectively, the defiant child may be forcibly induced to kill another child.

A child’s forced-participation in murder may form part of a standard set of rituals enacted by a group, and is not always restricted to special cases where a single child is resistant to other methods.

Forced-participation does not always involve a single child being forced to kill another child. Some organizations set up rituals in which groups of children are forced to collectively participate in the murder of a child. This allows the perpetrating group to terrorize multiple children in a single session, therefore maximizing the effectiveness of this killing as a traumatic conditioning technique.

Perpetrating groups typically prefer to encourage a close bond between the child(ren) and the child who will be killed before the murder takes place.

For example, a child may be encouraged to play with, and grow increasingly close to, a child who they will later be singled out to kill. This serves the abuser’s objective of creating the deepest wound possible to the child’s psyche.

The surviving child will hold themselves accountable (with considerable encouragement from their abusers) for the death of their friend. This is a trauma from which few children ever escape—typically, conscious recall of this trauma is rare, having caused a fundamental split in the psyche. The pain contained in this ‘hidden room’ of the child’s nervous system is completely overwhelming and the ‘secret door’ that accesses the space is heavily barricaded.

Master Psychologists have learned that this is the most secure ‘lock’ they can place on the child’s inner-world, and that coercion to participate in the murder of another child is the group’s guarantee that children traumatized in such a way will be incapacitated to the point that they pose no risk of discovery for the group.

The murder ritual itself often involves a choice of environment and props that are likely to lend themselves to further reinforcement in the future. For example, the ritual may involve household, or common, objects which the surviving child(ren) will subsequently associate with the trauma. This serves the purpose of subconsciously reinforcing the traumatic experience over time, and reminding the child’s nervous system that they are never safe or protected.

Abusers look for a variety of other symptoms in the child after these ritual killings that indicate that the conditioning process is complete. When the necessary symptoms are clearly observable, the group knows that the child is extremely unlikely to pose a threat to the discovery of the group and that this part of the programming process is complete.

Ritual murder is typically consolidated by a series of other trauma-based conditioning techniques and forms a part—albeit a core part—of other traumas in the child’s experience.

Ritual killing of children may be done to prevent an abused child from speaking out. This is more commonly done when the abuser is a prominent figure in the public realm. Ritual killing of a child also takes place when an occult (or ‘hidden’) group seeks to traumatize other children who are forced to participate in this murder. This sets up one of the deepest known traumas in the Master Psychologists’ repertoire of programming methods. It is therefore a common feature in their activities of power.

Shame, Sex, Violence, and Power

Sexual violence is a prerequisite of power. The prevailing cults (or ‘religions’) on Earth encourage the widespread ritualized sexual-repression and sexualized-punishment of its citizenry. From the moment a child on Earth is born, one of the prominent cults on the planet will likely begin its indoctrination process.

It is essential for power to suppress and vilify sexuality. Having—centuries ago—identified human sexual relations as the primary means by which citizens intimately relate and bond with each other, the Master Psychologists have—for centuries—disrupted communities and alienated citizens from each other. This has been done by moralizing against natural, healthy sexual expressions between consenting adult partners, and emphasizing the risk of disease, while simultaneously raping and abusing children behind the scenes.

The Catholic Church is merely an overt example of what many cults on Earth have engineered: A system where a priest-class preaches sexual abstinence in the pulpit while raping children in the chambers of the church building. We imagine the hardest cognitive step for most readers to undertake is to recognize that many of the major cults on earth are not religious groups with a pedophile problem, but pedophile rings with a religion problem.

These cults, which include all major so-called ‘religious’ groups on the planet, essentially face a core problem in their practices: Growing parts of the population on Earth are beginning to see these quasi-religious organizations for what they are: Moralizing fronts to an international network of child-rapists.

However, when an adult has been indoctrinated (or ‘programmed’) as a child into the belief-system of one of these dominant cults, it is extremely unlikely they will find a means by which to deprogram themselves. It is for this reason that the trauma-based mind-control of children by groups like the Catholic Church is so effective and why emerging awareness is so slow to dawn.

Most obvious is the genital mutilation of female and male babies by several different groups (a practice these cults call ‘circumcision’). However, this ritual is simply the most overt in a substantial repertoire of anti-sex ‘religious’ programming. In practice, a human child is, typically, subjected to hundreds of minor and major sexual assaults during their formative years.

We know that it may be as high, or higher, than one in three female children who are sexually assaulted before the age of eighteen. For boys, the figure is thought to be slightly lower, at one in five, but both these figures represent reported cases, and we can reasonably expect the unreported cases to be substantially higher. Additionally, these figures do not include major sexual assaults like male genital mutilation without anesthetic (circumcision).

The problem here is a familiar one: Some of the most significant methods of sexual abuse have been normalized to the point where they have become culturally invisible (just as the water a fish swims in has become invisible to the fish.) Any sufficiently pervasive practice in a culture tends to becomes ‘part of the scenery’ and goes unremarked by insiders.

Before we continue this section, we would like to draw the reader’s attention to an anthropological problem we face when attempting to analyze the sexual-manipulation of an entire planet by dominant castes (or ‘classes’). This is the problem of observation. In other words: How do we stand outside Earth and look back in at the problem?

Anthropologists inevitably observe other cultures from the platform of their own. When an anthropologist discovers an ancient tribe, isolated in the middle of the Amazon jungle, the anthropologist’s ability to perceive the unique and alien aspects of the tribe’s cultural practices relies on her not being part of that tribe.

Were this anthropologist herself a member of the tribe, raised in the village, she would find it very hard to step out of that same culture and perceive the tribe’s activities as anything remarkable. In the same way, it would take a member of that remote tribe traveling to New York to offer the most perceptive insights into the cultural nuances of New York City.

Outsiders tend to make the best observers of cultural constructs in a society. Often they are the only people in that culture able to fully perceive the culture’s rituals and rites. This is because an outsider has not been indoctrinated, since birth, to participate in the culture’s activities.

What has become normalized to those in New York City is completely novel to the Amazonian tribe-dweller. To return to Marshall McLuhan’s metaphor, the Amazonian tribesperson can see the water in which the ‘fish’ of the city swim. The fish in the city cannot.

The Master Psychologists ongoing mission to destroy natural human sexuality, and interaction, reached fever-pitch when, in 2020 the priest class attempted to extend its sexual prohibitions to their ultimate end: Demanding that humans avoid all contact with each other and cover their faces with random cloth. This was the global acting-out of a long-orchestrated crescendo of puritanical hyperchondria and anti-sexuality. As we will see, such costumes and induced shame of the body are the inevitable end-game of all cults: The total and utter dehumanization of their adherents and the escalation of self-shame to the point where the entire body must be covered. All fundamentalist systems end in this way: With the citizenry in some muzzle or other which symbolizes their total submission to the Master Psychologists. Typically this is done in the name of preventing invisible ‘disease’ or on account of the displeasure of god(s)—these ‘rationales’ are interchangeable.


Often occult (or ‘hidden’) groups will film adults abusing children. The recorded material is known as ‘kompromat’—a word with Russian origins meaning ‘compromising material’. This filming fulfills a secondary objective of the group: To obtain material to use for control and blackmail of major and minor public figures (or others in a position of power or authority within human societies). Examples of such people are: Police employees; judges; television and media executives; filmmakers, actors and politicians.

Although perpetrators are often masked during the act of raping children, occult groups may place the entire property under video surveillance, providing more than adequate material for future control of perpetrators. Additionally, as was the case in Elm Guest House in the UK, extensive logs will be made of visitors who abuse children at the group’s locations. This provides primary, or supplementary evidence for later blackmail—should this be necessary.

The Master Psychologists have set up a disturbing system of trans-generational control where members of the previous generation of powerful individuals is coerced to program the next generation during sexually-abusive rituals. The child-victims of an occult group often grow-up into adults who are then installed into positions of power. The trauma-wounds and psychosexual arrest in the psyches of these adults consequently makes them ripe targets for the occult group to convert into programmers. Occult groups encourage these adults to unconsciously re-enact their abuse on the next generation of children in ritualized ‘ceremonies’.

We can see that, in engineering this cycle, the Master Psychologists have devised a system where the trauma-based mind-control process serves a primary function—to split and manipulate another generation of children—and a secondary function: To provide video-recorded material of socially prominent adults to use for blackmail and control.

Typically, dominant occult groups in our societies will possess many hundreds of recordings of children being abused by members of the occult group. This material is captured throughout the participatory lifespan of the group’s members, and is not restricted simply to those members already in positions of ‘power’. This is because these occult (or ‘hidden’) groups cannot (despite their extensive control) entirely predict which of their members will reach positions of power within a society. It is, therefore, in the interests of the group to capture as much video-recorded material as possible, of as many members of their group as possible, to act as a guarantee in the future. As kompromat kingpin Jeffrey Epstein famously said, “I collect people, I own people, I can damage people.”

Once a group has collected sufficient incriminating material on a member abusing children, the Master Psychologists know that they have complete control over that member. This the final phase of conditioning for those members of the group destined for political office, or other levels of power.

By the time the average politician has reached significant office, they will have been subjected to thousands of incidents of trauma-based mind control, beginning in childhood (where they were likely themselves raped and abused) and culminating in video-recorded evidence of their abuse of children as adults (a repetition of their original abuse as children).

Trans-generational Repetition

Through the process we described in the previous section, multi-generational waves of trauma-based mind-control victims are created and then installed throughout the avenues of human governance. In other words: The Master Psychologists have engineered a production line in which foot soldiers and puppets of their organization are manufactured.

Because victims are ‘programmed’ throughout this production-line of abuse, their programmers are never discovered. The Master Psychologists themselves maintain a safe distance from those they manipulate, their strongholds furnished with a vast repository of incriminating recorded evidence which can easily be used to keep their field-assets in line. Should any of their programmed-abusers seek to expose them, this recorded material can be used to push them back into line.

Although the Master Psychologists always have the option of murdering their operatives in the field should they begin to ‘malfunction’ (reveal the groups activities), murder is not the preferred method, since so much time and money has been expended in training and programming these members. For this reason, video recording is a central tool in the operation of many occult (or ‘hidden’) groups and video cameras will typically play a significant part in the theater of organized child-abuse.

Obviously there is a market for video material among some child-abuse rings. Some groups will have a primarily financial motivation to collect, sell, and distribute footage of their abuse of children. Such groups may not have a specific political or cultural aim (that they are conscious of), but nonetheless provide support to the more politically-aware groups by generating income for interlocking networks of abusers that lead back to the Master Psychologists.

