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Contents of Volume One

Psychedelic Review 1983 & 1964
No. 1: "Can This Drug Enlarge Man's Mind? Gerald Heard — Page 7

The Subjective After-Effects of Psychedelic Experiences A Summary of Four Recent Questionnaire Studies, The Editors — Page 8

The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Religious Idea among Primitive Peoples, R. Gordon Wasson — Page 27

A Touchstone for Courage Plato — Page 43

Provoked Life: An Essay on the Anthropology of the Ego Gottfried Benn — Page 47

The Individual as Man/World, Alan W. Watts — Page 55

Annihilating Illumination, George Andrews — Page 66

The Pharmacology of Psychedelic Drugs, Ralph Metzner — Page 69

No. 2: Psychosis: "Experimental" and Real, Joe K. Adams — Page 121

Botanical Sources of the New World Narcotics, Richard Evans Schultes — Page 145

Hermann Hesse : Poet of the Interior Journey, Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner — Page 167

Psychedelic Metabolism, Sir Julian Huxley — Page 183

The Treatment of Alcoholism with Psychedelic Drugs, The Editors — Page 205

Some Comments Concerning Dosage Levels of Psychedelic Compounds for Psychotherapeutic Experiences, Gary M. Fisher — Page 208

Four Psilocybin Experiences, Frederick Swain, et al. — Page 219

The God in the Flowerpot Mary Barnard — Page 244

No. 3: (Aldous Huxley Memorial Issue) Tributes to Aldous Huxley Gerald Heard, Huston Smith, & Alan Watts — Page 263

The Last Message of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary — Page 267

Notes on the Present Status of Ololiuhqui and the Other Hallucinogens of Mexico, R. Gordon Wasson — Page 275

The Active Principles of the Seeds of Rivea corymbosa andipomoea violacea, Albert Holmann — Page 302

A Uterine Stimulant Effect of Extracts of Morning Glory Seeds, Ara Der Marderosian, et al. — Page 317

The Religious Experience : Its Production and Interpretation, Timothy Leary — Page 324

Poem : From the Maximus Poems, Charles Olson — Page 347

Psychedelics and the Law : A Prelude in Question Marks Roy C. Bates — Page 379

The Regulation of Psychedelic Drugs Robert H. Barrigar — Page 394

LSD and Psychotherapy: A Bibliography of the English- Language Literature, Sanford M. Unger — Page 442

The Treatment of Frigidity with LSD and Ritalin, Thomas M. Ling & John Buckman — Page 450

Shouted from the Housetops: A Peyote Awakening, Joyce James — Page 459

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