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By The Editors, 1964

The Castalia Foundation republishes this list of contributors to Issue 3 (1964) purely to preserve the history of the magazine, and to satisfy the interest of the modern reader. The Psychedelic Review is still in print — we now publish one issue per year (since 2023). However, none of the contact details or information listed here are valid. We provide the following information merely as a historical record of 1964.

Paul A. Lee; Ralph Metzner

Peter H. John

Lisa Bieberman

Joe K. Adams; William H. McGlothlin; Frank Barron; Huston Smith; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Sanford M. Unger; Gary M. Fisher; Alan W. Watts; Gunther M. Weil

Susan Metzner

All Communications [in 1964] should be addressed to: THE PSYCHEDELIC REVIEW P.O. Box 223, Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Tel.: 547-7244 Area Code: 617

The Psychedelic Review [in 1964] is published quarterly, in June, September, and March. Rates: $5.00 for one year, $9.00 for two years, $13 for three years. (Add $1.00 yearly for subscriptions outside the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.) Special student rate: $4.00, Single copy: $1.50

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