Considerable numbers of those children who are raped and compartmentalized (through trauma-based conditioning) then become the future consumers of this video material: In this way, the abusive groups create a closed-cycle of victim-perpetrator roles, where many members of the previous generation of abused-children become the abusers or consumers-of-the-abuse of the next generation. This happens in apparently endless succession.

However, significant numbers of child-abuse survivors do not repeat their abuse on others. These adults (though they may not always be conscious of the reasons for their self-abuse) choose to act-in, rather than act-out their pain.

Instead of abusing children, these survivors choose (often unconsciously) self-harm; depression; alcoholism (and other drug abuse); anxiety, or suicide. A smaller number still have the endurance to fully remember their abuse, open the ‘secret doors’, process the feelings attached to the original abuse, and to speak out.

Ritual Abuse of Babies

Occult groups often abuse babies because the human being is at its most vulnerable (and therefore ‘programmable’) phase in infancy. The baby’s pre-verbal state and emerging worldview makes the infant immensely pliable in the hands of a trained representative of the Master Psychologists.

Anything done during this phase in development will have serious and long-lasting consequences for the rest of the child’s life. For example, this is the reason that several major occult groups on Earth perform circumcision on male babies.

Genital Mutilation
Male genital mutilation (or ‘circumcision’) at an early-stage in development is one preferred ritual abuse method. This method of sexual assault will have the deepest impact if committed early in the child’s life. It will also cause the maximum amount of damage to the developing neurobiology of the infant.

The longer an occult group waits before sexually mutilating children, the less effect this programming technique will have. It is therefore preferable for the Master Psychologists—and their doctor and priest-classes (from various ‘religions’)—to mutilate a baby as soon as possible: The pain is far greater when this experience cannot be framed by the child in any existing world-view, and instead enfolds the entire organism in apparently limitless torment.

Sexuality is Key to Cult Control

There are a variety of other conditioning methods that cults (or ‘cultures’) use to program children on Earth in the early 21st century. Predictably, many of these programming methods orbit the child’s ‘sexual’ expression. This is because the Master Psychologists have established that healthy sexuality creates deep interconnection across human societies. For this reason, free sexual expression poses a central threat to established power. It is therefore vital for power to encourage the sexual destruction of children before they grow into adults who might otherwise dissolve the power hierarchy of societies.

The human baby is often tied down or slapped by parents of caregivers if the baby shows interest in exploring their own genital area. Often, occult groups (or ‘religions’) do not need to overtly instruct parents or caregivers to ‘punish’ a child for this. The idea of sexuality being a negative force is repeated so often by the priest-class, and those they program, that it is now inter-generationally transferred with little active intervention.

The ‘parent’ of a child will either unconsciously repeat their own anti-sex programming experiences or, under the barrage of anti-sex messaging that the Master Psychologists distribute, inherently gravitate towards an anti-sex attitude.

Aside from any additional abuse the child receives later in life, the restraining or hitting of a child who shows sexual behavior can form one root of sado-masochistic (S&M) sexual proclivities in adulthood. In this way, violence and/or pain and sex are frequently paired in the infant’s mind. This associative-conditioning programs the organism for a lifelong preoccupation with ‘S&MM’—across a vast spectrum, from mild to severe.

Symptoms in Adulthood

Those adults who, as infants, were mildly abused in this way, will typically choose partnerships which reflect this dominator-dominated dynamic. While those who were more severely restrained or attacked as a baby when showing sexual expression will, as adults, choose partners or activities during which they are subjected to (or subject others to) violence during the sexual act.

This unconscious re-enactment of earlier violence follows the pattern identified in Freud’s discovery of The Compulsion To Repeat. This type of repetition compulsion can easily be established in a young child and is also confirmed by the most basic studies into associative conditioning where a stimulus and response are paired through repeated juxtaposition.

Sadly, most survivors of this type of sexual abuse in infancy will never consciously recall the inciting trauma. Instead they find themselves, as adults, locked in a pattern of unconscious repetition. Survivors often act out aspects of their earliest sexual wounding while, paradoxically, claiming to be sexually liberated. True sexual liberation, however, comes from fully remembering the wounds of childhood and choosing not to repeat them. It is only from this position—one of complete self-understanding—that sexual experiences in adulthood can be entered into in a spirit of playfulness and grace.

Freedom from repetition is the gift of awareness. However, many societies profit from selling media (pornography) that depicts the blind acting-out of childhood psychosexual dramas. There is consequently considerable social pressure on the citizen not to think deeply on this topic. This superficial level of awareness means that the origin of sexual preferences, violence, and self-harm remain unexplored by most citizens. This is because, to unravel these associations, is to unravel the rope that the Master Psychologists have bound around large parts of civilization. It is therefore widely taboo to question exactly how and why our adult sexual preferences were formed.


Babies are killed to maintain power structures. Babies are frequently killed by occult (or ‘hidden’ groups). Although some fringe groups believe in a ‘magical’ purpose to the killing of infants, the typical purpose of this type of abuse is to cause trauma and destroy evidence. Surviving children who witness the murder of an infant are invariably deeply affected by this form of murder.

Surviving children may repeatedly be forced by an occult group to participate in the killing of an infant. There are various means by which to coerce a child into participation. These include:

1. Threatening the child’s own life unless they kill (this is commonly insufficient as many children would rather die than take a life).
3. Grabbing the child’s hand with a knife (or similar object) in it and physically forcing the child’s hand to participate in the murder.

As with other trauma-based conditioning techniques, the objective of this violence is manifold: Firstly, it will often create a split in the child’s mind, where the experience of the infant’s murder is split off into a part-self. As we have already established earlier in this book, this splitting process is the core technique of a programmer.

Secondly, the murder of an infant establishes a deeper trauma bond between the child victims and their abusers. As with all forced-perpetration, the child is led to believe that nobody else will accept them now they have ‘killed’ a child. The occult (or ‘hidden’) group will reinforce the child’s belief that they are responsible for the killing through repeated accusations and repetition of phrases like, “Look at what you’ve done. You did this!”

Having no other perspective from which to assess the situation, the child will tend to side with the viewpoint of the adult abusers. Typically the child will have already been conditioned, by their own society, to disregard their own opinion and accept the perspective of adults.

The hierarchical superiority of ‘adults’ over ‘children’ is a feature of socialization practices in many modern societies. Occult abusers use this pre-conditioning to their advantage, knowing that the child has (often) already been trained to subjugate themselves to adult perspectives.

Murder of Unborn Children

Occult groups will frequently perform medically unsupervised ‘abortions’ on young girls in their abuse groups. These ‘abortions’ serve the purpose of inducing further trauma in the child, while simultaneously destroying ‘evidence’. Were this infant to be born, it might be concrete evidence of the young girl’s rape by the occult group. This poses a great risk to the group as modern DNA tests can determine the father of a child.

Were the infant to be born, the baby’s existence could put ‘important’ members of the occult group at risk of discovery. This risk is compounded if the young girl has been used in rituals that involve public figures; ‘police’ employees; members of the judiciary or other socially ‘prominent’ individuals—such people commonly rape children, since abusers tend to gravitate (and are pushed) towards positions of power in societies.

The abusers’ drive to power is partly compensatory—abusers often have little else than the vapid trappings of power to cling to. But it is also actively encouraged: The Master Psychologists actively promote those they have programmed, through their rituals (including infanticide), into positions of power. This is because those who are programmed in these murder rituals are easiest to control. It takes time and resources to install these abusers in the power structure of human societies, so it is necessary for the group, should a victim become pregnant after abuse by a prominent public figure, to kill the baby before it is born.

Masks and Costumes

Masks and costumes are used throughout human ‘cult’ures to indicate that a person is playing a specific role in the ‘cult’. For example, someone in the priest class may wear a white dress and carry a metal totem around their neck.

Someone in the order-follower class may wear a police uniform with a checkered-band around their hat—indicating that they are (consciously or not) property of the Masonic groups who designed the costumes of their police organization and for whom the chessboard is an elemental occult icon.

In this section, first, we will present a brief overview of the non-occult—or ‘clearly visible’—uses of masks and costumes in human society. Then we will describe the ways in which masks and costumes are used in occult (or ‘hidden’) rituals.

The wearers of costumes in human societies often do not always give considerable thought to the meanings encoded through their garments. The Master Psychologists rely on this ignorance.

It is possible, for example, for a human to wear a suit and tie and be oblivious to the meaning of his own costume: He can remain consciously unaware of the tie’s subliminal function as large arrow gesturing down to the male genitalia. This ignorance is probably on account of how common this particular costume is and therefore seemingly unremarkable. Most other phallocentric symbols in this culture go unremarked, and the tie is no exception.

The tie is also an inverted hangman’s noose—a reference to the situation in which those wearing this costume find themselves: Typically under the control of a strict hierarchy that tightens or loosens their ‘noose’ dependent on their complicity in undertaking the ‘business’ (the act of being ‘busy’, or busy-ness) in the ‘company’.

It is anthropologically interesting to note that this particular human costume, the ‘suit and tie’, is the most popular costume of ‘business’ on planet Earth. Business is the same activity that (in the majority of its guises) is destroying our cultures. The home of the humans who undertake ‘being busy’ is being destroyed by this ‘busy-ness’.

A more appropriate costume-metaphor could not be imagined for the ignorance under which this destruction is undertaken: Large groups of humans who wear nooses around their necks collectively ‘hang’ their own planet.

At this point, we feel the reader is now aware that an entire book could be written on the various meanings encoded in the costumes that humans wear and this task goes beyond the remit of this work. So, for the purposes of understanding and deprogramming trauma-based mind control, we will focus on the use of costumes by those who perpetrate abuse, and those who conceal it.

A person attacked by police forces in masks is unable to identify their attackers. In the same way, a child raped by men wearing police uniforms and masks is also unable to identify their attacker.

People who abuse children in occult (or ‘hidden’) rituals come from many different levels of society but considerable numbers are members of the police forces, judicial systems, aristocracy, celebrity and government.

The reader may wonder why these kinds of people are so prevalent in occult child-abuse groups: It is because those who seek power feel powerless. To fill this void, and fend off psychological collapse, many of them must dominate and abuse (just as they were dominated and abused as children).

