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By All Editors of The Psychedelic Review, 1963
A strange hand

In recent years we have witnessed a widespread increase of interest in the alteration and expansion of consciousness. The discovery of the psychedelic substances such as LSD, psilocybin and mescaline has been a major contributing factor in this development.

Scientists and scholars from diverse areas, as well as many laymen, have recognized the importance of these substances as powerful tools for the exploration of consciousness and the production of visionary experiences. The effects of psychedelic substances pose fascinating problems for medical and psychological research and have far-reaching implications for many issues in the sciences and the humanities.

The Psychedelic Review is designed to serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about these issues. We will publish original research reports; scholarly and historical essays; extending phenomenological accounts of spontaneous or induced transcendent experiences, and reviews of relevant pharmacological, and other, literature.

The journal is published and sponsored by the International Federation for Internal Freedom (IFIF), an organization whose purpose is "to encourage, support and protect research on psychedelic substances." The basic long-range goal of IFIF is to work to increase the individual's control over her own mind, thereby enlarging her internal freedom. The present journal is an attempt to contribute to the realization of this long-term objective.

The views expressed in articles published by The Psychedelic Review are solely the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or of IFIF. Conversely, the contributers do not necessarily subscribe to the principles and purposes of IFIF.

The Castalia Foundation wishes to make the modern reader aware that the International Federation for Internal Freedom (IFIF) was renamed The Castalia Foundation later in 1963. Timothy Leary's decision to restructure the group, and rename it, arose around the same time that our Foundation took occupancy of the Millbrook Estate.

The IFIF was technically disbanded and reformed, although most of its limbs remained attached as it metamorphosed into The Castalia Foundation. By the time that the second issue of Psychedelic Review was published (also in 1963) Timothy Leary (in response to political pressure) formally distanced the IFIF (later The Castalia Foundation) from an editorial connection with Psychedelic Review. However, behind the scenes, away from prying-eyes, Tim (and naturally The Castalia Foundation) continued an intimate association with The Psychedelic Review.

A word about the title. The substances discussed here have been referred to by many different names, including psychotomimetic; hallucinogenic; consciousness-expanding, and others. The term 'psychedelic,' first proposed by Humphrey Osmond, is derived from the Greek and means mind-manifesting. Strict compliance with linguistic protocol would have dictated the usual intervening vowel (o), but the present orthography is gaining wider acceptance.

This article originally appeared in The Psychedelic Review, Issue Number 1, Summer 1963. It was lovingly transcribed by volunteers at The Castalia Foundation in Millbrook, USA.

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