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Psychedelic Healing Above: Our founders, Rosemary Woodruff and Timothy Leary.

The Castalia Foundation is the world's only independent center for psychedelic research. Our group was established in 1963 by Timothy Leary, Rosemary Woodruff and friends. The Castalia Foundation was based in Millbrook, NY througout the early 1960s. Today, we have laboratories in both Florida and Northern Europe. Learn more about us here >>

Please do not view this website on a cellphone or any other State surveillance device. Our site has not been formatted for use with government tracking-devices (cellphones) and we do not support your use of one. Learn more here >>

Our Books

MDMA Solo Anti Ultra LSD Zen The Way Out
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We publish the world's most popular books on psychedelic self-healing, including MDMA Solo. Hundreds of thousands of self-healers, in countries around the world, have used MDMA Solo to revisit and heal their deepest wounds. We offer MDMA Solo for free to all readers, along with our other major title: Anti Ultra, which reveals the trauma-based-conditioning rituals used by occult groups operating on planet Earth. You may also enjoy Way Out which is an illustrated journey, through trauma, to freedom. You can download these books, here:

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MDMA en Solo>> (French Edition)
MDMA en Solitaria >> (Italian Edition)

Anti Ultra
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Way Out
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Remember the 'Bed In'?
Above: John Lennon; Yoko Ono; Rosemary Woodruff; Timothy Leary.

Your Questions

To allow us to focus on our work, there is currently no way to contact The Castalia Foundation. We have attempted to address all of your needs in our official books. If you feel that you need something more from us, please post the question on our forum >> Alternatively, ask yourself for guidance during your next psychedelic session. Typically you hold the answer you are looking for; it is just a matter of meditation.

Our Library

We are in the process of transcribing every issue of our legendary magazine Psychedelic Review, from 1963 to present day. Expect new transcriptions to appear here occassionally.

Issue One - 1963
  • What is the purpose of Psychedelic Review? Read >>
  • Psychedelics: The Subjective After-Effects Read >>
  • Are you a person; or are you the world? Read >>
  • The Hallucinogenic Fungi Of Mexico Read >>
  • A Poem: Annihilating Illumination Read >>
  • The Pharmacology of Psychedelics Read >>
  • LSD Can Enlarge Our Minds Read >>
  • The Problem with Plato Read >>
  • A Provoked Life Read >>

  • Issue Two - 1963
  • Editorial: A change in the magazine's structure Read >>
  • Choosing Dosage levels for Psychedelic Healing Read >>
  • Using Hermann Hesse as your psychedelic guide Read >>
  • Psychedelic plants that grow in America Read >>
  • Psychosis: Experimental and Real Read >>
  • Four Psilocybin Experiences Read >>

  • Issue Three - 1964
  • The Religious Experience: Psychedelic Communion Read >>
  • Programming a Psychedelic Experience Read >>

  • Issue Five - 1965
  • Zen and Satori: A Beginner's Guide to Transcending Read >>
  • Suggestions about Mysticism Read >>

  • Issue Six - 1965
  • Transcendental Experience in Psychosis Read >>

  • Issue Seven - 1966
  • Tao Te Ching: Psychedelic Prayers Read >>
  • Experiential Typewriter: LSD on Record Read >>

  • Issue Twelve - 2022
  • A Pawn in the Game: Ending Porn Addiction with LSD Read >>
  • A Drive for Freedom: Stop the CIA snooping on you Read >>
  • Trauma and the Soul: A Kalsched Retrospective Read >>
  • The Sadness of Being Gay: The LSD exit Read >>
  • Harry Potter & The New World Order Read >>
  • Journey to the Center of the Soul Read >>
  • Solving Stanley Kubrick‚Äôs Maze Read >>
  • Contact Us

    The Castalia Foundation does not accept monetary donations of any sort. Unlike other organizations, we are not a begging-bowl psychedelic research group. We believe you should keep your money to heal yourself. So that we can maintain our peace and focus, it is not possible to contact The Castalia Foundation.

    There is an archive of readers' past questions and answers and this is available to read on our letters page, here >>

    Think for yourself and question authority.