The desire to hold high political office, to ‘judge’ people in a court, or ‘rule’ over people as a king or queen, requires a profound absence of empathy and understanding. It is also, often, a role of power that a person has been trauma-conditioned into holding: In other words, the abuse of children by powerful people is often a unconscious repetition of that person’s own traumatization as a child.

Even a human with a basic grasp of psychodynamics can see the the injustice in separating communities into castes (or classes) and allocating resources unequally. However, the Master Psychologists have shaped an ‘education’ system that does not teach psychodynamics because it would risk their overthrow. Furthermore, they have actively taken steps to demonize equality.

Occult groups will typically wear masks and costumes during the rape of children in their ‘ceremonies’. The masks worn provide a disguise, but may also be intentionally chosen to generate additional trauma in the psyche of the child victim. Later, as in 1918 and 2020, the Master Psychologists attempt to re-introduce the ‘mask’ often worn by occult child rapists back into wider society in a popular movement. The reintroduction is typically justified under the fabrication of a ‘disease’ that will kill people who refuse to wear the cult’s uniform.

The massive numbers of adults who survived ritual abuse by masked cult members as children are then, unconsciously, given a choice: To side with the abuser as adults, and wear the uniform of child rapists, or to stand against the sexual abuse of children and refuse to wear this mask. Many will, sadly, choose to side with their abusers. This is understandable: As children, they were taught that resistance would result in their continued rape. For this reason, many survivors will choose to wear the costume of the abuser rather than confront the pain of their childhood wounds.

Costumes are used to create unconscious associations. For example, if no representatives of a police force are actively raping children at a particular gathering, some—or all—of the perpetrators may still wear police uniforms to create confusion and anxiety in the child(ren). The child will be given the (sadly true) impression that if they were to attempt to report their rape to the police, there would be no hope of justice. When a child is raped by ‘police officers’, there is nobody that child can go to for help or support.

In Freemasonic cults, children are raped in conjunction with chess-board patterns, which these groups later use prominently on ‘police’ uniforms and elsewhere to unconsciously re-trigger the survivors traumatic affect storms.

In the same way, the masks of 2020 were designed to trigger en-masse the traumatic memories of millions of survivors who were subjected to rape as children by cult-members wearing masks. The astute reader will notice that many of the masks worn in 2020 bore no relation to any medical mask that a surgeon might use but, instead, wrapped tightly across the entire lower face to disguise it and are, in fact, bondage masks of the type sold in S&M stores, and commonly used by groups who rape children in occult ceremonies.

In many countries on Earth, the aristocrat, or ‘royal’ castes (or ‘classes’) of human society places its logos on the costumes of the police force it oversees. For example, the British police force wears both the symbols of the Masonic order (the checkerboard pattern introduced by Freemason, Percy Sillitoe) and the logo of the Royal Family cult.

It is, therefore, impossible for survivors of abuse by Masonic groups or royal aristocracy in the UK to seek recourse from the disciplinary officers of these two castes.

The consequences of this prevalence of cult influence can be clearly seen, in more recent history. For example, consider Prince Charles’ freedom to form intimate friendships with notorious pedophiles like Jimmy Savile, and to provide safe-harbor on his estate for pedophile priests. Consider also, Prince Andrew’s freedom to rape children with his close friend Jeffrey Epstein.

These infractions—just two of many—saw zero recourse from authorities. In short, those in the British police force, government and royal caste have been historically free to actively participate in Nazism, terrorism, and to rape children without consequence. Conversely, these known child-abusers were able to issue instructions to their citizens to wear rapist-masks in 2020 and vast swathes of the wounded citizenry immediately complied without question.

The occult purpose of these masks extended beyond the symbolic, and increased citizens susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia, and other diseases, as well as reducing oxygen availability in the body: Increasing susceptibility to mind-control by reducing capacity for clear thought.

The Meaning of Masks

Various masks and costumes are used throughout abuse ‘ceremonies’ and children are subjected to almost every kind of confusion imaginable to disorientate them. Often ceremonies involve cloaks, masks and other assorted paraphernalia which make up a a complex vocabulary of symbols unique to any particular group.

Some groups may feature crucifixes in their ceremonies, others may use knives, while others emphasize swords or swastikas. These are just a few possible costume pieces that may be introduced during the abuse.

Another important function of costume is to make a child’s account sound implausible. For example, some abuse groups use monster or alien masks to give the child the impression that they are being raped by a demon or by an alien. This, combined with other techniques for confusing and disorientating the child, provides another layer of apparent implausibility that helps the abusers hide their activities.

In summary, masks and costumes are used in human society to abuse on a societal scale by implying hierarchy and power: A judge’s wig; a policeman’s checkered cap, a king’s crown, a child-rapist’s mask, are all costumes that are worn to create the illusion of authority and to condone abuse.

These same costumes are often used by groups perpetrating child-abuse. This is often because those who are abusing society (kings, police, aristocracy) are predisposed to rape children to diffuse feelings connected with their own abuse, and to maintain power and control.

Costumes have another function when abusers wish to confuse those children they abuse, and to give the impression that the child cannot report their abuse to anyone in their society.

This belief is, sadly, often accurate.

Food Deprivation

Food is a primary human need—as per Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Therefore, manipulation of a supply of food is a powerful method of trauma-based mind-control. Food may be withheld from children who are being abused and/or programmed, while on other occasions food is force-fed.

Deprivation of food causes changes in the human body. These effects include the obvious: Weakness; fatigue; disorientation and death. But also include the occult (or ‘hidden’) effects of withholding food, such as: Increased predisposition to programming; susceptibility to suggestion; and entering non-ordinary states of consciousness. Withholding food is, for these reasons, a popular abuse perpetrated by mind-control programmers.

The Master Psychologists, and their foot-soldiers, use overt food deprivation, and (more covertly) nutritional deprivation, to weaken the psychological defenses of those they are programming. As with many of the other conditioning techniques described in this book, food and nutritional deprivation takes place both on a visible, societal level, and on a hidden (or ‘occult’) level.

In this section, first we will look at the ways in which food supply and restriction is used to control people within wider society. Then we will describe the ways in which food is used within trauma-based conditioning systems as an adjunct to other methods of programming.

Food and Control in Society

Many books could be written—and indeed have been—on the ways in which food, and the food industry, manipulate human consciousness.

We anticipate that this section may be very difficult for any readers who have not consciously explored the social context into which they were born. Planet Earth in the early 21st Century is subject to significant mind-control and so, here, we run into a problem of normalization, and of cognitive dissonance. However, we feel it is essential to understand overt abuses in the visible food-supply on Earth before it is then possible to grapple with the hidden (or ‘occult’) abuses.

Just as a slave owner in the Deep South of America would have balked at the idea that keeping slaves was wrong—after all, his neighbors were doing it, and he grew up with slaves all around him—we recognize that many readers will struggle to recognize that something equally hostile, and equally normalized, is taking place all around them in their so-called ‘modern’ society.

We are, of course, referring to the industrialized killing of animals in concentration-camps across the planet. We are also referring to the practice of keeping cows in a constant state of pregnancy and the forcible removal of their growth hormones (milk) which is then sold to a different species (humans) for consumption.

We appreciate that many readers may not have de-conditioned themselves from the programming of their ‘cult’ure to the point of accepting this bizarre reality, and the above paragraph will have triggered many programmed routines to prevent your acceptance. This is to be expected.

Because of the extent of trans-global conditioning on the topic of food, it is difficult to know how to begin to unravel the scale of the problem with the food-supply on Earth.

This situation is similar to how it was seemingly an impossible task to explain to slave-owners that their actions were having a negative impact on humanity.

In the end, the public had to pay-off slave owners. It was, sadly, impossible to reverse the programming they had received as children. In the end, their programming had to be accepted as permanent, and bribes issued to prevent the behavior. The same may be necessary for the meat industry and some of those who support it.

In addition to this primary problem with the Earth’s food supply, there are many ways in which the Master Psychologists have engineered a global system of food-deprivation. This is done by creating an invisible form of malnutrition. This type of malnutrition relies on heavily processed foods and an industrial push towards sugar-heavy foods. This weakens the human bio-computer and are just two additional ways in which emerging human consciousness is suppressed and awareness is weakened.

In short: A well-nourished society is less susceptible to mind-control, and poses a threat to existing power-structures.

Just as the British starved the Irish to engender compliance and an inability to fight back, so too do interlocking global networks of food-conglomerates, and their institutional guardians, perpetuate a state of malnutrition in populations.

Often, this malnutrition is the opposite of the traditional perception of starvation: The victims of it are more likely to become obese than emaciated, but the end result is the same: Passivity, compliance, disorientation, poor resistance to mind-control, and high-susceptibility to the demands of authority.

Today, the practice of food-deprivation for power and control is evidenced by the British Crown’s depriving the lower castes of food via their disciplinary wing (the British ‘government’). These castes are required to use ‘food banks’ to obtain food. This is food they cannot otherwise acquire on account of the imbalance of wealth engineered by those, elsewhere in the country, sat in palaces and government buildings.

Food deprivation may also be used, on a microcosmic level, within a ‘family’ system to control children. Children may be deprived of food as ‘punishment’ and, on other occasions, force-fed any food they resist eating. These scenarios are, sometimes, not specifically about food, but represent part of a broader pattern of behavior in which a ‘parent’ subjects the child to a range of other controls.

Often, a ‘parent’ on Earth can be observed in the process of unconsciously programming a child just as the parent themselves were programmed.

Having no conscious recollection of their own childhood, the parent blindly acts-out a range of ‘socialization’ programming routines installed by their ‘cult’ure. In such cases, this control of the child’s food-intake is simply a pretext under which to further break the child’s sense of independence and self-volition. This is, obviously, because these qualities of self-certainty and confidence, if nurtured, could pose a threat to existing power-structures in the society.

Just as The Crown must deprive the lower-castes of food (or food of nutritional value), so too must the microcosm of the ‘crown’ in the family homes of the kingdom act out the same performance.

This is the inherent nature of power hierarchies: Each layer in the hierarchy is a fractal of (or ‘self-similar’ to) the whole. In other words: A monarchy can only sustain itself if it appoints smaller monarchs throughout its infrastructure. And so, for a society to tolerate Monarchy (whether ‘royal’ or ‘prime ministerial’) it must be blind to the abuse of the Monarch. The society, therefore, sustains this blindness by encouraging monarchical behavior at a lower-level within family homes and other substructures.

