Welcome to The Castalia Foundation

MDMA Solo - Book Free Download Welcome to The Castalia Foundation. We are the world's only independent laboratory for psychedelic research. We publish some of the most popular psychedelic books, including MDMA Solo. Our group was established in 1963 by Timothy Leary, Rosemary Woodruff and friends. Today, we have labs in both Florida and Northern Europe. We operate without permission from any government.

LSD Zen Master - Book Free Download Are you ready to take LSD? Our free book, LSD Zen, invites you to use psychedelics within the traditions of ancient Japanese legend. This is a concise, friendly, and beautiful guide to every aspect of working with LSD for self-improvement; accelerated-learning; healing and biocomputer-programming. LSD Zen has been described by radical psychonauts as, "The missing manual for LSD."

Anti-Ultra - Book Free Download Sadly, most of us living on Earth today have been subjected to severe trauma-based programming. Often via the media, or via childhood. Have you been subjected to trauma-based conditioning; MK-Ultra programming; or ritual abuse? Our book Anti Ultra is a guide to understanding ritual abuse, and developing methods you can use to heal yourself from all the after-effects of this trauma.

Tim Leary and Rosemary Woodruff

Tim Leary's Legacy
The Castalia Foundation was founded by Timothy Leary; Rosemary Woodruff (both pictured); Ralph Metzner; and others, in the early 1960s. We are the oldest and most prestigious psychedelic research group in the world. As the world's leading center for psychedelic research, The Castalia Foundation is fully-funded by the Rosemary Woodruff Freedom Fund. Our books are published in many languages and have been read by over a million people.

The Millbrook Estate

Millbrook Outpost
Millbrook, USA (pictured) was the home of The Castalia Foundation during the early 1960s. Millbrook was our healing and meditation space. It was a home for psychedelic-explorers launching their missions across the undiscovered-frontiers of the human-nervous-system. In the late 60s, Millbrook was raided and destroyed by the same pedophile-rings (the CIA and the FBI) who would go on to fund and manage Jeffrey Epstein's abuse-operations.

Tim Leary relaxing in a waterfall at Millbrook

Zero Government
Every time the apex-predators attacked our organization during the 1960s, we grew stronger. Today, we are the world's only independent-psychedelic-research facility. We do not accept donations from oligarchs; governments; or their subsidaries. We are not funded by blood-money from war-profiteers. We also do not beg for money from the public. No other major psychedelic-research group on the planet is independent in this way.

The Psychedelic Review Archive

Psychedelic Review
Psychedelic Review was first published by The Castalia Foundation in 1963, and continues until this day. You can read past issues of our journal by clicking on the photo of Tim, above. The Castalia Foundation's original intention with Psychedelic Review was to unite the fields of science, philosophy, and personal-experience in relation to all psychedelic medicines. Psychedelic Review is the most prestigious psychedelic journal in the world. Currently, it is published once annually and given-away entirely for free.

The Castalia Foundation vs MAPS

Underground Archive
The Castalia Foundation team includes members of the Underground Press Syndicate. In upholding the ethos of the Syndicate we preserve a free public-archive of psychedelic ephemera — like The San Francisco Oracle; the world-famous psychedelic newspaper published in Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s. This archive remains brutally relevant to psychedelic freedom-fighters trying to navigate present-day life. There is still much to learn from ancient wisdom. Click the Oracle above to enter.

The Way Out Book

Trauma Healing
During the 1960s many magical people visited our Millbrook retreat. One is pictured above. Today, our members are scattered across the world. One of them has written a book called The Way Out which is a first-hand account of childhood-trauma. We hope her illustrations, and testimony, will give others hope and encouragement. If you doubt your potential to heal, read this deeply-healing book for free by clicking on the photo of the smiling Castalia Foundation visitor in the inspiring photo above.