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Tim Leary and Rosemary Woodruff
"Think for yourself and question authority" - Tim Leary

The Tim giving a talk

Questions for the inquisitive reader: How did Tim Leary's interest in psychedelics begin? Furthermore: What was Tim's professional accreditation prior to his departure from a prominent position in a major 'educational' establishment? What reason was given for Tim's departure from academia? Where is Tim giving this talk? How would you describe Tim's appearance in the photograph above?

Tim Leary being kidnapped

Questions for the inquisitive reader: Why is Tim being kidnapped in the photograph above? What threat did his work pose to the CIA? Who funds and runs the CIA? How would you describe Tim's appearance in the photograph above? Why is he smiling? Was Tim Leary tortured in jail? What are the connections between the CIA and Epstein's notorious child-torture island?

Tim Leary Praying

Questions for the inquisitive reader: How would you describe Tim Leary's costume? Was the internal shift in Tim from 'Harvard Professor' to 'High Priest of LSD' represented in an external change? What does Tim's hand-gesture suggest? Why does 'government' fear the citizenry exploring their own minds? What is the etymology of the word 'government'? What is mind-control? What is project MK-Ultra?

The Southern California Oracle

Questions for the inquisitive reader: Which actor and musician is pictured here with Tim Leary? What movie set was this photo taken on? What does Tim's outfit suggest? What accounts for Tim Leary's enduring good-spirits in the face of near-constant assaults and kidnappings by 'government'?

Tim Leary and Winona Ryder

Questions for the inquisitive reader: What was Tim's familial connection to Winona Ryder? Why does Tim look so tired in this photograph? What was done to Tim during the time he was kidnapped and imprisoned by the 'government'? Did it have a lasting impact on his health?

Reality Hackers Magazine

Questions for the inquisitive reader: What are Timothy Leary and Rosemary Woodruff wearing in this photograph? And the one at the top of this page? Do these two people look like the "most dangerous" people in America? Why does the CIA like to smear those who support humanity?

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