Power therefore sustains itself, to some extent, by conferring power elsewhere and normalizing such abusive power-relations throughout the fabric of a ‘cult’ure. In this way, power disguises itself as a ‘natural order’. By encouraging societal pervasiveness of its abuses, power creates the illusion of normality in its own behavior.

This is one reason why the ‘family’ and its power hierarchy of parent-child is sacrosanct in monarchial societies. It is because, to question the power hierarchy in the family system is, by proxy, to question it in the monarchy or presidency.

Seriously deconstructing the ‘family’, and its inherent abuses of claimed ‘authority’ would pose a serious threat to the plausible continuation of that society’s entire caste system. Hence, a politician’s constant emphasis of ‘family values’ is more often a plea to the people to accept, and believe in, hierarchy and authority. For, without this sustained belief by the people, the politician’s halls and palaces would crumble in implausibility.

Food deprivation is often used by occult groups in conjunction with other mind-control conditioning protocols.

The practice of food deprivation in occult groups is an extremely common adjunct to other methods of torture and abuse used to split and compartmentalize experience in a child. Put simply: Food deprivation is a catalyst to other ritual abuses. It further pushes a person into a state of consciousness where they are less-defended against psychological attack.

Typically, those groups who abuse and psychologically condition children in isolated locations (adventure holiday camps; scout camps etc.) will target children for prolonged food deprivation over many days. This food deprivation has the same effect that such practices had on those victims held in British and German concentration camps—and these practices are well researched by Master Psychologists in monarchical power systems.

It is well-established that human beings become desperate and disorientated when deprived of food. For this reason, food deprivation is typically used, together with the other techniques described in this book, during prolonged conditioning rituals in occult groups.

Use of Drugs and Sedatives

Psychoactive drugs are commonly used by programmers during ritual abuse. Typically, the objective of using these drugs is to induce a sense of confusion, disorientation or complete unconsciousness in the child.

Drugs can also be used during trauma-based mind-control to set up an aversion to a drug that could, later in the child’s life, have the potential to disrupt or undo the original programming.

Drugs are used on both a local (during abuse) and societal level (in the wider community) to conceal and mask abuse. For example, a child who is sexually abused at home, or within an occult (or hidden) group, may find themselves drugged by the group during ritual abuse, and then later drugged again in their broader society’s ritual of prescribing masking-substances such as Ritalin or anti-depressants.

The use of drugs and sedatives in mind-control rituals is, therefore, enacted both within small groups (or ‘cults’) and then within the larger society (or ‘culture’). Those substances which have the potential to help a survivor remember and process their abuse (the ‘psychedelic’ class of drugs) are, conversely, outlawed.

Survivors of trauma-based mind-control often find themselves lost in a pharmaceutical-industrial complex. The source of the survivor’s pain remains forever hidden, while they are encouraged to imbibe a cocktail of prescription medications from a local pharmaceutical-bartender, a person whom their society refers to as a ‘doctor’.

A ritually-abused child is often aversion-conditioned against using cannabis. This is coded when the smell of cannabis is combined with torture. This association sets up a classic operant conditioning process, where the child will subconsciously associate cannabis with severe pain. As a consequence, the adult survivor of ritual abuse will be averse to cannabis and their abuser’s objective will have been met: The survivor will avoid using the very tool which could—used respectfully—later assist in their deprogramming.

An important caveat must be made at this point: The authors of this book are not implying that smoking cannabis is a simple, universal solution to undoing mind-control programming.

Partly, this is because the supply chains for cannabis in many regions do not ensure access to gentle strains that are good for deprogramming work. It is also a complex undertaking to heal with cannabis: We have found, in our studies, that cannabis is not enough alone to precipitate the de-programming of a complex system of alters in the psyche of a ritually abused human. In some cases, used incautiously, without adequate support and a clear intention, cannabis can make things worse.

However, it is known that cannabis can provide an extremely useful adjunct during therapy sessions with more powerful psychedelics. More significantly, it can be used between therapy sessions to calm the symptoms of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). The value of cannabis as a relaxant and pain-management tool makes it one of the safest and most natural means by which a survivor of ritual abuse can self-medicate themselves during a recovery phase.

Clearly, many occult groups are aware of the potential of cannabis to disrupt and undo the programming of the abusive group. For this reason, cannabis may be introduced as an additional component during ritual abuse ‘ceremonies’. This method of programming often installs a life-long fear of cannabis into the survivor.

Specific, known examples of such cannabis aversion-programming include, at the most basic level, simply creating cannabis smoke in the room in which the child is being abused. However, more elaborate programming set-ups may be engineered to guarantee a strong and permanent aversion. One example of such a set-up is where cannabis is introduced into the burial ritual (previously described in this book).

Often the burial ritual will include a breathing-pipe attached to the coffin or container that the child is buried in. This breathing pipe provides air-flow from the surface, and is designed to ensure that the child remains alive until the abusers ‘rescue’ the child —creating the important trauma-bond that is one objective of the ritual.

During the period in which the child is buried, abusers who seek to create an aversion to cannabis, will propel cannabis smoke down this breathing tube in a controlled manner. The objective of this is to induce fear of suffocation in the child, who is overwhelmed by the density of smoke that begins to gather in the buried container or coffin. This smoke, coupled with the existential panic of live-burial, sets up another layer of trauma in the child’s nervous-system, typically causing another split in the psyche, and guaranteeing an aversion to cannabis which will often last for the rest of the life of the survivor.

This is the objective of many groups: To create in the child aversions to any drug that may help their adult-self recover from the abuse and reverse their programming.

We now turn to alcohol, which is known to be the most dangerous social drug in world. This substance is often used during ritual-abuse programming rituals. The function of alcohol in mainstream society is well-known: It is a popular depressant that contracts consciousness and discourages self-sovereignty. As such, it is retailed directly by State-certificated drug-dealers.

During ritual abuse, Alcohol serves much the same purpose: Alcohol lowers consciousness and therefore reduces the capacity of perpetrators to reflect on their actions. Alcohol also—when used on children or adults—reduces the organism’s capacity to resist violence, or to fully recall abuse.

Typically, abusive groups use alcohol to numb both themselves and the children they abuse. Alcohol has no known scientific benefits to the human organism (despite regular propaganda to the contrary) but, in the context of a society where abuse is widely perpetrated, alcohol serves a vital function in masking abuse, both during its perpetration and in the aftermath.

Many survivors will, in fact, continue use of alcohol into adulthood; sometimes to the point of suicide. Both the abusive cult and the survivor’s ‘culture’ encourages such self-abuse because the process of ‘forgetting’ which alcohol catalyses, is an essential mechanism in any society that ritually abuses its children on such a scale as is practiced on early 21st Century Earth.

Alcohol is an essential means by which governmental power retains its control. This is because alcohol severely reduces lucidity in the citizenry. In other words: Power requires that we ignore its tyranny and alcohol enables this repetitive amnesia.

Alcohol is the balm that tyrants spread across the towns and villages of their realm, and has been for many centuries. Just as the British introduced opium for the purposes of dominating China, so too has alcohol been used, on a much wider scale, to dominate the global citizenry.

Sadly, what is familiar is often overlooked: Alcohol has woven itself into the fabric of our wounded societies so deeply that few can remember, or care to investigate, why so many governments would be selling alcohol with such fervor.

Alcohol is readily available in most countries, and is a popular tool that abusers use to disarm their targets.

Psychedelic drugs like LSD are also known to have been used during ritual abuse. Most famously, LSD was a focal substance in the MK-Ultra project run by the CIA. Documentation on this project reports that scientists with MK-Ultra would undertake such ramshackle and nefarious schemes as using prostitutes to coax men off the street and into hotel rooms with two-way mirrors on the walls.

CIA agents (bizarre though this will sound) would then instruct the prostitutes to drug the unsuspecting men with LSD. The agents would then watch the consequences of this drugging from behind the two-way mirrors.

Numerous ethically-repugnant experiments of this type took place during the MK-Ultra project and many involved torture, coercion and abuse enacted on both children and adults.

The wealth of documentation on this project provides us with a unique insight into the way that ritual abuse groups (and indeed, the CIA could be categorized as one such group) have used psychedelics in an attempt to program the human nervous system.

LSD is sometimes used during ritual-abuse for the purposes of causing deep disorientation in a child. However, it is not known to be a particularly useful tool for programmers as the effect is unpredictable. Ultimately, the CIA abandoned it as a tool for the manipulation of ‘foreign’ agents.

Another reason for the infrequent use of classic psychedelics, like LSD, by abusers is that these substances typically elevate and expand consciousness. This healing property of LSD makes it statistically less likely that a person with experience in psychedelic use would choose to use LSD malevolently. However, this is no guarantee, and the authors are aware of many occasions on which psychedelics have been used by those who call themselves priests, shaman, or gurus, to disarm and then abuse both children and adults. The most prominent examples of this being the ayahuasca scene.

Ayahuasca, touted as a miracle cure to ailments such as ‘depression’, in many ways truly does meet the claims of its promoters. However, as with any powerful tool—a surgical knife, for example—the success of ayahuasca as a healing tool is principally about who wields the tool, how, and where.

A recent revival in interest in ayahuasca has resulted the increased use of the substance as a pretext to lure unsuspecting seekers into the lair of a bad shaman, or crooked guru.

For the purposes of this book—which focuses on trauma-based mind-control—we feel this is sufficient information on ayahuasca as it is not widely known to be used as a primary drug in organized child-abuse cults. It is however, a powerful healing tool which can, when used respectfully, cut through decades of mind-control programming in hours.

We turn next to sedatives. This class of drug is the most commonly used drug type during trauma-based mind-control programming. Sedatives are designed to render the human organism unconscious, or near unconscious. Sedatives are typically used before and/or after abuse, and provide a means by which abuser can transit children to or away from ceremonies or conditioning centers.

The Master Psychologists use sedatives as part of rituals designed to scare and split the child. A child may be sedated at bedtime—the sedative hidden in a nighttime drink—and then left to apparently ‘fall asleep’. The child will then find themselves awake in an abusive scenario, be drugged again once the ritual is complete, and returned to bed. The child is subsequently told they were dreaming if they report knowledge of the ritual during the day.

Another known example of the use of sedatives in trauma-based mind-control programs is the combined use of sedatives and the burial rituals described earlier in this book: The child is drugged before bed, buried in the coffin or box; wakes up in the confined space; is released from the coffin in an underground space and subjected to further operant conditioning routines.

