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Pseudo Narcosis

A Poem By Inca Mandala

In a deep and silent ocean.
Drifting; Numb;
Through soft green waters.
Oblivious to the deathly chill.
In an icy chamber of darkness
And the waters swirl about.
A whirlpool of Time and Space.
There is no Death.
No Pain.
No Reality.
Suspended in a frozen crystal
Into fragile shell of
Pearlescent ice.
The warm snow flutters softly
And the blue-green flames
Are luminous in the twilight.
A thousand shimmering sparks
Melting, thawing....
And the fire still is bright.
Glittering liquid,
Beads of violet water.
Gilded spangles falling;
Falling from the ceiling
Of the crystal cavern.
An earthquake of colored lights
And molten emeralds.
Neon flashes of pain
And tortured hell of opal shadows.
The blinding mosaic of
A million kaleidoscopic prisms.
Throbbing in the white heat
Of translucent existence.
Grim and parched,
The desert shores
And like a sea of platinum sand
The waves of air are thin
And half of black is white
The bubble bursts;
Wisps of poison thick and green
Encompass the quivering leaves.
The dull sun spins across the air,
Plunging deeper
Into the choking lake of thought.
A blazing disc
And orange rays crushing the last moist vapor.
The very soul made then of Truth
Stabs the shattering brilliancy
With mirror-knife...
And writhes in pain itself.
And the ideal transcends its purpose,
And the sea swallows up the desert,
The jungle; the diamond glacier;
And quenches the fires of hell.
There is no Death; no Pain;
No Reason to deny oneself
This solitary happiness.

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