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By The Editors, 1964

The Castalia Foundation republishes this article from 1964 purely to preserve the history of the magazine, and to satisfy the interest of the modern reader. Currently, The Psychedelic Review is fully funded and we do not accept donations; gifts; or investments.

All readers of The Psychedelic Review are aware that there have been protracted delays in the publication of the first four issues. The reasons for this are financial. Although the number of subscriptions has increased remarkably, the increase has not been sufficient to meet the rising debt incurred through the high cost of printing. In order to continue The Psychedelic Review needs help urgently. In order to break even, the number of subscriptions has to at least double, and in order to cover costs while this target is being reached, around $6,000 will be needed per year.

We are therefore making a threefold urgent appeal to all our readers:
  1. Renew your own subscription immediately (Use the renewal slip enclosed with this issue.)
  2. Urge your friends to subscribe or give them gift subscriptions,(Use the reply envelope enclosed with this issue).
  3. If at all possible, make a direct donation, as generous as you can afford. We take this opportunity to thank all those readers who have written to us their constructive criticisms, suggestions, praise and en­couragement. Furthermore we thank authors for their manuscripts and their patience.

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