Known additional routines include the abusers dressing up as the figure of ‘Death’ or ‘The Devil’ and issuing instructions to the child. Often this will be done if the child has spoken out about the abuse during the day. The character of ‘Death’—who is, in fact, a costumed abuser—will permit the child to return to the world of the living if they never speak out about the abusive group again. Different groups use different archetypal figures during this ritual and these vary considerably depending on cultural context. Additionally, there are likely to be many unreported permutations on these methods and The Castalia Foundation is limited to exposing only those methods that have been reported by survivors to date.

After capitulating, the child is typically drugged again, returned to the coffin and either returned to their bed, or released from the burial site in the morning. This may be repeated many times, depending on the resistance of the child and the frequency with which they speak out about the abuse.

The ritual is repeated until the child no longer speaks out. At this point, the abusers have been fully installed as perpetrator introjects in the child’s mind. After such abuse, the child will carry an alter part in their psyche who threatens them and prevents them speaking out on pain of burial. In short: The abuser outside them has been installed as a programming routine inside them. The external reinforcement is no longer required and the child will self-censor, until the end of their life, unless deprogrammed.

The Castalia Foundation has received direct reports of rituals where children were buried, subjected to costumed performances of folk-fantasy figures chastising them for speaking out, and then buried again and finally released. In such cases, the programmer’s objectives are clearly to insert more code into an already deeply-traumatizing subroutine. In other words, the burial ritual itself causes a split in the child, then another split in the psyche (caused by the threatening dressed-up figures) is made in the midst of the first split. This creates a ‘matryoshka’ of subdivisions in the architecture of the mind related to this event: First, the trauma of burial; Second the trauma of the torment by abusers during the temporary release from the coffin mid-way through the abuse.

Music & Ritual

Music is well-known as a powerful stimulant of emotional and state-specific memory. In other words: A song naturally has the power to transport us to a past time and place, replete with a full set of corresponding emotions. For this reason, music is often used in trauma-based mind-control programming routines.

All stimulus can be operant-conditioned (or ‘associated’) with a given response, yet music—as with scent—appears to elicit associations with exceptional ease. In other words: music, or smells, seem to be two of the most potent triggers for state-specific memories.

When the natural capacity of music to transport us psycho-emotionally back-in-time is supplemented with trauma-based programming—also known as ‘ritual abuse’—the effect can be extremely powerful.

Trauma-based mind-control programmers will often use popular songs in conjunction with torture. This is because any induced feelings of pain and terror will become deeply associated with the song that is played alongside the abuse. This association will then be subconsciously reinforced throughout the survivor’s life.

Later, whenever the survivor hears a song previously played during abuse—for example, on the radio, playing in a shop, on television or in an internet video—memories of the abuse will be triggered, often subconsciously. This triggering is sufficient to shock the system back into a state of repression. This serves the purpose of regular re-enforcement of the original programming.

The tactic of using popular-songs as programmed-triggers saves the perpetrating group significant effort in manually re-enforcing the abusive programming. Instead of requiring the perpetrators to regularly re-contact the survivor, the incidental recurrence of the chosen music throughout the survivor’s life will serve the purpose of maintaining fear and control over the programmed mind.

As we described in earlier chapters, a primary objective of mind-control programmers is this: To ensure the long-term preservation and functioning of the programmed-routines. By associating as many programming-routines as possible with everyday objects, sounds, music and other stimulus, the programmer can ensure that the survivor, when released by the perpetrators, will be subject to a lifelong cacophony of triggers.

These triggers will continually maintain a lockdown on the survivor’s internal system of alters who might otherwise begin to remember and speak out against their abusers. In other words: Prison guards are installed throughout the architecture of the survivor’s mind.

Survivors of ritual abuse who have yet to fully de-program may find themselves drawn to play popular songs that were used during their abuse. This is typically because one or more alters (or part-selves) in the survivor’s fractured internal landscape has been programmed to threaten other alters in the system by triggering and re-triggering the emotional affects of the original childhood torture. Through this process, the survivor, in effect, self-polices their own mind: Punishing other alters in the dissociative system into remaining silent should memory fragments threaten to rise to the surface.

Music that is frantic, loud, and overwhelming may be used by programmers to ensure that the victim of trauma-based mind-control is deprived of sleep, or repeatedly shocked awake by the volume and fury of the noise. This technique is well-evidenced in its non-occult form: For example, in the relentless bombardment of inmates with high-volume music at the US Government’s Guantanamo Bay concentration-camp.

This same type of music is often used during ritual abuse to further confuse and disorientate children. It also appears to serve a function as a stimulant and dis-inhibitor for the abusers participating in the abuse—riling them up into further states of aggression and dehumanization.

More sophisticated programming routines can be set up using music as a core mechanism. For example, one survivor, after months of self-healing work, reported to The Castalia Foundation a dream in which she was being urged to ‘Go the Quantas Route’. She subsequently expressed a strong interest in traveling to Australia: Quantas is the name of Australia’s national airline.

Agents at The Castalia Foundation thought little of this dream at the time, but our clinicians made a note of it. Later, in a self-guided healing session, the survivor began to process memories of a burial ritual. She reported a phrase echoing in her head. The phrase was, “When the music stops; go the Quantas route.” As part of this phrase had occurred in the previously-reported dream, and was directly instructive (typical of mind-control programming), we invited the survivor to go deeper into this statement and attempt to explore if it had further meaning to her.

As the survivor’s self-guided session progressed, she recalled childhood-programming involving a record-player and a map of the world drawn on the floor of the ritual-abuse camp in which she was held, as a child, by her abusers.

The children at the camp were made to play a ‘game’. In this ‘game’, whenever the music on the record-player stopped, they all had to rush to ‘Australia’—which was one part of the world-map drawn on the camp floor. Trainers would then ask the children, “Where do you want to go?” The children would each have to answer, “I want to fly to Australia.” The programmers would then distribute fake ‘plane tickets’ to all the children. Any child who did not respond immediately in this way was severely tortured.

The game would be repeated often, randomly, and throughout the day whenever the record-player was used at the camp. The record-player was often stopped whenever a child spoke about abuse or the camp. The programmers would then threaten the children for speaking out and ensure that they ran to the picture of Australia on the camp ground floor—on pain of torture.

In another therapy session, the survivor’s memories of this programming experience became more concrete: The survivor remembered that, in another trauma-based ritual, she was made to believe that the camp’s record-player had been surgically implanted into her and would remain playing there for the rest of her life. However, if she spoke out, the record player would stop.

Obviously, from an adult perspective, the idea of implanting a record-player in a child seems absurd. But, as we have seen with many child-survivors of ritual abuse, children are more prone to embrace a ‘magical’ view of the universe and will fully believe that such ‘implanting’ operations are real, especially if carried off with considerable theatrical effect by the programmers—by faking ‘surgery’ in a mock operating theater etc.

One of the survivor’s child-alters fully believed that the record-player was implanted into her. As a result, even as an adult, this core-code persisted in the subconscious architecture of the survivor’s mind.

The survivor was programmed to ‘Take the Quantas route’ if the ‘music stopped playing’. To be explicit in describing the effect of this code on the adult: This code was a core fail-safe in the dissociated-system and was designed to force the adult survivor to take a plane to Australia (Crown territory) if she started talking about the deepest-level programming in the system.

Such fail-safes are common in computer programming and it makes sense that they would have a parallel in mind-control code. Another term for such a mechanism in engineering is a ‘Kill Switch’ or ‘Dead Man’s Switch’. This type of fail-safe mechanism is triggered as a last-resort if a system fails. Its purpose is to shut the system down.

We speculate, based on a long examination of the survivor’s other programming routines and biography, that the ‘Quantas Route’ or perhaps ‘Quantas Root’—the phrase has an interesting double-meaning, as a ‘root’ level on a computer system is one where the entire system can be seen, and potentially instructed to do anything. This type of ‘dead man’s switch’ may be a standard installation by mind-control programmers who work for the British Crown. The survivor had been programmed at a child-abuse camp in the UK, by agents of the British Crown.

Furthermore, the survivor’s complete biography suggested that they were part of a program to train child-soldiers who, as adults, would be agents for the crown. For those unfamiliar with such malevolence, this may sound far-fetched, but it is precisely in-keeping with the objectives of the CIA’s well-documented MK-Ultra program.

Should the survivor ‘malfunction’ as an adult, this ‘Kill Switch’ in her code was designed to return her quickly to Crown territory—presumably to be re-programmed, or to be decommissioned. When speculating on why Australia would be preferred destination for a Crown-programmed with malfunctioning code, we speculate that Australia is a vast and—in places—desolate country, with ample space to house facilities for reprogramming, or termination, of adult survivors.

Also of note—should other clinicians encounter this ‘Quantas Route/Root’ programming—is that QUANTAS stands for ‘Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services’. As we’ve established, the purpose of the code programmed into the survivor’s psyche was apparently to return them to Crown territory, or the land-of-the-Queen, ‘Queensland’ via a somewhat militaristic-sounding ‘aerial service’. Certainly the terminology used in this set of instructions, and the QUANTAS acronym has the fingerprint of a military-vernacular and lends a little further credence to the stories of multiple survivors.

Several survivors have told us of the active participation of the British Establishment in the rape, torture and programming of children at camps on Crown territory. We continue to gather evidence and welcome other reports.


The application of extreme heat, or a sharp blade, to the skin is frequently used as a trauma-conditioning technique by abusive groups. Lit cigarettes and other items are typically used to burn the skin of children during and after trauma-based programming. Perpetrators may, in some cases, be unaware of the operant conditioning mechanism by which these techniques function to induce splits in the psyche, but nevertheless commit this act out of blind repetition—in other words: It was once done to them during their own abuse as a child; and now they repeat it.

More sophisticated groups burn or cut children during abuse, but are acutely aware of the psychodynamic purpose of these techniques. Taken to extremes, burning or cutting a child during conditioning rituals can—as with many torture techniques—cause splits in the psyche. As we have established in earlier chapters of this book, these splits are useful to programmers because instructions can be given to the resultant part-selves that are created in the architecture of the child’s mind. Each part-self can be assigned specific tasks in the internal constellation of alters, while typically remaining inaccessible to the child’s normal, waking consciousness.

The use of extreme heat is used by perpetrators to reinforce the compartmentalization of memory and experience in the child victim. By selective use of burning, often using cigarettes, those who abuse children are able to catalyze the brain’s natural response to overwhelming trauma: Namely, dissociation and compartmentalization. As a result, it is very difficult for survivors to retain accurate recollection of the violence and sexual abuse they are subjected to.

