The Castalia Foundation curates a library of research on consciousness expansion. We were established in the early 1960s by a gang of renegade visionaries including Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Ralph Metzner, and Susan Metzner.

In 1964, The Castalia Foundation received a generous offer from the Hitchcock family, who granted the foundation use of the Hitchcock Estate (also known as Dahiem) in Millbrook, upstate New York, pictured below.

At Millbrook, The Castalia Foundation offered a range of activities to the public. These activities were designed to expand consciousness and further the mass-adoption of psychedelics as a tool for healing and self-actualization.

Throughout the early 1960s, Millbrook was a mecca for psychedelic adventurers (pictured below), poets and philosophers. The Castalia Foundation held events and produced media to expand human consciousness.

Under duress, Millbrook was abandoned in 1966 and The Castalia Foundation went underground as our founder, Timothy Leary, was pursued around the world by President Nixon’s neurosis. Today, The Castalia Foundation is in the care of the next-generation of psychedelic visionaries. Our group supports projects which uphold the values of the original vision of The Castalia Foundation: To override social-conditioning and free humanity from the hive mind.

We also maintain a back-catalogue of the legendary magazine Psychedelic Review which was published by The Castalia Foundation beginning in the 1960s.

The Castalia Foundation is entirely open-source and public domain. We don’t sell anything, and never will. All of our books, audio recordings, and videos are provided for free, for the benefit of humanity.


The Castalia Foundation has re-launched legendary magazine Psychedelic Review as The Castalia.

MAPS’ pamphlet, Psymposia, has praised it as, “full of paranoia and conspiracy.”

Download this paradigm-smashing magazine for free, and liberate your mind from the chains of fake news.

“So significant and challenging that MAPS had to attack it. Awesome!”
Klara Kali – Staff writer

“If I wasn’t editor of The Castalia, I would definitely write a hit-piece on myself for the thought-crime of criticizing the psychedelic establishment.”
Frieda Haze -Editor

“Reading The Castalia, I learned MAPS is mainly funded by a sick billionaires club.”
Rupert Torrance

Ce guide a été rédigé en réponse à un tollé en provenance de la communauté des guérisseurs de la MDMA. De nombreux survivants de traumatismes ont découvert que le modèle traditionnel de thérapie à la MDMA ne fonctionnait pas pour eux.

Le modèle traditionnel semblait être basé sur un ensemble et un cadre dépassés : un modèle dans lequel des “thérapeutes” s’asseyaient dans une pièce avec un “patient” et supervisaient le “patient” pendant qu’il prenait de la MDMA.

About our Founders

High Priest of LSD, Timothy Leary was the first Events Organizer for the Castalia Foundation. These events included, “demonstrations of traditional and modern methods of expanding awareness. Including Eastern philosophic, Western scientific, religious, aesthetic and psychological interpretations of states of transcendent consciousness.”

Tim lived and worked at the Millbrook Estate throughout the Castalia Foundation‘s residency there.

Timothy Leary – passport photograph

High Priestess of LSD, Rosemary Woodruff was a psychedelic visionary who transformed Millbrook at its darkest hour into a space of light and love. She also oversaw the the Castalia Foundation‘s work. This included her orchestration of Tim’s legendary jailbreak from a California state prison in 1970.

Rosemary raised funds for the escape in which Tim, “made his way to a prison roof, traversed the prison grounds on a cable and then jumped to his freedom.”

Rosemary Woodruff, – passport photograph