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Our Second Year

Editorial fromThe Psychedelic Review, 1965
This issue of The Psychedelic Review marks the beginning of the second year of publication. The expanding horizons of the national and international interest in psychedelics makes the continued publication of this review a virtual certainty.

As an indication of international interest, Hermes, published in France under the direction of Jacques Masui, has joined the adventure and glimmerings of activity in England are discernable under the leadership of Alexander Trocchi (Sigma Portfolio, 6 St Stephen's Gardens London W2, England). See our Books Received section for further information.

Reader-response to our financial plight of some months past has been gratifying and circulation of The Psychedelic Review is increasing greatly. Within the last six months, five major books on the psychedelics have been published. These books are reviewed in the present issue.

There seems to be little question that the psychedelic movement is initiating and continuing an on-going social dialogue. As this publication year begins, we acknowledge the importance of extending the meaning of the term psychedelic ('mind-manifesting’) in order to emphasize both chemical and non-chemical methods in the exploration and evolution of consciousness.

In this issue, an example of such an extension is the discussion of the ideas and methods of Gurdjieff; we will continue to make it our policy to introduce similar material.

One of our editors, Dr. Ralph Metzner has been travelling in India and reports that he is in the process of collating previously untranslated esoteric material of graat interest to students of practical Buddhism and experimental mysticism. Future issues of The Psychedelic Review will continue to draw on such international sources.

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