By compounding the already overwhelming trauma of being raped with the additional trauma of being burned, perpetrators ensure that it is very difficult for children to consciously recall what they have been subjected to. This allows the perpetrators to operate with impunity, and instill an (often lifelong) state of fear and submission in those children they abused.

Many survivors enter adulthood with no conscious recollection of the abuse they were subjected to. Instead, a set of symptoms, seemingly without origin, will orbit the survivor. Examples of such symptoms are: Depression; anxiety; alcoholism; suicidality; violence; addiction.

When seeking help from a ‘medical professional’ to address these symptoms, the survivor will typically find themselves ‘medicated’. This is because few practitioners acknowledge the origins of these symptom-clusters as functional adaptations caused by the original abuse. The survivor’s biography of abuse often remains hidden, typically for their entire lifetime, visible only as a free-floating series of medical problems and behavioral difficulties.

Burning trains children not to fight back at an autonomic level. For example, children subjected to cigarette burns administered after, and during, being raped will not fight back during future abuses. Children who are ritually abused by organized groups may also be burned by perpetrating family members and ‘friends’ of the family outside the group’s formal rituals. Often this abuse involves cigarettes. This is because cigarettes are easily obtained, and because the burn can be explained-away as accidental. Burning on open fires in homes is also a known method of abusing children, although less common as it harder for the perpetrators to control the effect of an open fire.

Coiled-metal cigarette lighters of the type that are often included in car-dashboards are another typical choice of perpetrators. Some survivors who were burned many times by these car cigarette lighters report that they began to wonder if these devices were installed in cars for the purpose of burning children—such was the frequency with which such lighters were used by multiple abusers.

What is the neurobiological effect of burning or cutting a child? The burning, or cutting, of children activates the most primitive survival-circuitry in the brain, and has the capacity to strongly imprint fear in a meta-verbal form that cannot easily be accessed or healed.

Burning or cutting a child can be the equivalent of installing a virus in the kernel (absolute core) of a computer operating system. This act of violence often creates a lifelong rift in the organism’s functioning and means that when the child becomes an adult, the survivor typically lives in terror and subservience to anyone who resembles the abusers psychodynamically. In other words: it programs a child to stop fighting against any ‘authority’.

Selective burning, or cutting, by child-abusers ensures that any abuse that orbits the burning is likely encoded in a place that is more-or-less impenetrable to conventional psychological treatment. To return to the computer analogy: There is no chance of fixing a problem with an application if the operating system’s kernel is compromised. Most therapy operates on the ‘app’ level of the traumatized system.

Conventional psychotherapy offers few solutions to the ritual abuse survivor—even if the survivor is able to remember glimpses of the original abuse. The tools used by most therapists fail to touch the core of the victim’s nervous system where the source trauma of being burned or cut is deeply imprinted.

After release or escape from a perpetrating group, the survivor who was burned or cut during ritual abuse is likely to burn or cut themselves, should memories begin to resurface. This is typically orchestrated from a subconscious level, and the survivor will be unable to attribute this violence to its original cause.

In cases of self-harm, alters in the survivor’s system, and perpetrator introjects, will police the survivor’s psyche, watching for any attempt by the survivor to remember, or speak out. Children are often cut or burned during abuse, as well as when they speak out about abuse later. Later, as an adult, the survivor finds themselves installed with introjects who will burn or cut the survivor.

The purpose of self-cutting is to avoid the pain of recalling the abuse, and/or to avoid the pain of being cut, burned, or otherwise harmed by the original perpetrator group.

Such perpetrator introjects are known in psychology as protector-persecutors. They serve the function of protecting the survivor from pain, paradoxically by inducing pain; and they protect the survivor from further abuse by the perpetrating group—paradoxically, by attacking the survivor before the group can attack.

Complex programming routines can induce a survivor to cut or burn themselves. As with other methods of torture, trauma-based mind-control programmers can set up elaborate programming routines in which the child is operant conditioned to cut or burn themselves if they start to talk about, or remember, abuse.

At the most basic level, this programming involves instructing the child to cut themselves with a knife when they speak out.

The programmer achieves this simply: Should a child in the group speak out, the programmer will hand the child a knife and instruct them to cut themselves. If the child refuses, the programmer will tell the child that if they do not cut themselves, the programmer will cut the child much more severely than had the child done it themselves. Then, if the child refuses, the programmer will cut the child.

This process is repeated each time the child speaks out, until the child has been conditioned to automatically cut themselves if they speak out, for fear of the programmer cutting them more severely.

This code will, subsequently, become internalized: Alter(s) in the child’s own mind will now play the role of the original perpetrator, threatening other alters with being cut should they speak out. The child is, from this point on, unlikely to speak out, or to actually physically cut themselves. What was once a restraint devised by perpetrators in the physical world, has now become an internal set of instructions in the survivor’s mind.

However, in the future, should the survivor’s need to speak out become stronger, the survivor may return to externally cutting themselves as a method of strongly re-repressing the abuse experience.

Variations on this programming include the programmer threatening to cut or kill another child if the ‘offending’ child does not cut themselves first. Through repetition of this programming method, the child will establish a pattern of behavior that, as an adult, may be called ‘self-abuse’ by naive medical practitioners. In reality, this is a learned behavior, conditioned through widespread ritual abuse programming, that has taught the survivor that it is better to attack themselves than risk the consequences of recalling and processing the source trauma.

Cutting is, despite popular medical opinion, not self-abuse, but a programmed response to traumatic material rising into consciousness. The behavior was originally learned because it protected the child from further abuse.

Burning might have been used in place of cutting in all the examples given so far in this chapter. There are many variations on these programming methods, and different groups have devised different techniques. For example, the use of mirrors, combined with cutting and/or burning, can set up multiple layers of alters in the mind of the survivor.

The Castalia Foundation has received reports from survivors detailing a cutting method that involved a large mirror placed in front of the child, who was strapped to a chair. A perpetrator’s hands would reach from behind the mirror, wearing the same patterned shirt as the child, and cut the child. This set off a series of vastly confusing affects in the survivor, having been given the impression that they were cutting themselves.

In adulthood, the survivor had both an aversion to mirrors, and in a deep fear that they might attack themselves spontaneously, without reason.

It is easy to see how many people who go to a ‘doctor’ with such an array of symptoms and fears as these will never find guidance towards the true source of their ailments. Indeed, it is often precisely because of the ‘unthinkable’ nature of so much trauma-based mind-control programming that these perpetrating groups get away with their crimes. The adult-survivors, and children, often find themselves seeking help from a medical-community whose disease model presumes the problem is within their ‘patients’ rather than the wider societal landscape.

Indicators of Mind Control

Behavioral regression is often a sign of abuse. Regression to an earlier stage of psychological development typically indicates trauma. For example, when a child returns to bed-wetting—a condition technically known as ‘secondary enuresis’, it is a strong indication to her programmers that the abuse is working as intended: It is effecting deep systems in the neurophysiology of the child.

Some survivors of trauma-based mind-control report that their programmers appeared to be specifically looking for secondary enuresis as an indication that the programming was working. In other words: programmers actively look for signs of regression in children to determine whether the perpetrator’s abusive rituals have done deep and long-term damage to the child’s nervous system. A return to bed-wetting, in particular, suggests that core systems in the child’s nervous system have been effected by the abuse—at this point, the programmer may feel that this phase of programming has come to an end: The child is now significantly under the control of the perpetrating group; damage has been done to low-level autonomic systems in the brain.

Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: Newly acquired fear-of-the dark; new fear of enclosed spaces; new fear of insects; and fear of objects used during the abuse—these can be diverse and numerous.

Programmers will look for any number of signs of regression and newly-acquired phobias as an indication that the child’s programming is near-completion. These signs will vary based on the precise nature of the programmer’s technique and cannot be easily summarized. For a broader perspective on all potential symptoms of childhood sexual abuse, we recommend reading The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis.

Naturally, the most obvious sign of mind-control is that the perpetrators can readily instruct the child to follow their every instruction without question. This condition, however, is not typically observable by anyone outside the perpetrating group, and so the clinician must watch for subtler indications that a survivor has been programmed.

Repression and Depression

Repression means ‘to restrain or hold back’. Repression is the process by which traumatic memories are restrained, or held back, from normal waking consciousness. The word ‘repression’ describes precisely the same mechanism as its sister-word ‘depression’. In other words: The global epidemic of depression (meaning: To push down) is a consequence of widespread repression (meaning: To hold back).

Given that many clinicians freely use the words ‘depression’ and ‘depressive patient’, it is interesting to note that these clinicians rarely ask what the ‘patient’ is pushing down. Depression is mistakenly viewed as a state of being rather than an active process.

The symptom of ‘pushing down’ (depression) is treated as if it is a problem with no discernible root. Typically, the medical solution has been to presume imbalance in a person’s brain chemistry, and to attempt to re-adjust this ‘imbalance’ using drugs.

Many survivors are treated for ‘depression’ and not for the underlying cause: ‘trauma’. Sadly, of course, the ‘depressed’ trauma is precisely what necessitates the ‘depression’. Depression is simply a crude label for the biochemical means by which memory is repressed and dissociated.

Because the Western medical model is apt to call symptom-clusters a ‘disease’, and reject further exploration of the underlying causes of these symptom clusters, we live in a world where most survivors of childhood abuse are told they have ‘depression’, rather than the truth: That they were hurt.

Those suffering ‘depression’ are actively ‘pushing down’ feelings and associated trauma memories. Ironically, perhaps, this simple knowledge itself is repressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Repression therefore takes place as if parts of a fractal: ‘Patients’ depress their memories and feelings, ‘doctors’ depress the knowledge that depression is a function of unresolved trauma.

Depression is an adaptive process of self-preservation. Yet, what is being ‘pushed down’ in a ‘depressive patient’? Typically, a constellation of pain, confusion, and the fear of fully experiencing a traumatic past.

When an initial trauma threatens to completely overwhelm the survivor’s nervous system, the survivor adapts to this by fracturing the internal landscape so that the traumatizing experience is effectively quarantined from normal-waking-consciousness. This selective amnesia allows the organism to continue living under abusive circumstances.

