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Psychedelic Review Issue 1 - 1963

Issue One
Statement of Purpose
Can this Drug Enlarge Man's mind?
The After Effects of Psychedelics
The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico
The Problem With Plato and Children
Provoked Life: Anthropology & Ego
The Individual as Man / World
Annihilating Illumination
The Pharmacology of Psychedelics
Notes on Contributors
Adverts & Extras

Psychedelic Review Issue 2 - 1963

Issue Two
Editorial: A Change in Structure
Psychosis: Experimental and Real
New World Botanical Sources of Narcotics
Herman Hesse: Interior Journey
Alcoholism and Psychedelics
Dosage Levels for Psychedelics
Four Psilocybin Experiences
The God in the Flowerpot
Book Reviews
Statement of Purpose

Psychedelic Review Issue 3 - 1964

Issue Three
Tributes to Aldous Huxley
Some Remembrances of Aldous Huxley
The Last Message of Aldous Huxley
The Hallucinogens of Mexico
Rivea Corymbosa and Impomoea Violacea
Stimulant Effects of Morning Glory Seeds
The Religious Experience
A Poem from Maximus Poems
An Open Letter to Mr Joe K. Adams
Book Reviews
Books Received

Psychedelic Review Issue 4 - 1964

Issue Four
Publisher's Statement
Psychedelics and the Law
The Regulation of Psychedelic Drugs
LSD and Psychotherapy
The Treatment of Frigidity with LSD
A Peyote Awakening
Notes on Contributors
Books Received
Book Reviews
Contents of Volume 1, 1963-1964

Psychedelic Review Issue 5 - 1965

Issue Five
Our Second Year
Psilocybin Reactions
A Fundamental Experiment
Suggestions About Mysticism
Psychedelic Metaphysics
The Psychology of Zen Buddhism
All And Everything
Rebirth without Fear
Books Received
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors

Psychedelic Review Issue 6 - 1965

Issue Six
Religion and Psychosis
Hallucinogenic Drugs: Peyote
Ayahuasca Drinker in Peru
Daru and Bhang
Experiment Five
Second Epistle to The Romans
Meetings with Remarkable Men
Four Poems
Book Reviews & Books Received
Letters to the Editors

Psychedelic Review Issue 7 - 1966

Issue Seven
Two New Laws Relating to Psychedelics
Five Psychedelic Prayers: Tao Te Ching
The Influence of Sound on Consciousness
A High Yogic Experience using Mescaline
More Patterns and Visual Hallucinations
Mechanisms of Hallucinations
The Experiential Typewriter
What is Schizophrenia?
Book Reviews
Books Received

Psychedelic Review Issue 8 - 1966

Issue Eight
Two Cases of Telepathic Altered Consciousness
The Second Fine Art: Neo Symbolism
The Biopharmacology of Psychotropic Drugs
Mystical States and the Concept of Regression
Discussion of Mystical States Paper
Programmed Communication on DMT
Psychedelic Research & Psychology
Observations on Resistance to LSD
Seeds of Glory
Synchronicity and the Plot
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors

Psychedelic Review Issue 9

Issue Nine
Programming Psychedelic Experiences
The Native American Church Meeting
LSD and Chromosomes
Seven Drawings
Consequences of the LSD Revolution
Homage to the Awe-Full Seer
Notes on Soma
Marijuana and New American Hedonism
Notes on Current Psychedelic Research
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews & Notes on Contributors

Psychedelic Review Issue 10

Issue Ten
Psychedelics and Autistic-Schizophrenic Children
LSD and Sexuality: The Sadness of being Gay
Orpheus and Eurydice
Effects of Psychedelics on Prisoners
Lines Written on Reading Teilhard De Chardin
LSD, Chromosomes, and Sensationalism
Hongi, Meeter?
Gates of Eden
Notes on Current Research
A letter to the Editor
Book Reviews and Notes

Psychedelic Review Issue 11 - 1971

Issue Eleven
The Psychedelic-Mystical Experience and Death
The Radicalization of Timothy Leary
The Third Bardo: The Eagle Brief & Farewell
The Second Bardo: Leary's Lawyer Speaks Out
The First Bardo: The Ram Dass Interview
The Sociology of the Now
Hallucinations as the World of Spirits
Cannabis as a Treatment for Alcoholism
Books Reviewed
Books Received
News & Notes
Notes on Contributors
Illustrations & Adverts

Psychedelic Review Issue 12 - 2023

Issue Twelve
Celebrating 60 Years: The Psychedelic Review
Journey to the Center of the Soul
Start Your Own Psychedelic Cult
A Pawn in the Game: Psychedelics & Addiction
Drive for Freedom: Ending Surveillance
Trauma & My Soul: A Kalsched Retrospective
Solving Kubrick's Maze
The Sadness of Being Gay: An LSD Exit
Breaking the Spell of Harry Potter
Millbrook: A Retrospective
Interview with The High Priest of MDMA
Mission Accomplished: The End of the CIA
Letters to The Editor