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By The Editors of The Psychedelic Review, 1963
The Struggling Writer is Timeless

Recent years have witnessed a widespread increase of interest in the alteration of consciousness. The discovery of the psychedelic substances, such as LSD, psilocybin and mescaline, has been a major factor contributing to this interest.

Scientists and scholars from diverse areas, as well as laymen, have recognized the importance of these substances as powerful tools for the exploration of consciousness. The effects of psychedelic substances pose fascinating problems for medical and psychological research and have far-reaching implications for many issues in the sciences and the humanities.

The Psychedelic Review is designed to serve as a forum; a place for the exchange of information and ideas about these issues. We will publish original research reports, scholarly and historical essays, outstanding phenomenological accounts of spontaneous or induced transcendent experiences, and reviews of relevant pharmacological and other literature.

This article originally appeared in Psychedelic Review, Issue Number 2, 1963. It was lovingly transcribed by volunteers at The Castalia Foundation in Florida, USA.

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