By the time the survivor reaches adulthood, the psyche may contain a labyrinth of secret doors and hidden rooms, each containing a psycho-emotional snapshot of one overwhelming traumatic experience. This is true even of adults who were not brutally abused—the socialization experience of early 21st Century Earth is not kind to children.

It would be fair to say that society itself is split, or compartmentalized—for example, one in three women in our societies are sexually abused before the age of eighteen. The average, relatively ‘well-adjusted’ human will typically contain several splits, or part-selves. However, these splits will not present themselves overtly.

However, for the survivor of ritual abuse, splitting and compartmentalizing was the objective of the perpetrating group. The survivor is likely to contain many child part-selves, each with independent motivations, programming, fears and needs. The process by which these need and fears are contained is often a complex biochemical-symphony in which the brain up- and down-modulates various neurotransmitters and other chemicals, to maintain the unhealed survivor in a state of relative amnesia to their past.

There has been a mistake made by modern medicine: Clinicians have attempted to analyze the biochemical-symphony undertaken by the brain to repress traumatic material. They have then presumed that this chemical-symphony itself is the problem. As a result, an entire battalion of psychiatrists have galloped into a dead-end: They have tinkered with the biochemistry of the mind, as if it is a malfunctioning internal-combustion engine that simply needs its mix of gasoline and oxygen more carefully regulated.

But the human nervous system is not a purely mechanical system, and medication is no long-term solution to the underlying causes of depression.

As Alice Miller so aptly puts it:

“Experience has taught us that we have only one enduring weapon in our struggle against mental illness: the emotional discovery and emotional acceptance of the truth in the individual and unique history of our childhood.”

With the ritual abuse survivor, this awareness is all the more important: The truth of childhood for survivors requires, first, acknowledging that something more than an abstract chemical-imbalance underlies their depression, and second that they will take all steps necessary to excavate and heal the roots of their pain. For many survivors, this task is near-impossible. Yet it can be done.

Although survivors have typically spent their entire lifetime seeking to forget what happened to them; it is possible, with time, to reverse the architecture of the brain from a default state of forgetting into a default state of remembering.

Naturally, this reversal of habituated neural-processing is a massive undertaking. It is akin to teaching a person to cycle backwards when they have spent their whole life cycling forwards. Yet, it can be done.

Believing Survivors

A society with ‘depressed’ people within it will, naturally, itself be depressed. And we see this most vividly in the hesitancy of some people in accepting the memories and accounts of abuse survivors.

It is useful to remember that the entire reason children are ritually abused is that society often does not listen to, or care, about children. In short: Children are not believed. Adult survivors typically confront this disbelief again, in adulthood.

The idea that children are prone to lie is often encoded into society’s myths. After all, it is important to powerful perpetrator groups to widely circulate the idea that children are ‘less than’ adults; not to be believed; and are ‘owned’ by their parents. These myths serve the objectives of the abusers well: They create a society in which they can freely abuse children, and in which children have been stereotyped as untrustworthy.

One interesting, and enduring myth, that contains this societal message is Aesop’s fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. In this story, a boy decides to shout about a wolf threatening to attack the village. However (we are told), the boy is lying. He ‘cries wolf’ so often that the villagers stop paying attention to him. Then a real wolf turns up, the boy tries to warn the villagers, but they ignore him and the wolf goes on a rampage—eating the boy and his sheep.

Superficially, this story seems to be about a boy tricking villagers into being scared of a wolf. Then the boy gets his moral comeuppance, as a real wolf attacks.

A more accurate interpretation of this fable for our modern world is that the boy repeatedly does see a wolf. The villagers tell him he is lying, because they do not want to face the uncomfortable reality that they are under threat. Then the wolf finally seizes his moment and attacks.

The problem the boy faces in our modern retelling is this: The villagers simply cannot see the wolf. This is because the wolf is a brother; an uncle; a police officer; a schoolteacher. The boy who is being ritually abused in our world is typically abused by integral members of a dysfunctional society. The wolves are hidden in plain sight; and supported through widespread denial. Look, for example, to the activities of pedophile rings like the Catholic Church, who have raped children on an industrial scale for centuries, while installing the perpetrators throughout the ranks of high-society.

Often when the survivor of ritual abuse in our world ‘cries wolf’, they are told they are lying. Or punished for speaking out.

By this process, the ‘villagers’ of our planet sacrifice their young trans-generationally: Each generation refuses to acknowledge the wolves that roam in their ‘village’ and will blame the children for ‘lying’. This is the situation many survivors face today: Until there is widespread medical acknowledgment of the roots of depression, many of those who claim there are ‘wolves’ causing it will be silenced by their fractured communities.

The child survivor is typically surrounded by a community that does not want to talk about ‘wolves’ (sexual abusers) and, in fact, punishes those who speak out (just as they themselves were punished as children). Because of this, the child survivor will typically internalize the punitive rules of their family and community: The survivor will ‘depress’ internally the memories of what is ‘repressed’ externally. Both the external threats of the perpetrator to keep quiet; and the numerous, subtle, non-verbal indications from the family to keep quiet, become perpetrator introjects in the child’s mind. In other words: The child learns to depress themselves, to avoid the pain of external repression by their ‘community’.

Every external, societal repression therefore necessitates an internal, personal depression.

‘Depression’ serves multiple functions: First, the mechanism of depression pushes away the affect-storm from the abuse which would otherwise overwhelm the nervous system. Second, depression serves to maintain societal-silence on the topic of childhood sexual abuse. The survivor internalizes society’s taboos.

Information about the causes of depression, is itself depressed. As a result, we can observe huge swathes of our global population living in a listless twilight: These survivors are condemned to bounce between physicians who elect to treat the ‘blood’ coming out of their patient’s ‘wounds’, but never to remove the ‘bullet’.

Without excavation of the core, traumatic causes of depression, there can only ever be superficial healing. True resolution of disease or dis-ease (the state of not being at ease) requires that we determine what the survivor is not at ease on account of.

There is invariably a cause for a person’s ‘depression’—we live in a causative universe. The greater the depression the more significant the material being depressed. This simple formula is so often disregarded by medical ‘professionals’. And yet, in the realm of physics (which we inhabit), we know that certain rules have been established. As Newton’s Third Law of Physics states:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction._

The task then, for our new generation of clinicians, and friends of survivors, is to support the process of remembering, on both an individual and societal level. This process of remembering threatens many powerful institutions who rely on societal amnesia and the blind indoctrination of ‘tradition’ to perpetuate their crimes. The greatest gift any human can give to our modern civilization is simply this: To stop pushing down; to remember; and to speak out.

The Architecture of Abuse

Every major cultural tradition produces its corresponding architecture. What then is the architecture of child abuse? And how does this architecture enable the pervasive rape of children in our cultures?

The Aztecs (we are told) built sacrificial altars. These altars formed an integral part of the Aztec temple buildings, and were overt spaces where abuse was practiced. Yet, in our ‘modern’ civilizations, the practice of child-sacrifice (in its literal and psycho-emotional forms) is often more covert. So what do the altars of today look like? Where are these totems and spaces in which we ‘sacrifice’ the children of early 21st Century planet Earth?

A fractured society builds fractured spaces. The design of our buildings and public spaces carry within their structures a vast, unspoken history of the abuse of children: At the most basic level, the fracturing of tribal, communal society evidences itself in the brick-boxes inside which many ‘families’ sequester themselves.

The average, modern town is a visible, external sign of the invisible, internal fracturing of the collective human psyche. Many people live in walled-off subsections, often behind locked doors, gates, fences and curtains.

We have, over the last few hundred years, witnessed the repeated subdivision of our living-spaces into smaller and smaller units, and the reduction of the ‘family’ into smaller and smaller groups. This process of subdivision has left us with many discrete, two-person (typically) households. These two individuals are then given charge of any children they bring to life. The children are considered property of the two individuals and referred to as ‘my’ child.

Typically, two humans (nominated as ‘parents’) are given command over smaller humans (nominated as ‘children’). Consider the power dynamic, and architecture of the modern home, in comparison to a prison.

Some contemporary occult groups still use much of the furniture and spaces of ancient times to abuse children. For example, modern pedophile rings, like the Catholic Church, have designed their franchises to contain many literal secret doors and hidden rooms.

The architecture of churches is typically one of concealment—where dark corridors and passageways lead to attics, crypts, offices and cupboards. The cynical reader may consider the architecture of church buildings to be incidental, but it is naive to imagine that a group could, for hundreds of years, abuse children on an industrial scale and not have this abuse written large into the masonry of their ‘temples’.

In his book The Architecture of Happiness philosopher Alain De Botton explores the psychological ways in which the spaces that surround us elicit different feelings and support certain behavior patterns. However, his book does not (presumably because it is taboo) explore the ways in which architecture supports and reflects the abuse of children.

Dominant political movements often have their own architectural preferences, perhaps none so overt as that of the Nazis.

The Nazis built structures that facilitated their activities: From grand auditoriums like the Sportpalast in Berlin for dictatorial speeches; to the gas chambers for the holocaust.

In their new forms, modern Nazis continue to create structures that support their aims: From the temple spaces on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’, to the net-curtained windows of English households: Abuse requires a repertoire of supporting props and stage-sets.

Studies indicate that over one in three women and one in five men have been sexually abused. The architecture of our ‘modern’ societies must, logically, facilitate and support the perpetration of this abuse.

In its most simple form, the architecture of abuse relies on walls and doors. Both these structures can contain children or adults for the purpose of abuse. Then, other walls and doors, subsequently, protect these abusers from public outrage at their crimes.

To return to an overt example before looking at the covert examples in our present day: The Nazis built concentration camps with perimeter fences and armed guards to keep prisoners inside.

Yet the construction of these abusive compounds necessitated similar-looking compounds to protect the abusers from the consequences of their actions. In other words: For every architectural Yin of abuse; a Yang of self-defense against the consequences of that abuse is required. And so we get Nazi fortifications like gun turrets, which protect the architects of the camps from the consequences of their action. Both are camps. One in which people are abused; the other in which the abuser is protected from consequence.

We can see the same pattern played out today. The foreign policy of the Western World, for example, creates concentration camps like Guantanamo Bay. Such camps require corresponding defensive structures like The Pentagon.

Again, the architecture of a Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib allows abuse to be perpetrated. The architecture of the Pentagon and other so-called ‘government’ buildings then protects the abuser from the consequences of this abuse. We can see how the architectural structures of abuse require a corresponding fortification of the abuser’s structure. Every prison-camp requires a corresponding fort.

To look at another example of abuse through architecture: Grenfall Tower in London, England was a structure that was designed to provide low-cost housing to those on ‘low-income’—essentially those that the crown was withholding resources from. A large fire in the tower killed many people on account of the neglect of wealthy land owners who had coated the tower in flammable materials. This ‘re-cladding’ of the tower had been done to ‘cover-up’ the dilapidation of the building beneath a veneer. It was this veneer itself which then caught fire. The neglect; the cover-up; and the repetition of the trauma was plain for all to see.

The British Government has always neglected to represent or support lower-income people; indeed, it creates such a class. Instead The Crown, and the governments it installs through manipulation of the mass-media, has only ever supported the ambitions and needs of those at the top of a quasi-feudal hierarchy. For example, 1% of people in the UK own more than 50% of the land.

As a result of this, it has been necessary for the abusers to build corresponding fortifications to enable covert massacres like this to continue. Look, for example, at the defensive architecture surrounding the Prime Minister’s residence at Downing Street which protects those who perpetrated the fire at Grenfall.

In looking deeper at the modern architecture of abuse it is interesting to recall its historical antecedent. For example, farms existed outside the castle walls. This feudal structure allowed the wealthy land-owner to defend his or her interests above the interests of the ‘common’ people. This is true even of today, where we have ‘cubicle farms’ in office blocks and sweatshops that manufacture iPhones.

There is, necessarily, corresponding architecture that protects those who run these farms; those who live in the ‘castles’ that the ‘farm animals’ report to.

Rowland Atkinson, a Professor at the University of Sheffield, wrote of these rich Castle-owners that, “elaborate security systems, a supporting cast of staffers, and other services, enable a seamless engagement with space.. The ultimate goal of many buyers is a space that allows drive-in car parks with internal exits.” In other words: The abuser need not in any way be in contact with the consequences of his abuse: He is architecturally insulated from the ‘common people’, and therefore his actions, through the design of the spaces he exists in.

It seems that the architecture of abuse always requires two components to function: Both walls and doors to keep the abused trapped inside; and also corresponding walls and doors to keep the abuser protected from the fallout of his exploitation of society.

In short: For every mansion, somewhere else there is a prison cell. For every slum; a palace. And the perpetrators of the most extreme and pervasive sexual abuse against children, typically occupy the most lavish and fortified mansions like Buckingham Palace. Such architectural defenses are only necessary when an abuser has hurt so many people, over such a long period of time, that they now fear a retaliatory attack from all directions, and must be heavily guarded.

It is inherently difficult to trace the origins of child-rape networks. The problem archivists typically encounter is that those in power on Earth (often who call themselves ‘royal’) have, throughout history, attempted to exclude their abuses from the records of the age.

A Short History of The Crown of Abuse

In this final chapter of this book, we present research by The Castalia Foundation demonstrating an example of one network that ritually abuses children. We have drawn from multiple accounts by living survivors to establish a credible line that demonstrates how the cult known as ‘The British Royal Family’ sustains its networks of abuse globally. One such Crown network is the Outward Bound children’s camp group which was founded by Kurt Hahn, an intelligence agent who, during WWI, worked at the German Department for Foreign Affairs.

Hahn was engaged in, “analyzing British newspapers and advising the Foreign Office”. Hahn had intimate ties to German aristocracy, the British Prime Minister, the CIA, and The Crown. By 1995, Hahn’s notorious children’s camp network, Outward Bound, was officially under the directorship of notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile.

Kurt Hahn has been described by The BBC as ‘The man who taught Prince Philip how to think.” Prince Philip is currently head of the private corporation known as the “British Royal Family”. This group currently claims to be the most substantial ‘land owner’ on Earth.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip was trained under Hahn’s child-internment camp system, beginning at 12-years-old at Hahn’s Schloss Salem facility in Germany. Philip’s education took place as the Nazis were coming to power in Germany and Schule Schloss Salem was in the ideological grip of the Hitler Youth as Prince Philip was being ‘taught to think’ there.

Hahn allegedly ‘fled’ the Nazis, in the run up to WWII, and turned up in England where, with the support of the aristocracy, he continued to build ‘schools’.

Hahn founded many ‘education’ camps, including Gordonstoun School where Prince Charles was famously ritually abused.

By 1940, Gourdonston school was under surveillance by the Scottish division of MI5 under suspicion of harbouring a Nazi spy-ring. Hahn and several ‘students’ were consequently arrested but, again, Hahn’s connections to the British aristocracy led to his release. Then British Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald petitioned MI5 on Hahn’s behalf.

Forced to evacuate Gourdonston, Hahn went on to found a network of ‘Outward Bound’ camps based on military-training protocols, neglect, isolation and ritual abuse. Hahn would notoriously express, “his violent anger and agitation over any evidence or suspicion of overt sexuality”.

Hahn’s role in establishing a formula by which thousands of children would be abused has been whitewashed by many historians. For example, Hahn’s connection to the brutal MK-Ultra program is evidenced in his correspondence with Allen Dulles, head of the CIA.

On April 13, 1953, Dulles authorized the MK-Ultra program under which children were subjected to ritual abuse by the CIA, including organized rape and torture. A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request forced the CIA to disclose a number of documents, including a 1958 letter from Kurt Hahn to Dulles. At the time the letter was written, the CIA, and Dulles, were already five years into the MK-Ultra experiment.

Hahn’s schools, and the MK-Ultra program, are mind-control experiments in which abandonment, violence and torture are used with the objective of creating submissive children who can be easily programmed and manipulated.

It is not known when, or if, the MK-Ultra program was discontinued. Most of Hahn’s schools still exist today and, tragically, are promoted as some of the world’s most prestigious. However, The Castalia Foundation has undertaken an in-depth investigation of Hahn’s network. This investigation has revealed an occult (or ‘hidden’) purpose in these establishments: To psychologically wound the children of the ‘elite’ for the purpose of the mass-manipulation of society and culture.

Several survivors of Outward Bound have contacted The Castalia Foundation. Now adults, these survivors describe an organized and widespread abuse network in which children attending Outward Bound camps were routinely drugged, raped and ritually abused. After this abuse, the children received threats on their lives, and the lives of those they loved.

One survivor told The Castalia Foundation how Outward Bound camp officers told him that his mother would be killed if he spoke out about the ritual abuse he experienced as a child.

The Outward Bound network, run in the 1980s by pedophiles Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip, still exists. Hahn’s original vision of a militarized youth, trained in a network of camps under the guise of ‘adventure training’, persists to this day. Outward Bound Global spans the world and refuses to comment on its role as participant in the ritual-abuse of children.

Little St. James Island, in the U. S. Virgin Islands was exposed in 2019 as child-torture facility run by Jeffrey Epstein, and covertly funded by Bill Gates via MIT. The remote island visibly included an ambulance, and a network of tunnels connecting structures together. Epstein’s island conforms to Hahn’s original ideology, one in which children are isolated and subjected to abuse.

Until his recent exposure as a child-rapist, Prince Andrew was patron of the Outward Bound camp network. Throughout his patronage of Outward Bound, Jeffrey Epstein was a close friend and confident of Prince Andrew — just as Savile had once been a close confident to Prince Philip.

Prince Andrew was also ‘taught to think’ at Hahn’s Gordonston school. Andrew, like Jimmy Savile before him, was given freedom of access to children at Outward Bound and elsewhere. This patronage was passed down to him by his father, Prince Philip.

Hahn’s Outward Bound network; the United World Colleges; Schule Schloss Salem and numerous other child-abuse camps share a heritage with Little St. James Island. All these camp networks are ones in which isolation and torture has been used to render children compliant as adults. Children abused in these camp networks are typically groomed to hold positions of ‘power’ or ‘high political office’. As adults, they remain vulnerable to the programming they were subjected to as children.

Hahn collaborated trans-nationally with the global political elite to set up ‘schools’ which would shape the emerging consciousness of extremely young children.

Hahn’s original Outward Bound camp at Aberdovy was known to actively funnel ‘students’ into the police force and military. What Hahn sold to the public as an adventure camp for children was, in fact, a covert enlistment outpost in which the British and German establishment conditioned its future ‘soldiers’.

As William Curry, Headmaster of Darlington Hall, wrote to a friend at the time:

“People like Hahn are so tormented themselves by their moral fanaticism that they set up a sense of guilt in any community in which they are important. Having created the sense of guilt, they then use it as an excuse for punishment.”

It is now widely known that the British Royal Family were themselves Nazis — or at least so deeply entwined with the Nazi regime as to be indistinguishable from it. Two of Prince Philip’s three sisters married high-ranking Nazi S.S. Officers and the Queen can be seen in photographs, being enlisted to make Nazi salutes with her family in the garden at Balmoral.

Futhermore, The Duke of Windsor, Edward VII, King of England, sent letters to the ‘Nazis’, asking them to bomb London in an effort to quell an uprising by the people.

Viewed from the perspective of 2020, Hahn’s legacy, then, is one of a master-architect of division and conflict. His most enduring designs include teaching Prince Philip ‘how to think’; establishing the child-abuse camps of Outward Bound; and collaborating with MK-Ultra mastermind, CIA Director Allen Dulles. The full extent of their partnership may never be known as most MK-Ultra records were destroyed in 1973 by order of, then CIA director, Richard Helms.

Claudia Mullen, a survivor of MK-Ultra described how between the years of 1957 and 1974, “I was sent to a lodge in Maryland… to learn how to sexually please men. I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves, and it was [various doctors and officials named], who were planning on filming as many high government agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible, so that later, when the funding for mind-control… started to dwindle, projects would continue”. (In the Name of Science, p..171. Andrew Golizek, 2003).

Mullen was told by CIA staff that, “children were used as subjects because they were more fun to work with, and cheaper too.”

As she advanced through the program, Mullen described how, “I was used to entrap many unwitting men… all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine years old when the sexual humiliation began.”

Around the same time that Mullen was being abused, in 1958, Hahn was in conversation with MK-Ultra Director, Allen Dulles.

Mullen was around seven years old at the time.

As Hahn himself wrote in his letter to Dulles, “The resolution of a nation is conditioned by the temper of the young”.

The objective of MK-Ultra was precisely this: To condition the young.

The question that citizens of Earth must ask themselves is: Who has been conditioning our young; where; and how? And who funded this operation? The answer to this question poses an immediate threat to all of those in ‘power’, everywhere.

The dominoes have begun to fall.